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Improving Your WordPress Productivity


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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the choices of themes and plugins? Spending too much of your time writing custom code, trying out the wrong plugins, or performing repetitious tasks? You don't have to learn by trial and error. If you set your site up properly from the start, and follow the right guidelines, you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

This presentation is for beginner and intermediate users who are looking to improve their productivity in using and extending WordPress. If you feel like you're always taking the long way when building a site, this presentation might be just what you're looking for. I'll cover some of the best practices for choosing themes and plugins, and show you how to use WordPress more efficiently. I've built dozens of WordPress websites, and I'm here to share some of the knowledge I've learned.

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Improving Your WordPress Productivity

  1. 1. Improving Your WordPress Productivity July 24, 2011
  2. 2. About MeDoug Yuen● Ive worked with WordPress for the past 3 years● I design, develop, and manage WordPress websites for small businesses
  3. 3. Overview● Choosing themes and plugins● Modifying themes and plugins● Optimizing productivity in the WordPress backend
  4. 4. When Looking for Themes and Plugins ...
  5. 5. … Choose Wisely
  6. 6. Guidelines for Choosing Themes and Plugins● For free themes and plugins, get them only from the repository● For premium themes and plugins, make sure it is a reputable source● If you Google “free WordPress themes,” the theme files from most of the results are questionably written
  7. 7. Guidelines for Choosing Themes and Plugins● A recent “Last Updated” date (preferably < 6 months)● Enough downloads (preferably 1,000+)● High ratings (preferably 4-5 stars)● Enough ratings (preferably 10+)
  8. 8. Guidelines for Choosing Themes and Plugins● Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and the version youre running (which ought to be one and the same)
  9. 9. Guidelines for Choosing Themes and Plugins● Regular and recent activity by the theme/plugin author
  10. 10. Guidelines for Choosing Themes and Plugins● Look at the forum posts from users● Dont be discouraged by reports of errors (these will always comprise the majority of the posts)● But be careful if you see reports of incompatibilities or security vulnerabilities
  11. 11. If You Ever Need to Modify a Theme orPlugin, or Build Your Own from Scratch ...
  12. 12. Dont Try to Reinvent the Wheel ( … or use itto move an island through time and space)
  13. 13. Guidelines for Modifying and Creating Themes and Plugins● Never, ever modify core code● Use a child theme instead of editing an existing one● Consider theme frameworks● Consider hooking into a plugin (if you can) instead of editing it● If you want to create your own theme or plugin: Are you good at writing code? Really?
  14. 14. Guidelines for Modifying and Creating Themes and Plugins● If you modify existing plugin or theme code, take extra precautions when upgrading● Upgrading a theme/plugin will overwrite your code modifications● Back up your code modifications● Comment your code modifications● Test upgrades first on a dev environment
  15. 15. Yes, You Can Customize Your Workplace
  16. 16. Yes, You Can Customize Your Workplace● Collapse the admin navigation menus for more screen space● Use the Screen Options drop-down to customize how the current menu page is displayed● Minimize or hide dashboard, post, and page widgets (panels)
  17. 17. The Admin Bar: Use It!● Easy access to common menus and functions● Use the Edit Page / Edit Post button from the front-end instead of scrolling and paging through all of your pages and posts
  18. 18. Other Tips● Paste from Word / Paste as Plain Text● Post Box Size● Use Search and sort columns● Revisions● Press This
  19. 19. And When You Use the NewDistraction-Free Writing Mode ...
  20. 20. … Nothing Will Break Your Concentration
  21. 21. Thank You for Participating in This Enrichment Center Activity!!Doug Yuend@efnt.ws