Boston Marathon Bomb Risk Assessment.


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Boston Marathon Bomb Risk Assessment.

  1. 1. Panteio University of Political and SocialSciencesDepartment of Communication, Media and CultureAdvertising and Public Relations LabCrisis Management WorkshopInstructor: Mania Xenou, CEO Reliant CommunicationsHead of Advertising & PR Lab, Assistant ProfessorBetty Tsakarestou (@tsakarestou)
  2. 2. Incident Control RoomWhite House
  3. 3.  A day of athletic celebration turned into chaos on Monday at theBoston Marathon two bombs exploded near the finish line. The two blasts happened 2:50 p.m. on Monday about 15 secondsapart from each other. Footage shows blood splattered across the sidewalk and streetand victims either lying on the ground or being rolled out onwheelchairs and stretchers. It has been reported that three people were killed in the attackand at least 144 people have been injured. Over an hour after the bombing, a fire broke out at the John F.Kennedy Library, leading people to believe that it was a part ofthe attack. However, library and police officials said that theincident was unrelated. No one was hurt. The attack is being treated as terroristic, however, it is notknown whether the origin of the bombs were domestic orinternational.
  4. 4.  Emergency situation. Overall crisis. Imposedimmediate communication.
  5. 5.  Official statements (FBI, White House) Financial and moral assistance to the victimsfamilies Handling the press Intensive investigations Find the culprits
  6. 6.  Another bomb attack More victims Panic on national level Investigation progress Media backfires US goverment
  7. 7.  Whom concerns the crisis (American people,Boston local community, Media, USgoverment, FBI, CIA) Allies and foes Inform and get the people to work for us The right information at the right time Ongoing message & effective communicationtechniques Follow up
  8. 8.  Is there a immediate risk to -citizens-workersor the government? What is the time frame for action? The Media has been informed/ involved? There is any evidence of a real risk?