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I Source Presentation


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I Source Presentation

  1. 1. We not only provide products We offer solutions!
  2. 2.  Military  Raytheon, Electronic Northrop Grumman.  Broadcom, Western Digital, Qualcomm  Government Contracting Aerospace  Dept. of Army  Boeing Satellite Systems  Automotive  Harman Becker, Denso Medical Wireless, Delphi, and  Edwards, Arbor Surgical, Micardia. GENERAL MOTORS I-Source Technical Services, Inc is committed to expanding our industries served and progressively growing our capabilities.
  3. 3.  20 years in business as a solution provider. Service OEM, CM, & EMS sectors High quality service Reliable performance Close communication with your staff. Honesty! If we can do it we’ll tell you, If we can’t, we’ll tell you as well.By partnering with I-Source you will immediately recognize our competitive edge and commitment to our clients
  4. 4.  Unbeatable CNC support. Tooling & fixtures – rapid in house revision. OLED Stencils. Nano coating & slick screen processing. Shadow masks for vapor deposition. Engineering consulting & modification. Process implementation. Rapid turn around times. I-Source Technical Services, Inc. is confident in guaranteeing value, quality, and on-time deliveries.
  5. 5. We listen to you as a client about your products and proactively seek to provide solutions to address your issues. I-Source products are fabricated by state of the art CNC &/or Laser machines. This fabrication process results in very accurate dimensional accuracy. Quality client service is very important to I-Source. We are committed to providing excellent products and services that meet and exceed your expectations. "These days of increasing material costs, shrinking margins, lots of daily hype and little substance, it becomes increasingly difficult to find partnerships that really do deliver at an affordable cost. We have foundthat with ISOURCE, we need not worry about getting things done when it comes to our stencils and tooling needs. When I place an order I have come to simply expect prompt, reliable and high quality services; and they deliver consistently. Thank you for your continued support, competitively-stable prices and industry professionalism that we have come to rely on.“ “GENERAL MONITORS”