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A selection of episodes in the development of the Association of Chartered Teachers Scoltand.

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  • the association of chartered teachers scotland is … an independent, professional organisation, established and run by and for Chartered Teachers. ACTS members are Chartered Teachers and those following the Chartered Teacher programme. They share a desire to practise and promote effective education across all sectors and in all settings, through critical awareness of pedagogy and learning. ACTS provides support for its members in the form of publications, events, information and advice, and provides a channel of communication between the community of Chartered Teachers and the wider context of Scottish education.
  • GTCS kindly supported initial meeting at Clerwood House on a Saturday.
  • Steering group formed
  • Things the association might undertake next.
  • original logo
  • wikispace for collaboration
  • Blog set up to promote communication
  • Invitation to attend GTCS CT Conference provided opportunity to talk to CTs about Association and next steps. Presentation at the conclusion showed clear support for continuing development of group.
  • Aims developed and presented to CT conference
  • First AGM with kind support of Learning and Teaching Scotland. Committee elected.
  • Constitution adopted at 1 st AGM.
  • Launch Scottish Parliament 21 st March 2009, with support of Scottish Government, Fiona Hyslop, Secretary of State for Education, Keynotes from Matthew McIver, GTCS, Walter Humes UWS, Claire Brydon, CT. Gill Robinson, Edinburgh Uni chaired.
  • summer school on school leadership gave opportunity to make contacts and develop relationships, and planning time to develop outline for conference.
  • Financial support of Scottish Government, EIS, UWS and LTScotland made funding of conference possible.
  • Sponsors of first conference
  • Chartered Teachers engaging with new practice, research and policy
  • Frank Crawford, HMIe
  • Walter Humes, UWS
  • Jenny Reeves, University of Stirling
  • Drew Morrice, EIS
  • feedback from conference
  • more feedback from conference
  • The ACTS website blog, news, newsletter, TV, aggregator, online library, twitter feed,
  • news and updates
  • ACTS online library
  • Twitter feed
  • Live TV broadcasts and links to recorded talks
  • Chartered Teacher Glow Group to facilitate easier communication
  • Chartered Teacher Glow Group
  • ACTS page within CT Glow Group
  • News, articles, what’s on
  • Newsletter, weblinks, useful documents, Glowmeet room
  • Monthly Glowmeets
  • Further communication through newsletter emailed to all on list, GTCS, yahoo group and TESS Discussion forum
  • Online newsletters
  • wikispace for collaborative working, Agendas and minutes. pre-meeting discussions, access to constitution and newsletters,
  • Flashmeetings, available afterwards simply by going to URL
  • Guidance with constitution, gaining charitable status, accounts
  • Also consultation on Independent GTCS.
  • Teachers as Researchers
  • conferene 2011
  • website address and email
  • Acts history compressed

    1. 3. Chartered Teacher Lunch Riverhouse, Stirling October 2005
    2. 4. Discussion Meeting GTCS, Clerwood House, Edinburgh 12 th December 2007
    3. 5. Steering Group
    4. 6. <ul><li>Newsletter </li></ul><ul><li>Research/Case studies links </li></ul><ul><li>CPD opportunities </li></ul><ul><li>Links between remote Chartered Teachers and others </li></ul><ul><li>……………… </li></ul>
    5. 11. AIMS OF THE ASSOCIATION to support the community of Chartered Teachers in all its forms to encourage communication and collaboration between Chartered Teachers to encourage the provision of appropriate level CPD opportunities for Chartered Teachers to develop awareness of the professional identity of Chartered Teachers to make representation on issues affecting those in the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland
    6. 13. CONSTITUTION of the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland adopted on 13th December 2008
    7. 14. Launch of the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland Scottish Parliament Building 21 st March 2009
    8. 15. July 2009 Invited to Scottish International Summer School on School Leadership 2009
    9. 18. Chartered Teachers engaging with new practice, research and policy
    10. 19. Frank Crawford Learning Together
    11. 20. Walter Humes Releasing the Creative Potential of Teachers
    12. 21. Jenny Reeves Research and the Chartered Teacher
    13. 22. Drew Morrice Code of Practice on the Role of Chartered Teacher
    14. 23. “… a high quality conference” “ a great, stimulating day…has given me a fresh lift.” “… a really productive and positive ethos to the day”
    15. 24. “ good opportunity for professional dialogue” “ definitely the best I have been to ” “ a really good, enjoyable, informative, and inspiring day ”
    16. 25. ACTS website
    17. 26. on the ACTS website
    18. 27. on the ACTS website
    19. 28. on the ACTS website
    20. 29. on the ACTS website live broadcasts Access to recorded talks
    21. 30. Chartered Teacher Glow Group
    22. 31. Chartered Teacher Glow Group
    23. 32. ACTS Page within the Chartered Teacher Glow Group
    24. 33. As I am the only Chartered Teacher in my school, I would like to be in touch with other CTs to find out what the CT role can be. I am a Chartered Teacher and would like to participate in Glow sessions. I am a recently qualified Chartered Teacher and a new member of ACTS. I am undertaking the Accredited CT route. I am doing my work-based project - about Glow :) I have just embarked on the CT Programme. I am interested in joining the CT programme. Why do you want to join the CT Glow Group?
    25. 37. ACTS newsletter: First Edition Summer 2008
    26. 38. ACTS Newsletters online now available at
    27. 39. ACTS committee online working space
    28. 41. Registered Scottish Charity Number SCO41390
    29. 42. invited to respond to national consultations..
    30. 43. Teachers as Researchers Aberdeen 18 th September 2010 Developing events to meet needs…
    31. 44. ACTS Conference 5 th February 2011 Inspiring Leaders of Learning Thought – Action – Change - Impact
    32. 45. [email_address]