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Overview of Air Force Medical Service Digital Communication Strategy


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Overview of Air Force Medical Service Digital Communication Strategy

  1. 1. Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Electronic Health Communication Strategy:“Case Study to Improve Service and Health By Using Social Media and Mobile Applications” International Defence Sector Conference on Social Media, Nov 2012 Col (ret) Douglas E. Anderson @doug_anderson57 C: 703-282-7669 O: 304-263-4405 Nov 2012
  2. 2. Facebook Nut? Post This Not ThisPassion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 2
  3. 3. Purpose and Overview Purpose: Provide overview of AFMS Digital Health Communication Strategy Overview:  Social Media  Strategy  Facebook  Twitter  Web Site  Mobile Apps  Lessons  Summary  Questions Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 3
  4. 4. Background Mission: Deliver world class health care to 2 million+ beneficiaries at 75 worldwide military treatment facilities (MTFs)—Trusted Care Anywhere Guidance:  Need a way to engage audience to improve health outcomes  Lacked digital media presence  Execute digital health communications strategy  Social media, web site standardization & mobile health applications Context:  Strategy Management  Transformational Leadership Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  5. 5. Initiative: Social Media Challenge: Improving service and health through engagement Context: Communication, marketing, and outreach planning  Leverage digital communication channels Objectives:  Develop strategy and policy for AFMS-wide adoption  Establish Facebook Pages @ 75 MTFs to begin journey  Deliver guidance, training, and content to sustain effort Transformational Leader Approach:  Conduct environmental scan  Engage early adopters  Listen to healthy skeptics  Establish oversight team  Promote success stories Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 5
  6. 6. Social Media Strategy “Too EESI” Objectives Enhance Health and Experience of Care By Increasing Activation and Engagement Expand AFMS Social Networking Presence With Innovative Ideas Stabilize Effort with New Tools, Training, Guidance Integrate Other Electronic Health Initiatives Projects (eHIP) for Effect Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 6
  7. 7. Results: Facebook Fan Growth Achieved strong growth the first two quarters of 2012  Q1 (Jan-Mar): Grew from 4,094 to 4,875 Fans or 19%  Q2 (Apr-Jun): Grew from 4,875 to 5,355 Fans or 13.2%  Context: Mayo Clinic = sustained growth rate of 11.2% Benefit: Due to multiple live engagement campaigns, viral content sharing led to 3,284,239 impressions on AFMS content Observation: Improved health literacy--38% of all posted content focused on information to improve service and health Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  8. 8. Results: Live Feedback Campaigns Generated Visibility and Interest Began with ―passive‖ discussion groups  Health benefits of an Elevated Work Station Conducted 5 live Proactive feedback campaigns to enhance follower engagement on health topics and expand the AFMS presence Patient Safety Virtual Scavenger Hunt:  Posted 8 patient safety clues on the Page wall; invited fans to submit answers  Results: 405 people Talking About This, 169 new Page ―Likes‖ & viral reach of 5,000+ Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Forum:  Hosted 1-hr forum with content/input from 4 MTFs, PCMH leadership and partners.  Results: 861 Facebook Page views; 30 new Facebook Fans; reach of 6,212 Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  9. 9. Initiative: @USAFHealth TwitterConsistent DescriptionVisual ConsistentBranding with Other Military BranchesCross AccountsPromotedWeb SocialProperties Media Policy LinkPublicDescription Popular,Cleared by PubliclyPublic RecognizedAffairs Descriptor for Account ContextSocialMediaPolicy Link Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 9
  10. 10. Results: Twitter @USAFHealth Launched Twitter Jan 2012: 1,100+ tweets; gained 780+ Followers  Live Chats #AFHealth have conversations around relevant topics: Patient Safety, Wound Care, Men’s Health.  Results: 952,548 impressions; grew from 214 followers on March 1 to 660 followers on July 1 – a 208% increase Benefit: @USAFHealth developed ongoing dialogue and continued to nurture relationships with other health organizations across social media outlets, sustaining a 74.3% growth rate during Q2 Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  11. 11. Results: Training and Support Training resulted in 1,800+ personnel training:  Conducted 101 and Introductory Facebook training sessions  Integrated into executive leadership education  Developed and delivered specialized training:  Customer Service, Patient Safety, Health Promotion  Disaster and Crisis Response & Global Health Engagement  Applications for Personal & Professional Development Support provided learning forum share best practices and ideas:  Hosted Social Media Working Groups to transfer materials  Developed ―How To ‖ toolkit for knowledge transfer Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  12. 12. Results: Utilization is Increasing Observation: Improved health literacy--38% of all posted and viewed content focused on improving service and health Notable MTF-level examples include:  Record number of people receive flu shots as a result  Ability to communicate during the 2011 earthquake in Japan  Health and Wellness marketing and Diabetes support groups  Saving time by responding to Fans questions via Facebook  Engaging patients on health tips an patient safety Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 12
