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Quant5 Ten Critical Business Insights


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Quant5 created this guide to highlight the (10) key business insights most sought by marketers to improve their business -- B2B and B2C.

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Quant5 Ten Critical Business Insights

  1. 1. Best  of  Breed  Customer  Analy2cs:     Ten  Cri2cal  Business  Insights  Every  Marketer  Needs!  
  2. 2. Overview   Quant5  created  this  guide  to  highlight  the  (10)  key   business  insights  most  sought  by  marketers  to   improve  their  business  -­‐-­‐  B2B  and  B2C.     Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   2  
  3. 3. Insight  #1:  How  to  Determine  the  Next  Best  Product  Offer   Challenge:    Every  company  wants  to  know  the  next  product  to  offer  their  customers   for  best  results.    The  usual  way  of  determining  this  oGen  fails.     •  •  •  Email  campaigns  end  up  yielding  low  sales  conversions.     Web  site  content  fails  to  generate  high  click-­‐through  rates.     In-­‐store  promoJons  do  not  generate  the  sales  growth.     These  are  all  symptoms  of  ineffecJve  &  ill-­‐targeted  offers.       Solu2on:  Quant5’s  targeted  offers  module  uses  “data”  to  determine  what  products  will   be  most  desired  by  specific  customer  segments.    By  analyzing  past  individual  customer   transacJons  Quant5  idenJfies  the  best  targeted  offers  by  SKU  at  specific  price  points  to   produce  more  effecJve,  predictable  markeJng  insights  that  deliver  superior  results.     Business  Applica2on:  B2B     Quant5  Module:  Targeted  Offers   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   3  
  4. 4. Insight  #2:  How  to  “Score”  Prospec2ve  Customers   Challenge:   SeVng   sales   and   markeJng   prioriJes   is   criJcal   to   effecJvely   determine   appropriate   resource   alloca2ons   for   specific   prospecJve   customer   segments.   Today   in-­‐bound   markeJng   campaigns   produce   leads   that   are   difficult   to   prioriJze   and   determine  the  markeJng  correct  responses.     Solu2on:   Quant5’s   decision   opportuniJes   module   allows   companies   to   accurately   rank   prospecJve   customers.     “Prospect   scores”   based   on   past   successes   empower   sales   groups   to   opJmally   allocate   their   resources   to   pursue   their   most   promising   opportuniJes  while  focusing  less  Jme  to  lower  priority  ones.  Quant5’s  integraJon  with,   Marketo,   and   Eloqua   provides   unique   support   for   today’s   leading   business  producJvity  soluJons  operaJng  in  markeJng  and  sales  environments.     Business  Applica2on:  B2B  &  B2C   Quant5  Module:  Decision  Opportuni2es   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   4  
  5. 5. Insight  #3:  How  to  Rank  Sales  Opportuni2es?   Challenge:   Sales   departments   are   constantly   updaJng   their   internal   forecasts   and  seVng  tacJcal  strategies  in  order  to  make  their  quarterly  revenues  numbers.   They   struggle   to   turn   their   tacJcal   strategies   into   truly   strategic   ones   that   will   reliably  deliver  the  numbers  they  want.     Solu2on:  By  assessing  opportuniJes  based  on  past  successes  businesses  are  much   beer  at  focusing  execuJve  and  other  key  resources  on  closing  high  priority  sales   opportuniJes.  Quant5’s  integraJon  with  provides  support  for  the   leading   CRM   system   and   its   predicJve   analyJcs   delivers   far   superior   ranking   of   sales  opportuniJes.     Business  Applica2on:  B2B  &  B2C   Quant5  Module:  Decision  Opportuni2es   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   5  
