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The Ultimate Convergence of the Physical and Digital Worlds


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Weighing in at $565B globally, live events are a powerhouse of an industry. With an expected growth rate of 44% in this decade alone, it seems everyone is stepping into the ring.

But, few are taking full advantage of the massive amounts of behavioral data that comes from live events to impact their business strategies in incredible ways. Join DoubleDutch CEO, Lawrence Coburn, as he takes you ringside to the industry’s biggest matchup between the physical world of live events, and the digital world of social engagement data.

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The Ultimate Convergence of the Physical and Digital Worlds

  1. 1. The Dawn of Live Engagement Marketing: The Ultimate Convergence of the Physical and Digital Worlds
  2. 2. Source: Reuters 1997
  3. 3. Source: REUTERS/Korea Baduk 2016
  4. 4. Logical Inference Machine Learning
  5. 5. Machine Learning Machine Learning is an engineering discipline gives computers the ability to learn based on pattern recognition, without being explicitly programmed.
  6. 6. WHY NOW?
  7. 7. The biggest players are making a bet on the power of Machine Learning.
  9. 9. Live Meetings are Bursting with Powerful Data Signals
  10. 10. To unlock this value of this data, we need to weave technology into our live experiences.
  11. 11. LET’S TAKE A POLL
  13. 13. IMEX America • 3,250 exhibiting companies • 3,000 hosted buyers • 60,000 appointments
  14. 14. $1.5B in events-related investments since 2011 Source: Marco Giberti,CEIR
  15. 15. Source: American Express Meetings and Events
  16. 16. Since 2013, attendee app adoption increased by 19% Source: DoubleDutch
  17. 17. Since 2014, attendee engagement increased by 26% Source: DoubleDutch
  18. 18. Adoption rate Time spent per user per day (minutes) Actions per user 70% 37 183 ENGAGEMENT SUCCESS
  19. 19. The digital and physical experiences are merging.
  20. 20. The best event professionals are designing robust experiences that incorporate the best of both worlds.
  21. 21. Live Engagement Marketing (LEM) The discipline of applying digital marketing methodologies to live meetings and events.
  22. 22. 3 Stages Engagement Reporting Response
  23. 23. 4 BigWays to Use LEM DataToday Influence Assisted Serendipity Create New Business Models Complete the Missing Data Puzzle Accelerate Business Outcomes
  24. 24. LEM Campaigns During Event
  25. 25. TAKEAWAYS Machine Learning is going to change everything. Events contain the most valuable B2B dataset in the world. LEM is the discipline of weaving digital into your F2F experiences. You hold the key to unlocking the power of this data.
  26. 26. Cassie Muniak BlackRock Associate, Digital Marketing Chris Pendley Messe Frankfurt E-Media Manager Emily Malin Bosch Business Consultant Gretchen DeKnikker SaaStr COO Hana Abaza Uberflip Head of Strategy Lauren Vaccarello Box VP of Marketing Sam Wheatley Gainsight Director, Brand Development