Devin Serrano - Douglas 4th period


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Devin Serrano - Douglas 4th period

  1. 1. Perseverance and Literature Devin Serrano 4th Period Ms.Douglas 11-2-12
  2. 2. The Giver - Adversity Jonas had to make a crucial decision that would effect the community future Jonas options:  Stay in a community where there was no color, love ,feeling, choices, and knowledge  Leave the community to live a life full of happiness Jonas challenge:  To save the life of a baby named Gabriel by rescued him from death by lethal injection Author name (last name, first initial) year of source, Title, page number (5- 10)
  3. 3. The Giver - Perseveres Jonas decided to leave the community  Jonas ran away with a baby named Gabriel Giver tell the community they have died He perseveres through the freezing cold
  4. 4. Seventh Grade - Adversity Victor and Teresa were previously classmate Victor wished Teresa would be in his class Victor had to overcome his fear of asking Teresa out
  5. 5. Seventh Grade - Perseveres Victor is determined to make Teresa his girlfriend  He has to build the courage to approach Teresa  He is awaiting the perfect opportunity to ask Teresa out In pursuit of Teresa, Victor had experienced several embarrassing situations that increased his anxiety Teresa didn’t know Victor spoke French and Victor capitalize on the opening and asked Teresa if he could be her tutor
  6. 6. Zebra - Adversity Zebra ran down a hill at high speeds and couldn’t slow down  Result; got hit by a car and was injured  The accident took his ability to use his right hand Zebra suffered from emotional distress  Inability to run spiraled him into a depressed state of mind
  7. 7. Zebra - Perseveres Zebra took an art class to heal his hand from a crippling accident His hand started to heal when he used it during art class He persevered through therapy  Participation in physical therapy has improved his ability to use his right hand  His emotional state improved dramatically because he able to run again
  8. 8. The Giver - Reflection page Jonas make a bold stand to save the community at the tender age of 12  He also burden the load of caring for Gabriel in his attempt to rescue him from extinction Assuming the position of “Receiver of Memory” he shoulder the responsibilities to community to combat sameness He was entrusted with the power of knowledge by the Giver
  9. 9. Seventh Grade - Reflection page Victor experienced typical anxiety that most young boys face routinely He had to overcome his shyness as well as the fear of embarrassment from rejection Victor took a chance to impress Teresa and it backfired  He was exposed in French class by pretending to know French and it was discovered during in class that he didn’t speak the language At the end, Victor found an opportunity to approach Teresa
  10. 10. Zebra - Reflection page Zebra was hit by a car which resulted in receiving injuries that left him handicapped and depressed Zebra took an art class that required the use of his right hand that proved beneficial to the heal process He went to physical therapy even though it hurt his hand, however he overcame the pain In the end, his hand was healed and he was able to run again bringing happiness into heart
  11. 11. Reference Internet Source – author given  Author name (last name, first initial) year of source, Title, Retrieved from http://web address  Not author given  Title,(year of source, and month), Retrieved from http://web address My literature book