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Online Marketing & PR Strategy Presentation

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Online Marketing & PR Strategy Presentation

  1. 1. Doral Peoples - Chris Lindbak
  2. 2. The Great Escape Tour
  3. 3. Iggy Azalea
  4. 4. Iggy’s Fanbase Jasmine Tonya Dave
  5. 5. Challenges to be Solved
  6. 6. Web Design -Modern feel -Too much clutter -Very simple -Visual overload -Simple design -Hard to navigate Content -Newest videos -No Iggy bio -Informative -No personal connection SEO (Google Indexed) 115 328,000 1,360 Marketing Tactics Competitive Ranking
  7. 7. Marketing strategy
  8. 8. Purchase codes Purchase and donation codes are delivered via email conformation
  9. 9. Freestyle Fridays Fans upload videos of their best freestyles in order for a chance to perform at the amway center right before Iggy comes to the stage. purchase code required to enter contest
  10. 10. #FancyFootwork Fans send in pictures of their best dance moves in order to be in an Iggy Azalea music video. Purchase code required to enter contest
  11. 11. #EatinWithIggyFans send in a picture and recipe of their best soul food meals for a chance to win a dinner date with Iggy and get the dish added to the menu of her restaurant “Iggy’s Chicken and Waffles”. purchase code required to enter contest
  12. 12. Escape Getaway Fans submit sweepstakes entry form on Purchase Code required to enter contest
  13. 13. Fans that donate will receive a 20% discount on their concert ticket Proof of donation is required for discount #GreatEscapeDonations
  14. 14. School Contest = 20 honor roll students will be randomly chosen to win a limo ride to the concert plus V.I.P. tickets. Must submit report card to enter contest
  15. 15. Paid Media
  16. 16. Paid Media
  17. 17. Fancy Ketchup Fancy Ketchup + =
  18. 18. Cross Branding
  19. 19. Editorial Calendar -Daily promo posts. - #EatinWithIggy -Daily promo posts. -#GreatEscapeDonations -3 times a week -#FancyFootwork -Friday Reviews -Freestyle Fridays
  20. 20. News Release
  21. 21. Desired Outcomes
  22. 22. References

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