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Alex smith 7th grade ela task


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Alex smith 7th grade ela task

  1. 1. Literature Project Alex smith Nov.4.12 Mrs. Douglas
  2. 2. Character one’s adversityJonas is running away from the society he lives inbecause he is the giver.
  3. 3. Character one preserves adversity because he isrunning away from society. He preserves adversity because he struggling with having to be the giver.
  4. 4. Character two’s adversityThe before picture stands for how he was a theif and theafter picture stands for how he got married and owned ashoe store.
  5. 5. Character three’sadversity
  6. 6. Character two persevere adversity because…Character two preserves adversity because he struggleswith getting his life back on track after being in jail forstealing.
  7. 7. Character three perseveres adversity because he strugglesbeing around Teresa because he likes her Victor struggles to talk with Teresa.
  8. 8. How did they overcome adversity They overcame adversity by completing there goal.
  9. 9. Website refrencesmy website refrences were google and powerpoint.