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Coca Cola Localization Analysis China 4.15.10


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This presentation is a quick analysis of what Coca-Cola does to localize their product for the Chinese market place. Coca-Cola reported that 4th quarter sales in China surged 29%.

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Coca Cola Localization Analysis China 4.15.10

  1. 1. Traditional meal (Long Term Orientation) emphasizes close relationships with family and friends (collectivism)<br />Note emphasis on close network of friends(Collectivism)<br />Book reflects value of education and knowledge<br />Younger Chinese value travel and ‘Global’ view<br />Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck<br />Incorporating Coke into a traditional meal setting. ‘Coke’ is a tradition<br />Associating with the popularity of soccer and the World Cup<br />Coca-Cola ‘family’ of brands re-enforces family, friends, close ties (collectivism) <br />Localization/Translation of product versus not translating ‘company’<br />For more information please contact Doug Green (<br />