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How to Bridge the Physical and Digital Experiences at Live Events


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In the age of mobile event apps, the physical event experience is often disconnected from the digital - even though we know the average attendee is glued to their smartphone.

The problem? We’ve adopted mobile as a component of our events, but are still not thinking about how to effectively integrate it into the event experience to influence successful business outcomes.

In this interactive session, you will learn how to bridge the gap between the physical event experience with the digital to influence and demonstrate event success in big ways — no matter your desired business outcome.

Published in: Marketing
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How to Bridge the Physical and Digital Experiences at Live Events

  1. 1. How to Bridge the Physical and Digital Experiences at Live Events Justin Gonzalez @justinSF
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  3. 3. • Demand Gen • Content Marketers • Advocate Marketers …and more! Suddenly, everyone wants your recipe.
  4. 4. Live Engagement Marketing (LEM) is the discipline of applying digital marketing principles to the physical world of live events.
  5. 5. What does that mean?
  6. 6. How do you integrate the physical and digital worlds of live events?
  7. 7. By focusing on your key event stakeholders.
  9. 9. • Focus on quality over quantity. • Introduce the app in your opening remarks. • Ask attendees to post a status update. • Connect with like-minded individuals. • Rate and review sessions and speakers.
  11. 11. • Incorporate live polls into their presentations. • Solicit audience questions. • Follow-up with unanswered questions.
  13. 13. • Meet the right attendees with Targeted Campaigns. • Take advantage of 1:1 meeting scheduling.
  14. 14. In this new world, everyone feasts.
  15. 15. Attendees gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.
  16. 16. Speakers can deliver truly engaging sessions to their audiences.
  17. 17. Sponsors connect with the right attendees and increase ROI.
  18. 18. And you…
  19. 19. Everyone wants your secret sauce.
  20. 20. • Track attendee engagement • Segment attendees by topic interest • Deliver targeted messages • Push in-app activity to Salesforce Demand Gen
  21. 21. Content Marketing • Identify which topics resonate • Prioritize post-event content creation • Leverage user- generated content
  22. 22. • Collaborate with them on marketing • Get their feedback on your product/service • Reward their influence Advocate Marketing
  23. 23. And you’ve earned a seat at the strategy table.
  24. 24. Learn more at
  25. 25. Thank you | @justinSF | Booth 659