  13. 13. Results: Leadership and Professional Community Interest Grew Developed virtual neighborhoods to acquire, share, and use of relevant info supports personal & professional development:  Global Health Engagement (International Health Specialist)  Health and Wellness Centers  Dental, Medical, Nursing, and Medical Service Corps  Occupational and Physical Therapy  Senior Leadership engagement Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 13
  14. 14. Air Force Medical Service Social Media Dashboard: June 2012AFMS Quad Passion - Professionalism - VictoryViral Reach Through People Top Monthly Posts & Aim: Month Post Likes Feedback Shares Total Reach Ready: Better Health: With summer being a popular PCS . Yokota AFB led a fun run for Men’s June “Its official!! 82 Talking about this: 82 6 1471 and deployment time, Los Angeles Health and Offutt AFB celebrated Men’s Health Congratulations to our Engaged users: 85 Month 21st Air Force Surgeon AFB shared information about the Running Day, announcing their Total Impressions: General, Lt. Gen. (s) new Military “Health in Transition” HAWC’s weekly run. Minot AFB Thomas W. Travis! The 3241 program to assist in easing the PCS shared resources for safety during Senate has just confirmed transition. rising temperatures. the assignment!” Better Care: Best Value: Eglin AFB used their Page to Scott Clinic’s Patient Advocate publicize that their Satellite followed up with a fan after Benchmark: Competitive Engagement Pharmacy is extending its hours for assisting them offline. The fan later people who work later shifts. Tyndall remarked on their wall how speedy AFB shared a calendar of prevention and effective the Patient Advocate activities to support Mental Health. always is for helping with issues.Facebook This Month (Change) Other Outreach This Channels MonthFans 5,206 (199) ▲ AFMS Public Website:Wall Posts 47 (16) • Total Visits 40,677▼ ▼ CAG Kx downloads June:Likes 366 (62) ▼ • Top 3 DocsComments 28 (21) ▼ • AFMS Web 54 Standardization BasicShares 89 (48) ▼ ToolkitPost Views 29,601 • AFMS Quad Aim READY 41 ▼ • AFMS WebAFMS MTF Pages: Standardization Kickoff 49/65 ▲ 32“Basic” Deck“Advanced “ 6/65 -- Twitter:“Awesome” 6/65 -- • Followers 680Spotlight: Men’s Health #AFHealthChatThe event resulted in:• 855,249 impressions immediately after the chat• 131 Men’s Health tweets (69 from AFMS, 62 from participants• 80 new followers (6/13- 6/29)
  15. 15. Initiative: Web Site Standardization @ 75 MTFs Began Jun 2012 Best Practices Checklist Based on Levels  Basic/Advanced/Awesome Sample Text & Images Standardized template Mock-up example template Score Card Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 15
  16. 16. Results and Status: Web Site Standardization Approach:  Conducted environmental scan; assessed MTF web pages  Hosted focus groups: content developers, audience, PAOs  Identified pilot sites to pin-point advanced social media users and enthusiasts; program helped identify information gaps  Launched system-wide ―Get to Basic‖ Campaign Status as of Jul 2012:  54 MTFs or 73% made progress on getting to Basic  Average number of Basic elements across all MTFs: 10/15  19 MTFs have reached Basic level; 22 have 10+ elements Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 16
  17. 17. Initiative: Mobile Health Applications As patients and providers became more interested, the AFMS recognized the need to develop mobile applications strategy Conducted analysis including research from focus groups & social media surveys Produced 3-tier development strategy  Designed to manage use, development, and promotion Tier 1:  2 Prototypes: MTF Locator & Diabetes  User adoption and outreach strategies to help maximize use of apps  Trusted Mobile Library with instructions Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  18. 18. Trusted Source for Mobile Health Applications To StartMobile apps to better manage your health on the go. SearchThe Air Force Medical Service recommends the following mobile health applications for use by Medical Group providers,beneficiaries and their families. Read more about each app below, organized by category and audience, includingdownload links for Apple and Android operating systems.Mobile Apps by Category:Get Fit & Healthy Manage Your Family’s Health Locate a Health FacilityFind Benefits Information For Health Care ProvidersMobile Apps by Thumbnail: External Link Disclaimer The list of external links above does not constitute endorsement by the United States Air Force, or the Department of Defense, of the external Web sites, mobile applications, or the information, products or services contained thereinGet Healthy & Fit Manage Your Family’s Heath Mobile Web Resources PTSD Coach was designed for Veterans and military Passport to Good Health helps users organize and keep TRICARE Online Service Members who have, or may have, Posttraumatic track of their health records, preventative screenings, test TRICARE Online provides secure access to online Stress Disorder (PTSD). results, medications, health care professionals and features for DoD beneficiaries receiving care Apple Android upcoming appointments. Apple Android through a military treatment facility. Tactical Breather can be used to gain control over Visit: physiological and psychological responses to stress, which My Health Records helps users store and access health can dramatically benefit soldiers during stressful combat care information for all family members. WebMD situations. Apple Android WebMD provides valuable health information, tools Apple Android for managing your health, and support to those EatingWelll Healthy in a Hurry is a selection of 200 of who seek health care information. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s Body Mass EatingWell’s most popular and fastest-to-make recipes. The Index Calculator is a tool to screen for weight categories app features preloaded recipes with full nutritional Visit: that may lead to health problems. information and professional photography accompanying Apple Android each recipe. Apple Android Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 18
