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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION:It is known that learning is not individual but social. One of the ability that is getting moreand more attention and importance to teachers is the thinking ability.Visible thinking is a way of learning to be exposed, developed and better understood. It isan active way to create and inspire work in students, not only children but for adults. VISIBLE THINKINGIt is more than evident that in a classroom students have to be the center of the teachingprocess, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be excluded to participate, and they cannotsupport their knowledge with ideas and doubts making easier the achievements of goals.Visible thinking involves not only the learning but also the thinking itself, what does itmean? That in classroom students are able to interpret, think and invent; this points arevery important because students have the chance to help each other while learning. Visiblethinking includes four points: understanding, truth, fairness, and creativity. Teachers shouldtake into account the power visible thinking has because it allows to have a better results instudents, for example normally students tend to be bored and don’t show interest in class orthe lessons they get but if they are ask to think and analyze certain topics or details theirattention can be caught and even what they are learning can be taken into account forevents of their lives. Teachers must use the thinking instead of memorizing in that waythey will get more useful results that will help students not only in present but in future.It is important to recognize the need of good thinking, and it involves three aspects thatmust work together: abilities, attitudes, and alertness. Learning is more possible whentaking into account those aspects and recognizing that the five senses have to be the mostcrucial means of the learning. For example: If I want to learn how to draw, I will have to
  2. 2. use my hands to do it but at the same time my eyes and mind to analyze the lines, designs,etc.What is involved in the visible thinking and perhaps what makes it possible in a classroom,it is the use of routines. It means that routines can be seen as strategies even though theycan be the same; what makes the difference is the use of those routines, which must befrequently; they become part of the class in everyday at school. Some routines can be:questions, brainstorming, debates, puzzle, pair discussion, etc.