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[10:15:42 AM] shivie mannshahia: DotComGuy Overview
Traditional IT "Break & Fix" VS DotComGuy Managed IT as a Service
How it Works
Cloud Computing
IT Assessment of Your Network
Next Steps

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DotComGuy MSP Presentation

  1. 1. DotComGuy The Nationwide Local Provider of Next Generation “ IT as a Service” for Business Copyright © 2005 Primetime, Inc. All rights reserved. [email_address] 800-590-9200 ®
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda DotComGuy Overview Traditional IT "Break & Fix" VS DotComGuy Managed IT as a Service How it Works Cloud Computing IT Assessment of Your Network Next Steps ® ®
  3. 3. Cloud Based Managed Service Provider Provides best in class enterprise level 24/7 remote real time monitoring in of your computer network. Providing timely alarm alerts of all critical computing functions, enabling us to remotely remediate most issues before they become major problems.  Ensures your computer systems are operating at maximum efficiencies, significantly diminishes employee downtime and delivers predictable and measurable value. Experience Our MSP platform supports over 3,000 customers worldwide. DotComGuy is an National MSP, Managed Service Provider with access to Next Generation Technologies & Support Teams worldwide. Comprehensive Services Offerings Tailored to meet your needs and requirements. DotComGuy … Your Outsourced In-house IT Department About DotComGuy ®
  4. 4. IT Challenges Unpredictable, Costly Downtime Staff and corporate productivity are impacted Managing IT Costs Amount and predictability of ongoing cost Management Time Time and effort to fix problems Risk and Exposure Security Data loss or theft Compliance uncertainties Interruption of vital IT services Strategic Issues Lack of accountability or ownership of problems Lack of optimization
  5. 5. Traditional IT vs. DotComGuy ® Flat-Rate Service Plans All-inclusive IT Service Fixed Monthly Price Incentive for “Things NOT to Break” Less Issues Mean Increased Productivity Utilize Enterprise-Grade Tools for Efficiency Proactive Service Predict & Resolve Issue Before Failure Minimizes Employee Downtime Eliminates Hidden Service Costs No Surprise Fees All Rates pre-defined “ Reactive” not “Proactive” Called to fix things AFTER they break Benefit from Your Problems Incentive: Things to Break When things break they get called… If things don’t break, they don’t get $$$ Incentive: Take a Long Time Hourly Billing Longer it Takes, More $$$ They Make Questionable Billing Practices Hourly Billing - How Long did it Take? Travel Costs vs. Traditional IT “Break Fix” DotComGuy MSP “Proactive IT” DotComGuy ® is Aligned with your Best Interest – Other IT Services are NOT…
  6. 6. MSP Levels Next Generation Managed Services for Business N-able Kaseya Spiceworks Level Platforms Zenith
  7. 7. Monitor 24/7 performance monitoring of your all devices, applications and networks. Alarms monitored by DotComGuy Service Platform. Maintain Daily multiple point tests of all computers, servers and network devices. Security check and updates. Proactive analysis to avoid and anticipate potential problems. Manage Software updated with current releases and security patches Comprehensive reporting and analysis. Full asset tracking of all equipment & software. Service Desk 24/7 access to live DotComGuy technician. 24/7 Online chat with DotComGuy dedicated team. Remote Remediation DotComGuy technicians have robust tools to remotely diagnose and repair 80% of all issues & problems. OnSite Support DotComGuy’s Nationwide Network allows us to timely deploy a tech to your location. DotComGuy MSP - Service Solution Next Generation Managed Services for Business ®
  8. 8. DotComGuy MSP - How It Works Other Services: Data backup and recovery Moves/Add/Change projects Virtual CIO consulting Monitor, Maintain & Manage: Monitor devices and applications for performance alarms and failures Network Support (LAN,WAN,VPN, WAP) Scheduled nightly maintenance and testing on every computer, server and network device. Updates most recent software releases. Security updates and services. Data backup and recovery. Asset management and control Customer Network Computers VOIP Servers Data Backup Laptops DotComGuy Probe Firewall ® 24/7 Service Desk: End-User Helpdesk 24/7 Online Chat 24/7 Dedicated Support Team Deploy on site technicians DotComGuy MSP Service Platform
  9. 9. Downtime Cost Lost Productivity – Your Hidden IT Cost Employee Productivity Loss at 1% Network Downtime Number of Employees Average Hourly Wage Annual Hours Lost Per Employee (50 Weeks x 40 Hours = 2000 Hours x 1% Downtime) Annual Cost of Lost Productivity Revenue Loss at 1% Network Downtime Company Annual Gross Revenue % Attributed to Network Uptime Revenue Attributed to Network Uptime Annual Revenue Lost Total Revenue Loss 20 20 $25 $10,000 $3M 15% $450,000 $4,500 $14,500 Yr / $1,208 Mo
  10. 10. Benefits of DotComGuy Services Significantly improved overall system reliability and performance Prevents issues, reduces downtime impact and duration Proactive maintenance keeps computing platform “in tune” IT spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than reacting to ‘fight fires ’ Through preventative maintenance Predictable network and system management costs Majority of support activity is pre-scheduled or automated Alignment of DotComGuy IT support with your business needs Improved security Minimize risk of intrusion, data theft and lost productivity Outsource IT management to the experts – DotComGuy Focus on your core competence and not your IT network ® ®
  11. 11. The Evolution of Computing
  12. 12. DotComGuy … Provides Cloud Based Managed IT Services. MSP Next Generation IT Support Data Back Up & Recovery 24 Hour Help Desk Cloud-Based VOIP Solutions Hardware and Software Acquisitions Software as a Service (CRM, ERP, SAP, Custom Software Development) Platform as a Service (Exchange, SharePoint) Infrastructure as a Service (Cloud-Based Servers)
  13. 13. DotComGuy:Microsoft Partnership… Microsoft Azure Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Online Cloud Services Delivered By DotComGuy Microsoft Office Online
  14. 14. Can you afford not to? Increase System uptime and performance Staff productivity Cost predictability Alignment of IT to your business needs Transparency into IT performance Reduce Security and compliance exposure Risk of catastrophic data loss Emergency IT issues Downtime and lost productivity costs Capital Expenditures
  15. 15. Next Steps IT Cost-Savings Assessment & Network Security Check DotComGuy MSP Solution Proposal IT Concentric Products Proposal ®
  16. 16. Send us your resume If you’d like to hear more about DotComGuy and our sales opportunities, send your resume to: [email_address] Or call us at (800) 590-9200