How to Protect Your Kids' Safety Online


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The Internet is the single greatest information resource in history, providing access to a virtually unlimited amount of information.

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How to Protect Your Kids' Safety Online

  1. 1. How to Protect Your Kids' Safety Online Balancing Security with Usability
  2. 2. The Internet As an Educational Tool The Internet is the single greatest information resource in history, providing access to a virtually unlimited amount of information. Unfortunately, the Internet is also a dangerous place where your child can come into contact with nearly anything or anyone. Double Anti Spy helps you keep the benefits of the Internet while protecting your family from its threats.
  3. 3. Security Shouldn't Get In The Way A simple way to protect your kids online is simply to never allow them online. This is of course not a realistic solution. Ideally, security blocks only bad things such as malware without interfering with surfing, email or online gaming. Double Anti-Spy has been developed to allow easy access to information without fearing spyware and other threats.
  4. 4. The Dangers of Malware Malware includes viruses, spyware, adware, trojans and any other program designed to infect or harm your computer. Malware can erase information from computers, steal confidential data such as credit card numbers or use the computer as a platform to launch attacks against other systems. These insidious programs are the leading threat the average user faces during online use.
  5. 5. Double Anti-Spy is a malware Double Anti-Spy protection package Protects Your Family designed to provide 24/7 online security for your family. It's simple to install and configure so you can secure your system quickly. Double Anti-Spy operates unobtrusively in the background, watching for dangers both online and on your computer. It responds immediately to isolate and stop any potential threat or infliction.
  6. 6. Defending Against the Latest Threats Automatic updates ensure your family always has the best protection. As malware technology changes, we modify Double Anti-Spy to find and deal with new threats. Double Anti-Spy is capable of modifying itself to react to changes without our intervention. As it sees suspicious activity on your computer, it implements protective measures even if it doesn't see a known threat.
  7. 7. Monitoring Your Children Online Double Anti-Spy is a valuable tool but malware is only one of the dangers faced by children. The best protection is parental supervision. Young children should use the computer only with a parent's help. Older children might be left unsupervised but should use computers in public places such as the family room rather than their own bedrooms.
  8. 8. Safe Email Systems Standard email systems such as that used by your ISP won't protect children from emailed viruses, unsavory advertisements or improper contact by strangers Many child-friendly email systems allow children to receive email only from parent-approved addresses. Other email must be approved by parent before being delivered to child.
  9. 9. The Best Defense is Education We teach our children not to talk to strangers in person. Teach them the same thing on the internet. Remember, just because someone claims to be a child online doesn't mean he is. Even the best parents can't be there 100% of the time. Education helps your child make the right choices in a parent's absence.
  10. 10. Double Anti-Spy Is Your Family Protection Partner Software tools allow you to protect your children from online dangers when you can't be there. Double Anti-Spy is your faithful watchdog, making sure no malicious software makes it onto your family computer. Run a FREE scan of your computer now at Review Double Anti Spy on cNet at: Purchase Double Anti Spy at: