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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. TOPIC: COMPUTER VIRUSESHave you ever been working in your computer and then you open an unknown file you findin the web and suddenly appear a message that tells you that your PC is in danger? Do youknow what computer viruses are and how they spread?WHAT ARE COMPUTER VIRUSES? A virus is a malware (a malicious software or badware) that has the objective of damaging the PC without the permission of the computer user. Viruses usually replace the files that can be carried out for the ones that are infected. They take the function of other files that are already saved in the computer, but there are also other viruses that are characterized because they just annoy.Some of the characteristics of the viruses are:*They produce the loss of productivity of the PC, it becomes slow*They produce cuts in the information systems*Damage of data and files*They are able to spread by replicas HOW VIRUSES SPREAD? There are two ways in which your PC can get viruses; they are: 1-The user accepts or carries out the installation of the virus without a warning message. 2-The virus acts by replicas through the net.
  2. 2. It can be mentioned that there are some ways in which the PC can be infected by the viruseswhen the user is interacting or working on the computer; some of those are: • Through messages that are carried out in programs • Social messages like the ones that tell you “CLICK ON THIS; CARRY OUT THIS PROGRAM AND YOU’LL WIN A PRIZE” • When you use diskettes, CD’s or the USB and the files that those hardwares contain is infected. • When you install software and you ignore if it has a virus. TYPES OF VIRUSES There are a lot of types of viruses; they vary according to the way they spread, their function, and the way in which they carry out in the computer or in the way they alter the activity of it.Some of the most common viruses are: • The Trojan or the horse Trojan: They steal information and also alter the performance of your PC. There are extreme cases in which other users can control the system of your PC because of this type of virus. • Worms: They are able to duplicate themselves by using the automatic parts of the operation system of the PC that are not visible for the users. • Logic bombs: They are programs that are activated with certain files.
  3. 3. HOW CAN WE AVOID OR ELIMINATE THESE VIRUSES?There are methods to be used aimed to the risk of getting viruses; they are called ACTIVEAND PASSIVE METHODS.Active method:Antivirus: they are programs that can detect,eliminate and even stop the spread of viruses.The antivirus control de system of the PC andthey notified the user when a file or program ispossibly infected.Passive method: • Avoiding using hardwares like diskettes, CD’s or USB’s that you consider can be infected. • Do not install pirated softwares. • Do not open messages or emails that are from an unknown address. • Do not open files without knowing the type of file.