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Winter tick list - Women 2011 from DoubleTWO


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Here we have a selection of shirts from DoubleTWO Woman to give you the perfect winter tick list... Make sure you stay looking fabulous this season.

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Winter tick list - Women 2011 from DoubleTWO

  1. 1. Your winter tick list from Double TWO…
  2. 2. Welcome to Winter… This Winter Double TWO have created a collection all about pretty, feminine and classic style. Your must-have Winter tick list: Winter Weekend - Cotton checks with warm handle fabrics to give you a warm, cosy feel… Winter Relaxation - Florals, richly toned in shades of cornflower, mulberry, azure blue and coral… Winter in the City - Rich selections of 100% Cotton Micro Twill fabrics in plains and designs…
  3. 3. Winter Elegance Made from 100% Polyester
  4. 4. Warm handle fabric Made from 100% Cotton 99% Cotton 1% Lurex Winter Weekend…
  5. 5. Winter Relaxation… Pretty winter prints, made from 100% Cotton.
  6. 6. Winter in the City… Bold, professional stripes, made from 100% Cotton
  7. 7. It’s all in the details …
  8. 8. - Double TWO Limited - DoubleTWOshirts