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Easter Power Point


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Easter Power Point

  1. 1. Easter in Malta
  2. 2. Lent Lent is the time of sacrifice that leads us to Easter and it lasts for 40 days. Last Supper is celebrated before Good Friday. The cross is the symbol of Lent. After Lent we celebrate Easter. Maya Galea
  3. 3. Our lady of Sorrows Our lady of sorrows is also our mother. She is also the mother of God. Our lady of Sorrows also saw Jesus die on the cross. Jesus died on the cross to save us. In every town and village a procession is held. Kieron Spiteri
  4. 4. Palm Sunday The Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday. It celebrates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Crowds of people waved with palm branches to welcome him. Owen Cassar
  5. 5. Liam Hudson Holy Thursday Holy Thursday was Jesus’ last supper. After supper Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. He, then went to pray in the Olive Garden. It was there where he was arrested.
  6. 6. Good Friday Jesus was sentenced to death. He was crucified on the cross. Under the cross there was his Mother. Many Maltese people go to church to pray on this day. Yan Theuma
  7. 7. Good Friday Procession Good Friday is the day that Jesus died for us. Every year I visit a lot of churches with my family and go the Good Friday Procession. I love Jesus very much. Zachary Zammit
  8. 8. Holy Saturday is the day when Jesus’ body lay in the tomb. No masses are held until the Easter vigil at night. The Easter vigil is celebrated by the use of the wax candle. Holy Saturday is a time of joy because of the beautiful liturgy of the vigil. Liam Bugeja Douglas Holy Saturday
  9. 9. Easter Sunday Easter is a big feast. Jesus rose from death on this day. We celebrate Easter Sunday two days after Jesus died for us. Bernice Borg
  10. 10. Celebrating Easter Sunday In some villages a procession of the risen lord is held which is a very colourful one. The kids enjoy carrying the figolla with them. There are moments in this procession when the statue of the risen Christ is given a really good run by the bearers. Emerson Camilleri
  11. 11. About Easter .... Luke Duddy My mum gives me an Easter egg. Everyone likes Easter. On Easter Sunday I hear the church bells. Easter is coming in April this year.
  12. 12. More about Easter .... I like to open the Easter eggs to see what is the surprise. At Easter I like to hear the church bells. My mum likes to do Easter cakes. In Malta lots of people have the tradition of putting up a flag on their roof. Kylie Baldacchino
  13. 13. Traditional Easter Food
  14. 14. Hot Cross Buns The Hot Cross bun is a type of sweet. It is made with currants or raisins. It has a cross marked on top. Ryan Farrugia
  15. 15. Kwareżimal In Easter we celebrate a special feast. In this feast we have some special sweets. Some of these are eggs, figolli and kware żimal. I prefer kwareżimal. The kwareżimal is brown and it has peanuts on top. Kyle Cassar
  16. 16. Karamelli tal-Ħarrub These type of sweets are made from carob and honey. These are traditionally Maltese sweets. These are very popular during lent and Easter. Matthias Falzon
  17. 17. Roast Lamb On Easter Sunday we eat roast lamb for lunch. My grandma puts rosemary on the roast lamb before she cooks it. The rosemary makes the roast lamb taste very good. I look forward to Easter because I eat roast lamb. Maya Rachel Borg
  18. 18. Figolli I like the figolla very much. The figolla is filled with marzipan. It can be covered with chocolate or white icing. They can be made in different shapes. We eat the figolla on Easter Sunday. Charnice Baker
  19. 19. Easter Eggs The Easter eggs are big. I like to eat Easter Eggs. I like chocolate Easter eggs. My mother bought me three Easter Eggs. I found some sweets in the Easter egg. Andy Agius
  20. 20. This power point was made by year 2.1 of St. Venera Primary.
  21. 21. Some of the images were taken from the following sites: .