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The Olive Garden

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The Olive Garden

  1. 1. The Olive Garden Marissa Doria Block 3
  2. 2.  Chicken Alfredo  Price: $13.50 Favorite Meal
  3. 3.  The typical markup of food at a restaurant is 30%  Cost of food factors: Staff, electricity, insurance and the building factors like rent
  4. 4.  Breakfast markups are generally 55% to 65% Breakfast Markups
  5. 5.  Breakfast meals are typically cheaper than other meals because the breakfast products are generally cheaper and the meal in general is shorter Breakfast Meals
  6. 6.  Lunch markups are about 30%  Dinner markups are about close to 40% Lunch and Dinner Markups
  7. 7.  Typical Dinner Meals: Steak, Chicken and Pasta  Some meals cost more because the ingredients that go a long with it cost more Typical Dinner Meals
  8. 8.  Soda and other drinks are marked up so much because everyone typically orders them and the amount is ample; people are able to refill.  If it is an alcoholic beverage, the mark ups are so high because of reliability, insurance and licenses Soda and other Drinks
  9. 9.  Typical Desserts: Ice cream, pie and cake Desserts
  10. 10.  Desert markups are typically 15%-35% but can go as high as 70% Dessert Markups
  11. 11.  Servers get paid so little in actual pay because of the ample tips they receive which compensate for their pay  On a busy weekend shift, a server can earn up to $150.00 Servers