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How Predictive Marketing Can Give CMOs True Credibility in the Executive Suite


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Lead and prospect scoring can help eliminate the frequent finger pointing that exists between sales and marketing. Unlike traditional rules-based scoring approaches, predictive analytics can be used not only to prioritize sales leads, but also to use available information to predict the highest likelihood of success with that lead. By providing an unbiased measure that enables the impact of people and processes to be objectively evaluated, lead scoring can help CMOs show marketing’s impact on revenue, improve sales and marketing alignment, and begin to enhance their own credibility in the C-suite.

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How Predictive Marketing Can Give CMOs True Credibility in the Executive Suite

  1. 1. How Predictive Marketing Can Give CMOsTrue Credibility in the Executive Suite
  2. 2. Measurement Is A Key Discipline For Modern Marketers
  3. 3. Yet, 73% Of CEOs Think CMOs Lack Business CredibilityWhy?They can’t provethey generatebusiness growth
  4. 4. Only 11% Of CMOs Said Their Analytic Capabilities WereLeading Edge
  5. 5. Which Measurements Can Be Used To Gain ExecutiveConfidence In Marketing’s Contribution To Sales?Source: HubSpot 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report• 72% of CMOs say lead scoring is important to achievingmarketing goals• Yet, only 22% say converting leads into customers is theirtop marketing priority for 2013
  6. 6. What new tools canCMOs leverage tomeasure marketing’simpact on revenue?
  7. 7. Predictive Analytics Can Be Used To Provide InsightAbout Your Customers And Their IntentionsHow can weprioritize oursales effortsbased on thoseprospects mostlikely to buy?Which productis each of ourcustomersmost likely tobuy next?Whichprospects aremost/least likelyto buy?How can we reducecustomer acquisitioncosts, increase purchasesize and reduce fraud?Whichcustomers aremost likely toleave?
  8. 8. Predictive Analytics Produces Superior Lead ScoringUnlike traditional rules-based scoringapproaches, predictiveanalytics can be used notonly to prioritize salesleads, but also to useavailable information topredict the highestlikelihood of success withthat lead
  9. 9. Predictive Analytics Produces Superior Lead ScoringFor example, predictive analytics output can be usedto direct the lead to a particular sales team orproduct specialist based on a prediction of whichproduct the prospect is likely to buy
  10. 10. Critical Success Factor: Educate And Train Your Sales AndMarketing Staffs In The New Approach• Changing to a predictive model may produce leads with differentcharacteristics than those your sales reps are already familiar with• Thoroughly educate and train your sales and marketing staffs in thenew approach to reduce the chance that sales reps will reject ordisqualify a high proportion of the new leads
  11. 11. Lead Scoring Can Improve Sales and MarketingAlignmentLead scoring canhelp eliminate thefrequent fingerpointing that existsbetween sales andmarketing
  12. 12. Lead Scoring Can Enhance Marketing CredibilityBy providing an unbiasedmeasure that enables theimpact of people andprocesses to be objectivelyevaluated, lead scoring canhelp CMOs• Show marketing’s impact onrevenue• Improve sales and marketingalignment• Begin to enhance their owncredibility in the C suite
  13. 13. For more information and to sign up for a free 30-day trial goto