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Devops in a brownfields environment


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Tips on deploying devops concepts into a brownfields (greyfields) environment.

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Devops in a brownfields environment

  1. 1. Devops in a brownfields environment by: Douglas Land
  2. 2. brownfields... How about greyfields? You know, like greywater.
  3. 3. Common brownfields attributes uring_disease,_Australia._Wellcome_M0014472.jpg
  4. 4. Define what devops means to you 3 ways? 5 whys? 12 factors? 31 flavors? You can’t evangelize what you can’t define.
  5. 5. Keep CALMS and carry on Start by focusing on one or two: Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing. Cropped from:
  6. 6. Get everyone on your team on board Talk to people’s pain points. Discuss real problems and how devops approaches could help solve them.
  7. 7. Get everyone on your team on board Build ways to offload work into your plans to make time for new projects.
  8. 8. Define your objectives … and how you measure (M in CALMS) progress (Pro tip: use Maturity models)
  9. 9. Define objectives ~your~ team can meet Start with small, internal projects to generate momentum as well as enthusiasm.
  10. 10. Minimal viable ducks Iterate, break things into small doable pieces, don’t get intimidated by scope, reduce it
  11. 11. Don’t be the tool Once automation is in place it’s much easier to change your toolkits.
  12. 12. Help others help you Publish things like best practices and processes to help others understand what you need or expect from them and why.
  13. 13. Get out of your own way Do you add value to this process? If not, replace yourself with a small shell script.
  14. 14. The Customer is always right Listen. Don’t be defensive. Do be open minded.
  15. 15. Get other teams on board Now that you have a map to your shiny unicorn palace, start looking for advocates on other teams.
  16. 16. Create feedback loops Don’t ever stop talking, meeting, measuring, reviewing and evaluating.
  17. 17. You’re going to screw up … and that’s OK!
  18. 18. Do SOMETHING
  19. 19. Thanks! web: email: twitter: @webuilddevops / @looprock