Storytelling for Social Banks


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Storytelling Workshop at Institute for Social Banking for marketing professionals working at europeen social banks in November 2011. We developed one model story of social banking following the principles of the hero's journey.

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Storytelling for Social Banks

  1. 1. STORYTELLING FOR SOCIAL BANKS Marketing Experts Seminar 2011 isb - institute for social banking Dorothea Martin Transmedia Concepts + Storytelling
  2. 2. Why stories? “When it comes to communicating an important Emotions message, people really don’t care about the facts. They care about the things that touch, move and inspire them. Facts just can’t do that. […] Stories work where facts don’t because humans don’t always make rational decisions. We generally make decisions based on emotion, and then look for the facts that support those decisions.” storytelling/ Watch: Simon Sineks’ TED-talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” spire_action.html Or read his book: Start with why. How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. New York u.a. 2009.Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  3. 3. Why stories?Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  4. 4. The basic story modelDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  5. 5. Telling a story Beginning Middle Interesting End characters for identification Let something happen! Causality Chekhov‘s gun Character needs Extremes challenges to Events develop Emotions Experiences Keep your storytelling focused, simple, and clear (Denning, p. 29)Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  6. 6. Model The Hero‘s Journey is one model for crafting stories: Hero needs a clear mission, has to face real problems and hurdles, there has to be a central conflict (antagonist!), a turning point, and the return of an hero, altered by his journey. Nancy Duarte: resonate. Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. Hoboken,Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking 2010. p.33
  7. 7. Model Hero‘s Journey in 5 steps: 1. Call to adventure 2. Departure towards the unknown 3. Way of inquiries 4. Treasure 5. Return home Karolina Frenzel, Michael Müller, Hermann Sottong: Storytelling. Das Praxisbuch. München/Wien, 2006. p.122 Pic:Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  8. 8. Where to find stories? Talk to your co- workers: Talk to your what are their clients! stories? Portray them and their projects Ask the right questions: Extremes (best and worst moments), Events (concrete), Emotions (feelings caused by events), Experiences (personal, valuable)Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking Raf Stevens: No story, no fans. p.129f.
  9. 9. Finding our story Return Mentor Solution/ Mission Decision Crisis Hero Helpers Challenges AntagonistDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  10. 10. Story of Social Banking MISSION: Change the world BIRTH of our by serving real DECISION: economy activities Where do you invest? HERO: that have positive What has the biggestWe were all customers in social, cultural, impact?the beginning. We didn’t HERO: and ecologicalwant to become bankers, Hard-working, idealisticimpactbut there were people economist,who had money and Caring, connects easily, CRISIS:those who needed it. pioneer, fair, honest, Do we still do the right critical thing? (stubborn, balancing Am I still true to myself? between modesty and Money -> impact? full-of-him/herselfness) THREATS: Losing values Low budget/income ANTAGONIST: New regulations CHALLENGES: Giving up Keeping the balance Growth as goal between being Greed Too much dogmatic and losing involvement values Being efficient Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  11. 11. Story of Social Banking 7. Inner conflict: our tree 6. Big tree: shadows all the others – „you could be like me!“ 8. Big tree: got too big – loses all apples, tumbling trees, leaves turn brown 5. People fight: somone leaves the small tree group 9. People panik, painting leaves green 4. Big trees are fertilized 10. Our tree helps people and the big tree3. People water it, itgrows, is happy, and hassmall, tasty apples. 11. Our tree grows: more sun + more people 2. People plant a seed. 12. Forest more colourful. Pears, peaches, More 1. People in a forest. They can‘t trees like our tree, big tree: no more fertilizer reach the apples of the big trees. Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  12. 12. The content everybody is talking about…STORIES IN SOCIAL MEDIADorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  13. 13. Social Media Too much, short lifespan Focus and concentrateDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  14. 14. Which Platforms? Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  15. 15. Social Media Types Audience Creators 10% Critics 10% Collectors 15% Joiners Spectators Inactives Quelle: Martin - Storytelling Social Banking networks-aktiv-%E2%80%93-serie-soziologie-und-typologien-der-web-2-0-nutzer-teil-3-von-7/
