Inbound Marketing for Tour Operators


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Dot Tourism helps travel companies generate quality leads online.

Our approach is powered by compelling content that engages visitors and is driven by technology that makes marketing easier, faster, and more effective.

This presentation shares information about our methods and includes case studies of our work. Find out more at

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Inbound Marketing for Tour Operators

  1. 1. Who Are Dot Tourism? Dot Tourism are a specialist digital marketing agency working exclusively within the travel and tourism sector. Based in the US and UK our deep experience and excellent results has led us to working with clients across the globe. We are an inbound travel marketing agency. We help travel companies grow sales by developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. We only specialise in travel and bring a wealth of experience and sector insights to our work. Our approach is all about results. We tell your story in a way that your market will understand.
  2. 2. We Help Travel Brands Grow We help travel brands grow revenue by motivating their customers. We create progressive marketing strategies to attract, engage, convert and delight travellers. Our approach is powered by creating compelling content that engages visitors and is driven by technology that makes marketing easier, faster, and more effective. We take a custom approach with each client, acting as an extension of your brand’s marketing team. We create and implement a full service digital strategy for your brand and retain your image while leveraging the power of online platforms.
  3. 3. Our Approach Our strategy brings together all aspects of digital in order to create a campaign that delivers the result you need: a sustained increase in bookings. We act as an extension of your marketing team, as ONE. We will ensure that every scrap of internal resource is used effectively. We are focused on results and not billable hours and want to ensure that we are using your team’s skills and experience effectively, assisting with direction and strategy when required. Our role will be to create a strategy, manage the foundations to put that strategy in place and then implement inbound marketing tactics to drive visits, leads and customers.
  4. 4. What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is based on the premise of making it easy for your target audience to find you. It is about attracting more people to your business with quality content, using premium content to convert them to leads, and implementing marketing automation to nurture leads until they’re ready to make a booking.
  5. 5. The Sales Funnel There are four main principles to inbound marketing which we often view as a sales funnel. Understanding how each stage fits together helps focus your campaign where it needs the most help. 1. Driving traffic to your website SEO, PPC, Blog, Social, Content Management 2. Turning that traffic into leads Premium gated content, Calls-to-action, Usability, Landing pages 3. Converting those leads into customers Email, Lead automation, Personalised experiences 4. Keeping those customers happy Advanced reporting, Personalised communications
  6. 6. Services Dot Tourism provide six key services as part of our goal driven marketing:
  7. 7. Marketing Has Changed The way customers engage and buy has changed. Technology is making interruptive marketing less effective. Every activity that we do (as a team, Dot Tourism and your own in-house marketing department) is measured. For example, we will know for every action and campaign how many visits, contacts and enquiries and bookings each generates. This allows us to monitor and refine our strategy to make best use of resources. It ensures that all marketing we do has a purpose and no time is wasted on ineffective strategy.
  8. 8. Case Study – Mahindra Homestays We promoted high-end Indian homestay accommodation for Mahindra Homestays. With a poorly performing website, little visibility in search engines and no social media presence we transformed their marketing. We developed a blog attracting over 15,000 organic visitors a month, created a social media community with an engaged following of over 50,000 on Facebook and Twitter and improved their website which saw an increase of organic traffic of 259% over a 12 month period. Overall we increased bookings by 350%
  9. 9. This shows the blog we created for Mahindra Homestays. We planned all content backed by considered keyword research. We worked with their internal marketing team to commission relevant, engaging, articles. All content was optimised by us with three articles published a week. The blog attracts over 15,000 organic visitors a month
  10. 10. This shows a segmented email campaign we prepared for Mahindra Homestays. Recipients were shown offers for locations that were a reasonable travel distance for a weekend break. This email had a click through rate of 56% which led to 116 booking enquires
  11. 11. We developed and managed a social media presence for Mahindra Homestays of over 50,000 engaged travel consumers on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr. We set up a branded YouTube channel which attracted over 110,000 video views.
  12. 12. We created landing pages linked to personalised offers and improved the usability of the website. We increased bookings by 350%.
  13. 13. Next Steps If you are travel company looking to increase your bookings then get in touch. We want to be your partner to help transform your marketing. We are extremely passionate about the power of fully integrated inbound marketing. We offer a free initial assessment with no catch and no obligation. It will include an evaluation of your current website and marketing strategy and offer real solutions to achieve your business and marketing goals. Get in touch at or visit to find out more about us.