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Freed d week_11 style guide_v5


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Game Discovery Style Guide Project.
School Project from the Art Institute of California, Challenge was to reinvent or redesign the UI of a given game. I was given Dead Space.

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Freed d week_11 style guide_v5

  1. 1. GAME CONCEPT DISCOVERY STYLE GUIDE Project: DeadSpace Group: Dead Enders By: Douglas Freed
  2. 2. DEADSPACE UI ELEMENTS Gauges and Meters Environment Display UI Diegetic Interface Environment
  3. 3. DEADSPACE REFS CONTINUEDSave Station Upgrades Menu • In-Game Media; Map Guide/ Destinati on • In-Game Inventory Menu
  4. 4. NOTES~ • Diegetic UI consists of multiple avatar interaction with space and environment in- game. • Utilizing Sci-Fi fiction, most interfaces blend such as holographic maps, screens, and in-game media which involves the player to interact with the environment themselves. • Using the avatar as a medium to display gauges and health was a unique design as said in most reviews. • Some concerns are about the necessity to focus on camera angles to keep track of UI elements since none display on screen as non- diegetic UI. • Overall game is dependent on Diegetic UI elements. With some Spatial elements disguised as interactive UI.
  5. 5. OTHER INTERFACES AND NOTES Displays and Screens Some Elements could be brighter. I can understand suspenseful games require a dark setting, but in that moment you pause to shop or upgrade, it would be better to see more clearly what you’re working with. Targeting I think the targeting system is interesting but forces accurate shooting in a 3D space without a FPS perspective. Shot counts can also be misleading the way it is currently projected with the environment UI. Gauges and Other Displays As Diegetic UI seems to be the main focus, the gauges become harder to keep track of. I would actually prefer a non-diegetic gauge on- screen. Or at least a display option to better view status of the character.
  6. 6. IDEAL INTERFACE - NOTES • Adding Gauges to the screen as non-diegetic UI would help support users keep track of their character in dangerous 3D environments. • I have no intensions of making the screen too busy as the example >>> But the elements I require are present to what I wish to design. • Color Balance is essential for diegetic game experience, but I would like to use color coordination to better display functions of each gauges’ purpose. For example gauges changing color when characters are losing or low on health. Keeping colors all the same may be too uniform or probably blend too well to be noticeable.
  7. 7. FIRST STEP 20 ICONS • Ideally I wanted to create new gauges to work as an optional health display for those who think keeping tabs on the avatar a bit challenging. • I also wanted to change the Ammo Display from a number display to a visual count. • Most of the game’s icons are a bit complex and sometimes hard to see to make out what the image represents. The game takes place deep into the future with somewhat broken technology so I can imagine simpler designs if the human symbolism isn’t that different in space. • I clearly noticed that the Save Point Icon is an image of a Camera. It took awhile for me to figure that out, so I’m considering that needs a change too.
  8. 8. ICONS FINALIZED Status Gauge Improved vision of status gauge plus added gauges for more variety. Targeting Gauge User Friendly Identifying ammo system and targeting accuracy Hostile Alert Warning icon to help those prepare for a fight.
  9. 9. SYSTEM VIEW WITH FINALIZED ICONS Also added a map system for better guidance control.
  10. 10. SECOND STEP 20 VEHICLES Designed 20 space like vehicles to fit the games’ environment.
  11. 11. THIRD STEP 20 WEAPON DESIGNS Designed 20 different weapons that are functional to what the game was originally made, but some weapons have added functions I made myself.
  12. 12. FOURTH STEP CHARACTER DESIGNS Develop Character concept designs for the redesigned game. W.I.P. Just need to scan other pages of characters.
  13. 13. FIFTH STEP CHARACTER TURN-AROUND Selected one character of my liking and detailed him out and made a four view turnaround of the developed character. [Currently under Finalization steps]
  14. 14. FINALIZATION IMAGES Weapons Picked out one of my favorite weapon choices to finalize. An Electric Chain Grappling Gun. Created Top, Side and Perspective view points. Vehicles Vehicles are not my strongest form of art but I picked what I could work with and developed its dynamic views. Characters I chose another Character to Finalize for creating an interactive character.
  15. 15. FINALIZATION STEPS Weapons Simple example of my weapon of choice being displayed on a spec screen of the game. Vehicles The game originally did not come with vehicles to ride manually, but I put together the vehicle with the character in an open area to depict a use for using vehicles in-game Characters Using the character I finalize to be an interactive NPC on the Riglink which is the form communication in the game.