Email Marketing for Airlines


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DotTourism helps airlines reach travel consumers and have run a number of successful campaigns to help launch new routes and in-flight services.

This presentation shares information about our methods and includes case studies of our work. Find out more at

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Email Marketing for Airlines

  1. 1. Who Are Dot Tourism? Dot Tourism are a specialist digital marketing agency working exclusively within the travel and tourism sector. Based in the US and UK our deep experience and excellent results has led us to working with clients across the globe. We help travel companies grow sales by developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. We only specialise in travel and bring a wealth of experience and sector insights to our work. Our approach is all about results. We tell your story in a way that your market will understand.
  2. 2. Marketing solutions for Airlines We help airlines reach travel consumers. Our results focused campaigns can be used to launch new routes and in-flight services. We tailor each campaign to your specific goals and never use a one fits all approach. Typically a campaign may include: • Targeted database sourcing • Email design and broadcast • Inspirational content creation • Focused landing pages that convert • Engaging, fan-gated social media content • Lead generation
  3. 3. Lead generation Our exciting lead generation based campaigns offer a cost effective way to build a customer database when launching in new territories. We tap into email, banner advertising and lead generation websites to deliver qualified prospects on a cost per lead basis. This type of campaign has already proven effective for airlines such as KLM and Air France. Lead Generation In Use KLM used a lead generation campaign to create a database of 30,000 in just one month.
  4. 4. Email experts We are experts in using email to engage and convert your existing database. We use data segmentation to find out and deliver the content your customers want allowing you to create powerful personalised campaigns. Making The Most of Email Technology • Dynamic, personalised content • Split A/B testing • Responsive and scalable design • Visually stunning
  5. 5. Case Study - Sun Country Airlines We developed a complete email strategy to promote a new route being launched by Sun Country Airlines from Gatwick, UK to Minneapolis, USA. We researched and sourced a mailing list of 50,000 UK holiday consumers with an interest in travel to the USA, living within a reasonable drive time of London Gatwick. The campaign included three custom emails, split tested landing pages and database procurement and management. Results We achieved open rates of 28% and a database conversion rate of 9%
  6. 6. This shows the first email that was broadcast for the Sun Country Airlines campaign. We used it as the opportunity to introduce the brand and to start generating some excitement with a count down to the inaugural flight on the new route.
  7. 7. This shows the final email that was broadcast for the Sun Country Airlines campaign. We keep the strong call to action header encouraging people to sign up for special flight deals and add in more flight offers.
  8. 8. Case Study - SriLankan Airlines We developed a complete email strategy to promote SriLankan Airlines new direct flight services from the UK to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We sourced a targeted mailing list comprising of 400,000 UK consumer interested in long-haul travel, winter sun with an income of over £30,000 per annum. The campaign included three custom emails, landing page design and database procurement and management. Results The campaign performed really well with open rates of up to 46% and a landing page conversion rate of 81%
  9. 9. This shows one of the creatives used in our SriLankan Airlines email campaign. We kept copy very succinct to encourage people to visit the website to find out more. We ensured that the call to action was prominent at the top of the email.
  10. 10. Next Steps If you are an airline looking to launch a new flight route or service then allow us to create a free, no obligation, campaign strategy for you in line with your goals and budget. Or if you feel you aren't getting the most out of your current database and email marketing we can offer a free assessment on how you can make the most of these important marketing assets to delight your customers and drive bookings. Get in touch at or visit to find out more about us.