SDSU Beginning Social Media, Spring 2012


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Slides from the first week of class for Beginning Social Media at SDSU Digital and Social Media Collaborative.

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SDSU Beginning Social Media, Spring 2012

  1. 1. Session I: Beginning Social MediaProfessional Certificate in Digital & Social MediaInstructor: Dorrine Mendoza *
  2. 2. Welcome! ● Experience in print and broadcast. Currently the online content producer for North County Times ● Email: ● Cell: 619-339-4827(text okay) ○ Facebook| Twitter (@assignmentdesk1) ○ LinkedIn | Foursquare | Google+ | Pinterest | Get Glue | Storie● *
  3. 3. AGENDA●We have a ton to coverover the next four weeks.●Pass out syllabus●Introduce course● SDSUDigiMedia online● Review grading system● Review weekly homework Each class begins with every person sharing a piece of social media news from the previous weekMashable | RWW | NiemanLabs |Gawker | Buffer | Copyblogger |Social Media Today | Blogs *
  4. 4. Engagement & Quality ContentFind it. Share it. Topics should cover ways to: ○ To promote content and drive traffic ○ Open dialogue with the community they are trying to reach ○ Research and news gathering ○ Crowdsourcing for a community of resources ○ The changing news/journalism landscape ○ Blog & website integration ○ How to build a network ○ How to establish a personal brand *
  5. 5. REQUIREMENTS●Weekly attendance Sign-in required! With only four weeks in the course,missing a class could adversely impact your grade!●Completion of weekly reading assignments●Final project includes Creating and completing a Twitter & LinkedIn profiles,finding 25 relevant followers, share two tweets a day for thenext four weeks, at least one tweet will be an RT or@mention, one tweet must include #smsdsu hashtag, favoritefive tweets. Like 10 relevant pages on Facebook, subscribe to10 relevant people, create one Pinterest board, post twice aweek to Google+. *
  6. 6. COURSE OVERVIEWIn this course I will help you use socialmedia to do five things:● Find story ideas, track trends and sources● Publish real-time updates and experiment with engagement● Connect with fans and viewers in new ways● Bring traffic and attention to your work● Help you creat, craft and enhance your personal brand *
  7. 7. COURSE OVERVIEW●Goals & ObjectivesWhat will you be able to do afteryou complete this course, you ask?● The point isn’t to learn the ins and outs of every one of the latest social networking trends.● Instead, it is to … ■ understand your motives & reasons for being there, ■ use it to establish and enhance your online brand and expand your reach, ■ and embrace the ability to adapt regardless of the tools. Because they will change! *
  8. 8. COURSE OVERVIEW Student survey Send an email to so that I can give you access to the survey form. Well take 15 minutes to complete this survey. *
  9. 9. As you start consider: ○ What your message is ○ What your desired outcome is ○ Who your target audience is ○ Where/how to find and create quality content appropriate to this audience Is the work you post clickable, linkable, shareable, embeddable? *
  10. 10. WHO ARE THE BIG PLAYERS? HERE’SA FEW. (PINterest, Google+, Path) *
  11. 11. For next week:● Have a completed LinkedIn profile● Be prepared to create a Twitter account (have a handle, photo, bio ready to go)● Have your news item ready to share● Be prepared to create a Facebook account or page (photo, bio, ready to go)● If you already have a Twitter account - start Tweeting 2x every day!