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Rmm lowrey


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Rmm lowrey

  1. 1. Recreational Music Making Products and Programs
  2. 2. Products Lowrey Digital Orchestra Product Supports Programs Easy Play Technology Easy Operation Pleasing Sound Attractive Cabinets No Natural Demand for Products Recreational Music Making Programs Create the Demand and Drive Sales
  3. 3. Programs Programming Design is Focused Exclusively on the Recreational Player
  4. 4. Gives Active Adults the Opportunity to Try Music Making Six Group Classes, Two Private Sessions $19.95, includes in-home loan instrument Very Easy - Easy Play Music Leader’s Guide and Support Materials
  5. 5. Play For Fun-Adult Music Education Socially Enjoyable Classroom Setting Retains Members with Extensive Content Grows Sales by Building Ability and Confidence
  6. 6. Program Structure: 200 Class Modules 120 Core Classes 12 - 10 Week Sessions 80 Elective Classes 8 - 10 Week Sessions
  7. 7. Typical Class: Meets Weekly 45 Minutes Sing Along Echo Clapping Wellness Activity Song Review New Song Week 5 Class Party Week 10 Graduation
  8. 8. Lowrey Professional Development Program Class Leader Training Sales Training
  9. 9. Peer-to-Peer Marketing Initiative Motivates True Enthusiasts to Market the Lowrey Brand Connects Programs To The Community Points Program Creates New Class Members and Drives Sales
  10. 10. For Example… Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle Club
  11. 11. For Example… Red Hat Society
  12. 12. For Example… Walmart Co-op
  13. 13. CALL 662-469-5350 Today!