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I-CAN Global A5 4pp v6

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I-CAN Global A5 4pp v6

  1. 1. I-CAN Global International Communications Strategies
  2. 2. The International Communications Adviser Network (I-CAN) is a UK-wide network of advisers offering analysis and guidance to help exporters expand international sales. The network is formed from the expert team that developed and delivered the government’s successful Export Communications Review (ECR) programme that ran from 1996 to 2016 and related workshops in international web optimisation. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS REVIEW (ICR) I-CAN has now launched the new International Communications Review (ICR) based on the previous service. The improved ICR offers a proven and quality-controlled methodology for analysing exporters’international communications, offering a wide range of advice and practical recommendations to improve export performance. An ICR is particularly relevant when a business is: • Re-developing its website • Embarking upon a trade show, mission or other overseas trip, including customer negotiation, distributor selection and market research • Launching a new product range or service • Considering a new route to market • Updating or translating marketing materials for an international audience • Tackling a new market, especially a ‘difficult’one. Typical areas of focus for an ICR might be: • International web strategy including e-commerce, social networking and online marketing • Marketing, operational, packaging and/or distributor training materials • Handling of international sales and technical enquiries • Overseas meetings and presentations • Preparation for international visits such as trade missions and exhibitions • Communications with agents/ distributors/partners overseas The I-CAN adviser will work with each individual business to design a tailored programme that will suit their export goals and may involve a number of separate or combined meetings, depending upon the complexity of the issues, such as number of countries, languages, products, routes to market and export activities. The ICR is designed as a programme of assistance for companies.The cost therefore depends on the scope of the agreed programme for each business. The cost of a single Review is £500. Please contact your regional Adviser for details, including the possibility of any subsidies which may apply.
  3. 3. “A very insightful and thorough review with a diverse range of improvement outcomes” WORKSHOP PROGRAMME We have developed a workshop programme that is an enjoyable mix of presentations, practical hands-on training and discussion. The trainers guide participants through sessions filled with tips, advice, practical examples and case studies. These workshops will provide businesses with simple strategies, an action plan and a practical toolkit of skills to establish a solid foundation for international communication success. • International online marketing bootcamp • International e-commerce • International social media • Enhanced international lead generation • Practical SEO for practical people We are also providing Digital Taster Sessions, which have been piloted in the North East of England and have proven very successful to date. LIAISON WITH OTHER SPECIALIST ADVISERS I-CAN aims to work together with regional government agencies and other intermediaries to help ‘new to export’and ‘sustainable exporters’communicate internationally.The International Communications Advisers will liaise with InternationalTrade Advisers, Digital Trade Advisers, Language Culture Advisers and other advisory personnel to offer a broad service to support businesses in developing a successful international communications strategy. PRESENTATIONS, EVENT SUPPORT AND CASE STUDY DEVELOPMENT I-CAN has developed a series of short presentations and briefings from 10 minutes to 1 hour in length that can be delivered at a range of events. These short talks are designed to provide support and information on digital, language and cultural issues in relation to international trade and to inspire new and existing exporters. I-CAN is happy to provide these talks and presentations at key stakeholder events and workshops. I-CAN is developing a broad range of case studies to inform and inspire new and existing exporters. These case studies are available directly from the network or any network members. “One of the most beneficial things we’ve done… It was comprehensive and highlighted things we hadn’t thought about or even knew were possible”
  4. 4. TEAM The following core team will provide I-CAN services across the UK regions: Steve Sharp Norma Foster Doug Lawrence Notburga Preining Claire Snowdon Mary Cousins Aleksandra Parker Kamran Rouhi All network members were previously trained and registered to deliver Export Communications Reviews to exporters on behalf of the UK government’s export promotion agency. The team has invested in systems for quality control and continuing professional development to ensure that we continue to offer best practice advice. Harwell Innovation Centre, Curie Avenue Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0QG, UK Telephone +44 (0)1865 589800 I-CAN Global

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