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Enhancing Educational Opportunities at Live Events


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Education is a key component of many live events. In this session you will discover new ways to deliver resources and tools to enhance your attendee’s skills and abilities in an environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge share using DoubleDutch.

Perfect For: Sales Kickoffs, Corporate Internal Meetings, Training or Seminars, Roadshows, User or Partner Conferences, Financial Services Client Events, Conferences, Medical or Scientific Conferences

Published in: Marketing
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Enhancing Educational Opportunities at Live Events

  1. 1. Enhancing Educational Opportunities at Live Events Laura Powell | Sr. Manager of Customer Success Quentin Bosman | Sr. Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. AGENDA ▪ Defining the goal ▪ Features ▪ Which data to use ▪ Actionable data examples
  4. 4. Define the Goal Education ▪Basic Definition - I want my attendees to learn - I want to know how much they are learning
  5. 5. What Does This Mean? ▪Desired results of achieving the goal at your event - Internal ▪ I want my employees to be ramped and ready for the job (Training or Seminar) ▪ I want my employees to be aligned with our company vision (SKO) - External ▪ I want my customers or prospects to have a greater knowledge and connection with what our product can do (User Conference) ▪ I want my customers or prospects to become inspired by how powerful our product has been for others (Roadshow) ▪Question: What does this goal mean to you?
  6. 6. Key Themes for Education to be Effective ▪ To achieve this, we think there are 3 components ▪ Attendance, interaction, alignment ▪ Starts at passive to the most interactive
  7. 7. Session Scanning Session poll Session Channel Attendance Interaction Alignment
  9. 9. Attendance Session Scanning Use case: track who really attends Compare to My Agenda adds Session scanning in the app
  10. 10. Interaction Session poll Use case: engage the audience with your session content Boosts app adoption Leverage the moderator Timing is key Poll in your app
  11. 11. Alignment Session channel Use case: specific channel for session content discussion Encourages direct interaction Start them off with a question Start discussions early What does education mean to you?
  13. 13. External Events Recommendation ▪Send a one pager, session collateral, presentation notes - Use list of attendees scanned ▪Send a qualified leads list to Sales and Marketing - Combo: Answered poll + attended session + viewed a related section in the app ▪Add verbatims from session channels to CRM records as a tool for sales and marketing - Session channel engagement Attendance Interaction Alignment
  14. 14. Internal Event Recommendation ▪ Confirm attendance at required sessions for onboarding objectives - Cross reference other sessions scanned into/ follow up for no-show - Combo: Added session to agenda + weren’t scanned in ▪ Follow up with resources for poll (could be based on answer given) ▪ Recognize highly engaged individuals / suggest for a special project - Combo: Scanned + took the poll + engaged in channel Attendance Interaction Alignment
  15. 15. Try This Out! Follow this framework at you next event to show how you can influence achieving the goal of education. Question: Can you think of examples of how to use this framework?