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Elevating Networking Opportunities at Your Events


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A top reason for attending an event is to connect with likeminded individuals. In this session, you will learn how to empower attendees to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships to foster and expand their professional and personal networks using DoubleDutch.

Perfect For: Sales Kickoffs, Incentive and Rewards Trips, Corporate Internal Meetings, Training or Seminars, Roadshows, User or Partner Conferences, Financial Services Client Events, Conferences, Medical or Scientific Conferences, Expos or Tradeshows, Executive Summits, Customer Advisory Boards

Published in: Marketing
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Elevating Networking Opportunities at Your Events

  1. 1. Elevate Networking Opportunities Katie Smith | Team Manager, Customer Delivery
  2. 2. AGENDA ● Intro ● Networking in your own words ● Features that achieve networking ● Putting the data to work
  3. 3. Why is networking important to you?
  4. 4. How do you currently facilitate networking at your events?
  5. 5. How Does DoubleDutch Think About Networking? ● Using technology to facilitate conversations • Assisted serendipity!! ● To enable parties to make lasting business connections to further their individual business goals/desired ROI
  6. 6. Which Features Can Achieve Rich Networking Data? ● Following/People Recommendations ● Topic Channels ● 1:1 Meetings
  7. 7. Following / People Recommendations
  8. 8. Topic Channels
  9. 9. 1:1 Meetings
  10. 10. What other features could be used to tell your data story?
  11. 11. How would you want to tell your data story?
  12. 12. Putting the Data to Work - Long Lasting Connections Send attendee links to people’s profiles that they followed or mentioned Follows (per user) and @mentions Find sessions that attendees had in common and surface lists Bookmarks (per user) How many meetings scheduled/accepted/cancelled? Continue the conversation! Which companies or attendee groups are meeting? 1:1 Meeting Data Find what people are talking about and what they are interested in. Alert your marketing teams of themes All Comments/Updates/Likes (Per User)
  13. 13. Putting the Data to Work - In Person Connections Find your top channel members and connect them outside of the app Set up extra space for meet-up groups based on interests Create tables at breakfast or cocktail hours for missed connections in the app Channel Engagement (All Time Per User) 1:1 Meeting Data
  14. 14. In Summary ● Map networking goals! ● Elect goal-minded features ● Generate data ● Act What will you do at your next event?
  15. 15. Now go tell your data story!