  19. 19. Content Calendar Helps Manage MessagingPassion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 19
  20. 20. Quality and Patient Safety Communication Campaign Plan, Strategy, Toolkit Quality & Patient Safety Campaign ties MHS Quadruple Aim and AFMS translation for Better Care/Best Value 5 messages focus on trust & quality of care involving patients as part of the care giving team  Safe Culture … Safe Care … Safe Patients … Safe Staff … Safe Support Systems … Safe Place …. Designed to be ongoing and proactive For Internal and external audiences 60+ tools, templates, and ready to use materials available on AFMS Kx (CAG) Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  21. 21. Suicide Prevention Communication Campaign Plan and Toolkit Highlights Suicide Prevention Campaign ties into MHS Quadruple Aim and AFMS’ goal for Better Health Four key messages focus on providing Airmen, civilians, and family members with information to prevent suicide and save lives Plan designed to be adaptable at local level  Campaign period designed to enduring More than 50 tools, templates and ready to use Suicide Prevention Toolkit Example Campaign Plan materials available on the AFMS Knowledge Commander Upbriefs - Key Messages Exchange (Kx) Press Release and Campaign Engagement E-mails SP Resource List with Links Materials acquired from: Newspaper Articles and Talking Points,  MHS, VA, Military Pathways Poster, Flyers, AFMS SP Comm Card, ACE Card Social Media Tools: Facebook posts, Tweets, Blogs  DCoE, Real Warriors Campaign, AHRQ FAQs, Brochures, Fact Sheets, Other Materials PSA, SME Interviews, Impact Stories Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 21
  22. 22. Helping MTFs Combine Local Initiatives With Communication Campaign Plans to Maximize Their Efforts to Activate Audiences MTFs can use ―mini communication campaign‖ Plans as part of PCMH implementation OR continue patient activation and engagement with their beneficiaries after implementation. Current examples include:  Diabetes  Childhood Vaccination  Fitness Materials in these plans and toolkits include:  Communication messages, sample campaign implementation plan, toolkit contents  Email announcements  Resource lists, flyers, posters  E-cards from  Childhood vaccination  Social media language Outcome: Improved health, better HEDIS rates, staff satisfaction? Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 22
  23. 23. Myths vs Facts: More Positives ThanNegatives … Fans Take Care of Fans Toolkit Provides Sample Responses 1 Fan, 1 Response, Many ViewsPassion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 23
  24. 24. Partnering and “LIKING” Other Interested OrganizationsSuch As Spouses Groups Improves Messaging “Reach” Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  25. 25. Social Network Support Groups Critical to Patient ActivationPassion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 25
  26. 26. Proactive Leadership Required For a Successful Digital Health Strategy Have a Purpose: Align to larger AF electronic health initiatives and strategic communication plans: inform, engage and inspire Do Your Homework: Each facet of the strategy included baseline research to identify gaps, needs, and concerns – listening works Build on What’s Working: Instead of mandating changes, sharing information and empowering MTFs helped the AFMS achieve its goals--Working with partners greatly increased viral reach Connect the Dots: While adjustments were made, ensure pieces of the strategy link together--drives the audience to all channels Experiment: Develop, test, and evaluate new engagement tactics to keep the audience engaged and active—fail forward Be Proactive: Learn, research, ask, listen, collaborate, cajole … enjoy the journey – do it, try it, improve it Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People
  27. 27. Summary and Conclusion Successfully implemented a digital health communication strategy & implementation plan  Reached diverse and dispersed audiences  Award winning initiative is easily replicated  Well-organized toolkit with 400+ documents Application of transformational and change management strategies required for initial and sustained success Local innovation with proper guidance, tools, and training will improve activation  Satisfaction with services will improve  Engaging patients to play a role in their health care contributes to health literacy and better health Special thanks to the Team Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 27
  28. 28. Questions? All Materials Available Upon Request Col (ret) Douglas E. Anderson is the former Director of the US Air Force Surgeon General’s Commanders Action Group (Health Communication, Marketing, and Organizational Improvement). In this capacity, he and his teams developed strategic health communication, marketing, and thought leadership programs for the Air Force Surgeon General and Air Force Medical Service (AFMS). He implemented innovative strategies and tactics to deliver messages across the enterprise in a wide range of communication channels. His team developed, implemented, and managed digital communication, social media, and events planning programs. In addition, he provided in house group facilitation services on strategy creation, quality improvement, and performance measure development. He personally coached senior executives on strategic thinking, health trends assessment, social media presence, speech development, public speaking, and conference planning. Email Contact: Cell Phone: 703-282-7669 Home Phone: 304-263-4405 Disclaimer: The presentation was provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the official position of the US Air Force. It is based on Col Anderson’s experience while serving in the military, current consultation services, and personal experience. It should not be construed as official endorsement by the US Air Force. Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 28
  29. 29. Passion - Professionalism - Victory Through People 29