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Building & Scaling A Growth Organisation


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How Skyscanner built and scaled a global growth org. Presented at Scotsoft 2017.

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Building & Scaling A Growth Organisation

  1. 1. First, me (and us)
  2. 2. 4 years at Skyscanner 7 years in FMCG marketing Transitioned from marketing to growth at the same time as our business @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  3. 3. 60m app downloads 60m unique monthly visitors Tech company first & foremost: 50% Software Engineers @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  4. 4. Life before Growth Conventional Wisdom is King @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  5. 5. Product Engineering Marketing Functional Siloes Across Teams @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  6. 6. Marketing activity was slow and laborious @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  7. 7. And all a bit beige, with limited adaptation for the local market @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  8. 8. @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  9. 9. 1. People & Culture @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  10. 10. Highly Autonomous Teams @mrdouglascook
  11. 11.
  12. 12. We organized ourselves into central & regional growth tribes Central GrowthTribe EMEA Regional GrowthTribe AMER Regional GrowthTribe APAC Regional GrowthTribe @mrdouglascook
  13. 13. Roles within Growth Teams Product Manager Experiment Roadmap Growth Engineer Implementation of features & products Growth Marketer Own acquisition of channel Growth Analyst Draw insights from data Growth Designer Creative or user experience design and implementation @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  14. 14. Open and Transparent
  15. 15. Competency Framework
  16. 16. Growth Mindset is as important as growth hacking. @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  17. 17. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. - Peter Drucker @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  18. 18. 2. Lean startup principles @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  19. 19. Lean Start-up Principles
  20. 20. 3. Agile marketing @mrdouglascook
  21. 21. Validated learning over opinions and conventions Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns The process of customer discovery over static prediction Flexible vs. rigid planning Responding to change over following a plan Many small experiments over a few large bets Agile marketing manifesto @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  22. 22. So what’s the impact? @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  23. 23. Plenty of graphs like this @skyscannergrwth @mrdouglascook
  24. 24. •This Won’t Work for you
  25. 25. Slides> @SkyscannerGrwth @MrDouglasCook Want to know more?