  16. 16. Strategy Golden Rule: Listen first! Strategy & guidelines Find your next most important platforms! Blog– Hub – Community– Facebook– Multipliers Twitter – YouTube - Google+ = –Multimedia- “Social Media Experts”Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  17. 17. Strategy You Are Experts Become Build Authorities trust Relevant You information Curate for you and And your clients spreadDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  18. 18. Tools – Finding Content TWITTER SEARCH Google Alerts to relevant keywords help you find interesting links, blog posts, m/2010/12/12/twitt pictures and more. er-advanced-search- Advanced Twitter search gets results video/ around you, by certain people, with special attitude, …Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  19. 19. Organising Content Filter information with RSS-Feeds, Email-Subscriptions,… Using iGoogle, Google-Reader, Feedly, …Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  20. 20. Organising Content Social Bookmarking StumbleUpon Reddit Mister Wong, …Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  21. 21. Organising Social MediaSo called „Social Mediadashboards“ like Hootsuite (in-browser and app) or TweetDeck(desktop & app) help to organiseaccounts on Twitter, Facebook,Foursquare,… Schedule yourupdates, create lists, husehashtags, …Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  22. 22. Tools - Curation Pearltrees Very visual way to bookmark and give meanings to links you found on the internet. Curation tool that lets you work in teams. features/55373-6-reasons-to-use-pearltreesDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  23. 23. Tools - Curation PaperLi Automatically creating a daily/weekly/monthly online-newspaper out of interesting links (filtered by hashtags, twitter-lists, …) by you or by certain twitter-users and other networks. http://paper.liDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  24. 24. Tools - Curation ScoopIt Create kind of a wallpaper consisting of relevant content around your topic. You curate and comment links you found. More content-centric than Pearltrees. Others can subscribe to it. Recommendation. http://scoopit.comDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  25. 25. Tools - Curation Storify Pull together content from social networks to create a cohesive story with tweets, posts, photos and videos that maintain their original functionality. Strong recommendation: you can build a story like that! http://storify.comDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  26. 26. Creating a sustainable (story-) worldSTORIES IN TRANSMEDIADorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  27. 27. TransmediaTransmedia storytelling is storytelling across multipleforms of media with each element making distinctivecontributions to a fans understanding of the story world.By using different media formats, transmedia creates"entrypoints" through which consumers can becomeimmersed in a story world”. Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture: Where Old And New Media Collide?Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  28. 28. TransmediaDorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  29. 29. Story is more than social mediaTry to tell the right part of your story on every platform:who uses the platform/medium, what‘s the tonality?Maybe crossmedia (same story/content on every platform) is easierto realise – but always adapt the tonalityPeople are on social networks to get to know each other. It‘s abouthumans and they want to connect.Combine your activities with events!Show your face, be authentic, and be real. Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  30. 30. Books & Blogs• Campbell, Joseph: The Hero with a Thousand Faces. New York, 1949.• Denning, Stephen: The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling. Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative. San Francisco: Wiley, 2005.• Duarte, Nancy: Resonate. Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences. Hoboken: Wiley, 2010.• Field, Syd: Screenplay. The Foundations of Screenwriting. A Step by Step Guide from Concept to finished Script. New York, 1979.• Mark, Margaret/Pearson, Carol S.: The Hero and the Outlaw. Buidling Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes. New York and others, 2001.• McKee, Robert: Story. Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting. New York: Harper Collins, 1997.• Sinek, Simon: Start with Why. How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. New York: Penguin, 2009.• Stevens, Raf: No Story, no Fans. Kindle ebook, 2011. & Inspiration• 3-acts-scheme: of-story-structure/• Kelsey Ruger:• Visual Storytelling: Steven Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come from (Video) Dorothea Martin - Storytelling Social Banking
  31. 31. Thank you! lets keep in touch! Dorothea Martin Berlin Transmedia Das wilde Dutzend Storytelling and Concepts Hagenauerstr. 2 imaginary friends 10435 Berlin Tel: 0049-172-5704552 Mail: Web: Martin - Storytelling Social Bankingz