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Perioperative Healthcare Consulting


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The Perioperative Method for Healthcare
- Profit through Reputation
- Integrate clinical and commercial factors
- Reduce risk, reduce cost and improve the patient and clinician experience

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Perioperative Healthcare Consulting

  1. 1. Dr Douglas Fahlbusch MBBS, FANZCA, GAICD, GDM Perioperative Healthcare Consulting - Profit through Reputation
  2. 2. Perioperative Consulting Perioperative Established 2012 Investigate & Commercialise Perioperative workflow improvements Unique: Clinical insights with Business process experts Perioperative Consulting Est 2015 Connect and Support Healthcare People Profit through Reputation
  3. 3. Dr Douglas Fahlbusch Founder Specialist (Anaesthesia) 15yrs/ 15,000 cases Business/ Director training and experience (MB,BS, FANZCA, GDM, MAICD) Profit through Reputation
  4. 4. Why? Healthcare accessibility Improve outcomes Improve experience Reduce cost Requires Commercial and Clinical capability Profit through Reputation
  5. 5. Common Problems Ageing population, Medical complexity Funding pressures ‘Presentee’-ism - worse than absentee-ism Difficulty finding quality middle management Unrealistic expectations from visiting doctors Profit through Reputation
  6. 6. Common Mistakes Isolated clinical improvement -> can be ineffective Isolated budgetary improvement -> can generate cost elsewhere Compliance as a burden -> missed opportunity for innovation Pooled costs -> unable to diagnose and treat Insufficient community building -> reduced referrals -> non- contributory visiting personnel Profit through Reputation
  7. 7. Healthcare Organisations Complex, adaptive systems Evolve over time Unique culture, history, processes Best practice may not ‘transfer’ Profit through Reputation
  8. 8. How? Perioperative Method Week: 1: Onsite needs assessment 2: Prioritised Supplier Recommendations 3-4: Mutually agreed implementation plan 6-50: Project Management 52: Impact Analysis Profit through Reputation
  9. 9. Trusted Partners Costing Software Workflow Software Software Integration Procurement Clinical Risk Staff Risk Management Training Design Profit through Reputation
  10. 10. Perioperative’s Outcomes Reduce Cost: time and materials per patient readmissions adverse events Improved outcomes: Improve Compliance Increase Reputation: Doctors, nurses, patients, staff Engagement, Referrals Profit through Reputation
  11. 11. Example Hospital X Profit through Reputation
  12. 12. Text Hospital Flow Incomplete - ignores external providers. Time and Place not differentiated Source: Fowler — Craig — Fredendall — Damali. AORN JANUARY 2008, VOL 87, NO 1, p 195 Profit through Reputation
  13. 13. Problems Incomplete access to patient information increases risk of errors Existing systems complicate data access and disrupt workflows = frustration, risk Mobility, configurability new expectations Profit through Reputation
  14. 14. Text Perioperative’s process Detailed insight Profit through Reputation
  15. 15. Process improvements Must focus on: 1. Flow of information: avoid delays 2. Team-members: cross-check vs duplication 3. Processes: include variations, feedback Must be credible Profit through Reputation
  16. 16. Text 1. Information Flow Interaction between clinician and hospital Profit through Reputation
  17. 17. 2. Team Members Functions/ roles well-defined. Processes ill-defined overlap, duplication, little cross-checking Identify Key Players. Reduce duplication, delay Increase cross-checking, efficiency Profit through Reputation
  18. 18. 3. Processes Variations, failures, work-arounds Interdependencies: Time, Data Internal and external functions Routine feedback, reporting ‘Failures’ flagged for immediate intervention Profit through Reputation
  19. 19. How? Perioperative Method Week: 1: Onsite needs assessment 2: Prioritised Supplier Recommendations 3-4: Mutually agreed implementation plan 6-50: Project Management 52: Impact Analysis Profit through Reputation
  20. 20. Ways to Work with Us Appraisal: Complimentary, in person Project: as agreed Consultancy: you do Retainer: we do Profit through Reputation
  21. 21. Profit Through Reputation T: 08 7129 8212 M: 0427 719 046 ABN 43 583 291 322. Level 30 Westpac House, 91 King William Street, ADELAIDE