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Collecting Audience Data at Live Events


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Attendee engagement is paramount to a successful event. In this session, you will learn how to collect insights and improve your understanding of your attendees to further impact your business outcomes and make smarter event decisions.

Perfect For: Sales Kickoffs, Incentive and Rewards Trips, Corporate Internal Meetings, Trainings or Seminars, Roadshows, User or Partner Conferences, Financial Services Client Events, Conferences, Medical or Scientific Conferences, Expos or Tradeshows, Executive Summits, Customer Advisory Boards

Published in: Marketing
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Collecting Audience Data at Live Events

  1. 1. COLLECTING AUDIENCE FEEDBACK Britta Tunestam | Enterprise CSM
  3. 3. Why is audience data importantto you?
  4. 4. To gather insights and feedback from attendees in order to influence future planning and enhance strategic marketing efforts. Discover ways to connect further with your attendees. WHYis audience data important for LEM?
  5. 5. DATA COLLECTION TOOLBOX Surveys Polls Session Channels
  6. 6. SURVEYS
  7. 7. Keep It Simple (and Mobile) ● Boost response rates ○ Reminder cards ○ Points-based incentives ○ Promoted posts ● Content flexibility ● 360 view of user experience
  8. 8. KEY FEATURES & BEST PRACTICES Session Survey ● Create one template for multiple sessions ● No early responses ● Reminder cards in the activity feed Global Survey ● Release using a promoted post ● Keep it short and sweet ● Did You Know? You can create a checkbox question with multiple selection options. Ask our Product Specialists how today! Reveal the “Surveys” app section only after all global surveys have been released. Pro Tip
  9. 9. BECOME AN MVP ➔ “How satisfied were you with this session?” What would this answer allow your company to do? What is the most common question to ask in a session survey? What if you asked: ➔ “Would you like someone to follow up with you on this topic?”
  10. 10. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR DATA Strike while the iron is hot! ● Survey responses: distribute within 24hrs ○ PDF has great visuals → this is your teaser ○ Spreadsheets have details for each user → best for taking action User Conference? Responses are a rich data set for Marketing and Sales - let them dig in! SKO or Training Event? Surveys provide visibility for HR and the relevant dept into employee preferences and aptitude
  11. 11. POLLS
  12. 12. Polls vs. Surveys
  13. 13. Take a Snapshot ● Real-time feedback ● High visibility of a strategic question ● Increases app engagement
  14. 14. KEY FEATURES & BEST PRACTICES Session Polls ● Visible from the session description means only the right attendees respond ● Speakers can use the real-time results to better understand their audience Global Polls ● High visibility to all users ● Ideal for general sessions/keynotes ● Drive engagement pre-event with a few welcome questions Schedule session polls with a 10min cushion before/after the sessionPro Tip
  15. 15. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR DATA Targeted questions for targeted follow up ● Poll responses: share actionable results ○ Spreadsheet → filter out event-specific questions ○ Distribute list with responses per user → these are your hand raisers User Conference? Marketing and Sales can act on each attendee’s specific product interests SKO or Training Event? HR & dept want to know who connected most with new values, concepts, or ideas presented
  17. 17. Virtual Conversations ● Social experience for a target audience ● Extends the face-to-face interactions into the digital space ● Dedicated venue for Q&A
  18. 18. KEY FEATURES & BEST PRACTICES Session Channels ● Specific topic discussions don’t need to clutter the Activity Feed - keep them in the Channels ● Discuss topics from the session before, during and after (Channel doesn’t close once session ends) ● Network with other session attendees directly from the Channel Appoint a moderator for each session.Pro Tip
  19. 19. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR DATA Celebrate the conversations ● Channel messages & participants: rich content from valuable attendees ○ List of most active channels → does this echo the most popular sessions? ○ Review messages & find thought leaders → these users show heightened interest User Conference? Share content posted in channels with content marketers, and level of involvement per user with Sales SKO or Training Event? Participants could be good candidates for future topic-centric projects
  21. 21. ● Sales ● Marketing ● HR (select events) Who Else Loves Your Data