  6. 6. Insight  #4:  How  to  Track  Usage  Trends   Challenge:  Today  many  businesses  do  not  know  if  their  customers  are  at  risk  of   churn.   Two   criJcal   indicators   –   product   and   customer   usage   trends   –   are   oGen   overlooked   by   businesses   as   indicators   of   churn   risk   during   Jmes   when   their   focus  is  on  generaJng  new  prospects  and  paying  customers.     Solu2on:   Quant5’s   product   use   module   analyzes   this   data   and   creates   insights   into   underlying   trends.   This   module   is   especially   helpful   to   companies   who   engage   their   customers   in   long-­‐term   contracts,   subscripJons   or   licenses.     It   is   also  helpful  to  businesses  that  want  to  understand  how  product  usage  can  be  an   indicator  of  customer  saJsfacJon.     Business  Applica2on:  B2B  &  B2C   Quant5  Module:  Product  Use     Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   6  
  7. 7. Insight  #5:  How  to  Create  Truly  InsighVul  Customer  Segmenta2on   Challenge:   For   far   too   many   companies   customer   segmentaJon   starts   out   as   esJmates  based  on  “gut”  insJnct  and  grow  over  Jme  to  intui%ve  approxima%ons  of   purchase   levels   by   groups.   As   a   company   grows   and   its   customer   base   changes,   these   esJmates   are   no   longer   effecJve   –   yet   they   remain   in   place   leading   to   ineffecJve  markeJng  plans,  flawed  strategies  and  uneconomical  budgets.     Solu2on:   Quant5’s   customer   segmentaJon   module   idenJfies   groups   of   customers   by   loyalty  traits  and  purchase  paerns.  The  composiJons  of  these  groups  are  then  used  to   improve   markeJng   program   effecJveness   simply   by   focusing   the   messaging   and   target   of  product  and  service  offering  –  the  right  offer  to  the  right  customer!     Business  Applica2on:  B2B  &  B2C   Quant5  Module:  Customer  Segmenta2on   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   7  
  8. 8. Insight  #6:  How  to  Determine  a  Customer’s  Life2me  Value   Challenge:   How   much   business   value   is   derived   from   an   individual   customer   over   his   or   her   lifeJme?   This   quesJon   is   important   because   it   helps   sales,   customer   support,  markeJng  and  other  departments  set  prioriJes.  Far  too  many  companies   are   in   the   dark   about   answering   this   criJcal   quesJon   resulJng   in   missed   opportuniJes  and  poor  resource  allocaJon  decisions.     Solu2on:   Quant5   has   developed   an   analyJcal   module   that   accurately   predicts   the   expected   lifeJme   value   of   a   customer   allowing   companies   to   beer   focus   their   limited   resources   on   those   customers   with   the   highest   value,   and   enabling   their   businesses   to   know   exactly   how   much   they   will   grow   over   Jme   based   on   past   customer  transacJons.      Result:    Enabling  true  “booms-­‐up”  forecast  of  the  business     Business  Applica2on:     B2B  &  B2C  Quant5  Modules     •  Targeted  Offers   •  Customer  Segmenta2on   •  Product  Rela2onships   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   8  
  9. 9. Insight  #7:  How  to  Iden2fy  Customers  at  Risk  of  Churn   Challenge:  Companies  know  that  “customers  churn”  results  in  the  cri2cal  loss  of   valuable  buyers  –  most  o^en  permanently.    IdenJfying  and  predicJng  the  risk  of   churn  is  challenging  because  of  the  oGen  overwhelming  amount  of  data  and  other   indicators  that  must  be  analyzed  to  successfully  idenJfy  those  at  risk  and  how  best   to  take  the  acJons  needed  to  retain  customers  likely  to  “churn”.     Solu2on:   Quant5   has   developed   a   predicJve   analyJc   module   that   analyzes   customer  transacJons,  product  use  paerns,  product  relaJonships  and  other  data,   to  predict  the  risk  of  churn  in  a  company’s  customer  base.    Like  most  of  Quant5’s   soluJons,  this  leverages  self-­‐learning  modules  whose  results  are  refined  over  Jme.     Risk   of   churn   is   an   important   contributor   to   a   business   that   must   be   monitored   and   factored  into  almost  every  aspect  of  its  strategy  and  tacJcs.     Business  Applica2on:     B2B  &  B2C  Quant5  Modules     •  Targeted  Offers   •  Customer  Segmenta2on   •  Product  Rela2onships   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   9  
  10. 10. Insight  #8:  Profitability  by  Product  and  Category   Challenge:   When   companies   and   their   product   lines   grow   they   need   to   develop   different   incenJve-­‐based   loyalty   and   promoJons   strategies.     These   programs   enable   them   to   generate   new   insights   into   the   profitability   of   products   and   categories.   Unfortunately,   many   companies   sJll   rely   on   spreadsheets   that   oGen   do   not   take   into   account   discounJng   (e.g.   couponing,   and   loyalty   program   incenJves   in   product   profitability   analyses.     Solu2on:  Quant5’s  product  profitability  model  was  designed  to  present  a  more  accurate   representaJon   of   revenue   and   profits.   This   module   enables   marketers   to   generate   product   and   profitability   insights   for   use   in   both   product   and   strategic   planning   and   in   conjuncJon   with   other   product   management   modules   –   such   as   Quant5’s   Product   RelaJonships.     Business  Applica2on:  B2C   Module:  Product  Profitability   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   10  
  11. 11. Insight  #9:  How  to  Develop  Op2mal  Customer  Profiles   Challenge:  Businesses  need  to  profile  their  customers  in  a  variety  of  ways  to  help  sales,   markeJng,   support   and   other   internal   personnel,   as   well   as   outside   partners.   This   is   no   easy   task   because   to   be   most   useful   customer   profiles   must   be   mulJfaceted   and   allow   companies  to  predict  future  buying  behaviors.     Solu2on:   Developing   such   a   mulJfaceted   profile   involves   taking   past   customer   transacJons,  idenJfying  the  next  products  and  price  they  will  purchase,  and  adding  in  a   score   for   a   prospect   or   a   sales   opportunity.   By   combining   the   results   of   mulJple   Quant5   modules,   businesses   can   create   customer   profiles   with   new   predicJve   elements   that   provide  more  insights  leading  to  beer  business  decision-­‐making  and  stronger  results.     Business  Applica2on    B2B  &  B2C  Module:     •  •  •  •  •  •    Product  Use   Targeted  Offers   Customer  Segmenta2on,     Product  Profitability   Product  Rela2onships   Decision  Opportuni2es   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   11  
  12. 12. Insight  #10:  How  to  Understand  Product  Rela2onships   Challenge:  A  key  challenge  for  any  company  with  a  web  site,  retail  presence  or  display   of   products   is   predicJng   which   products   will   sell   the   most   when   combined.   As   the   number   of   SKUs   in   a   business   or   product   lines   increases   it   becomes   even   harder   to   predict  how  promoJonal  product  combinaJons  can  be  directed  to  maximum  sales  or   revenues  for  individual  products,  products  groups,  and  items  outside  a  promoJon.       Solu2on:   Quant5’s   product   relaJonships   module   significantly   simplifies   the   complexiJes   involved   in   determining   the   right   mix   of   products   for   promoJons   or   display.   This   module   enables   marketers   to   conceive   promoJons   based   on   both   “hidden”   and   dynamic   product   relaJonships   resulJng   in   extraordinary   increases   in   sales.     Business  Applica2on:  B2B  &  B2C   Module:  Product  Rela2onships   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   12  
  13. 13. Quant5  Predic2ve  Marke2ng  Solu2ons   •  SoGware  as  a  Service   •  Value  ProposiJon:   –  F-­‐a-­‐s-­‐t  implementaJon  &  results   –  Very  affordable!   –  Very  reliable,  advanced  technology   –  Does  not  require  a  room  full  of  data  scienJsts   •  PredicJve  analyJcs  applied  to  key  markeJng  and   sales,  and  related,  quesJons   –  F-­‐a-­‐s-­‐t  M-­‐ROI   Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   13  
  14. 14. Find  Us   hps://   Our  white  paper,  "Customer  AnalyJcs:   Leveraging  the  Big  Data  RevoluJon,"  is   available  at:     Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   14  
  15. 15. We’re  always  happy  to  explore  how   Quant5  can  help  you  …  in  detail                              Please  contact:   Quant5,  Inc.   Cambridge,  MA   Phone:  +1  617-­‐401-­‐3142   Email:   URL:     Ten  Cri+cal  Business  Insights   15