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Icf elm invitation oct 2013 budapest

  1. 1. 1 EMEABudapest2013@gmail.com Welcome to the meeting of ICF EMEA chapter Leaders! Dear EMEA Chapter Leaders, It’s our joy to invite you to our next ELM meeting in Budapest, 11-12 October 2013! We hope to see you there, as major decisions need to be voted regarding our region’s future. The Budapest ELM is organized and hosted by the Coordination Team of ELM and the ICF Regional Service Centre for EMEA. Hope to see you all soon! Isabelle Maes, Leda Turai-Petrauskiene, Ludmila Egorova, Dora Hegedus, Marius Hansa Why participate at ELM? “Dream to be here today, hugely grateful for the support we get as the Chapter, I hear the real passion” “Powerhouse of energy, confidence and possibilities” “Sharing purpose and connection (beyond my mind, with my soul) with other leaders” “A space for me as a leader to come here to be seen, heard, and inspired” (I mean: why not to join?!) Check list: 1.Fill in and send the ELM meeting registration form (to ICF Europe). 2.Transfer the participation fee to ICF Europe. You can save €50 if you register and transfer before 6th September! The early bird participation fee is only €195! 3.Fill in and send the hotel room registration form (to the hotel). 4.Organize your travelling (individual). 5. Read ALL the documents shared with you, and send the comments of your board / chapter beforehand: • proposal on the future system of ELM (Regional Advisory Board) • proposal on EMEA vs. smaller regions structure • minutes from the Dublin ELM • slides from Dublin ELM Watch a short video on Budapeste get the feeling and buzz: Thank You is ‘Köszönöm!’ ICF EMEA ELM ! 11-12October2013,Budapest Question?Sendusamail:EMEABudapest2013@gmail.com
  2. 2. 2 EMEABudapest2013@gmail.com “On the bottom step that from the wharf descends I sat, and watched a melon-rind float by. I hardly heard, wrapped in my destined ends, To surface chat the silent depth reply. As if it flowed from my own heart in spate, Wise was the Danube, turbulent and great.” By the Danube, Attila József (1936) Detailed agenda will be shared prior to ELM. 10 October, Thursday Evening: arrivals 11 October, Friday 9.00-12.00: pre-ELM meeting introductions, best practice sharing of chapters, discussion forum. 12.00-13.00: buffet lunch 13.00-17.00: ELM meeting 18.30-19.30: Danube cruise 20.00- dinner 12 October, Saturday 8.30-12.30: ELM meeting 12.00-13.00: buffet lunch 13.00-17.00: ELM meeting Official program ends at 17.00. Informal dinner, / wine tasting , visiting the famous ruin pubs and dancing will be organized for Saturday evening. 13 October, Sunday • Sunday visit to the Parliament at 10 am (entrance fee: 7 euro for EU citizens, 14 euro for non-EU citizens). If interested, pls sign up on the registration form. • For other sightseeings and programs please refer to page 4 (organized individually). • 28th Budapest Marathon Official program 12pm 11 Oct - 5pm 12 Oct 11-12October2013,Budapest
  3. 3. 3 EMEABudapest2013@gmail.com The hotel, providing a beautiful view on UNESCO World Heritage sites of Budapest, is situated on the Danube riverbank, at the feet of the Buda Royal Castle, just a few minutes walk from the city center. Its innovative architectural and interior design enabled Lánchíd 19 to be the first Hungarian member of design hotels™. Besides the accustomed comfort and elegance of four-star hotels, it offers a unique visual experience to travelers looking for creative design solutions. The modern design milieu of Lánchíd 19 provides surprises in every corner: overhead glass suspension bridges holding sandblasted fingertips, archaeological remains of a water tower below stairs. In Lánchíd 19 every room has a different creative story, wedding ceremony in one, movie in the other, dance lesson in another and so on… Please make sure to reserve your room ASAP via the hotel registration form! • Standard room: An 18-24sqm standard room either on the second or the third floor of the hotel with limited view to the Buda Castle or the Danube. Standard SGL/DBL room (per night): € 93/103 Original availability: 14 rooms • Superior room: An 18-24sqm room either on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor of the hotel. All these rooms are facing the UNESCO World Heritage Buda Royal Castle through a floor-to-ceiling window and small balcony. Superior SGL/DBL room (per night): € 103/113 Original availability: 6 rooms • Deluxe room: A 24sqm room either on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor of the hotel. All these rooms provide excellent view through a floor-to-ceiling window to the Danube, the Pest riverbank and the Chain-bridge. Deluxe SGL/DBL room (per night): € 118/128 Original availability: 5 rooms Lánchíd 19 **** design hotel Part of the UNESCO World Heritage ICFEMEAELM11-12October2013,Budapest
  4. 4. 4 EMEABudapest2013@gmail.com Budapest, which is nestled in the heart of Hungary, is the nation's capital and home to more than 1,7m residents.  Its historical center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Danube River, which carves through the city, is the unifying force among the city's two sides that comprise its name: Buda and Pest. City of Spas. In 1934, Budapest was nicknamed the City of Spas as a result of being the national capital with the most thermal baths and medicinal springs in the world. These thermal waters gush 118 natural springs ranging from 70 to 172 degrees Fahrenheit and exceed 18.5 million gallons daily. Budapest also features a multitude of baths where you can relax in special rooms and savor tasty mineral-rich waters. Whether it's an original Turkish bathhouse (Rudas), a Neo- Baroque Palace (Széchenyi) or an Art Deco masterpiece (Gellért), there is nothing better than relaxing in the healing waters. Culture, Tradition, Heritage. Budapest is famous for its cultural and historic legacies, taking care in preserving its past and is a proud member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities. The capital possesses many historical, art, and cultural museums and iconic buildings and basilicas such as Parliament, the Fisherman's Bastion, the Chain Bridge, and Saint Stephen's Basilica. Wine & Cuisine. Hungary produces award winning reds and whites in its 22 wine regions. Hip wine bars are popping up everywhere in the city offering the best local vintages by the glass. Putting Budapest on the foodie map is Hungary's delicious cuisine along with some great Michelin star and Bib Gourmand awarded restaurants and local gems serving classic Hungarian dishes with a twist. Budapest's Ruin Pubs. The always- popular Ruin Pubs remain the most unique part of Budapest's entertainment scene. A must on every visitor's to-do list, these pubs, located in formerly abandoned buildings, have a great atmosphere any time of the day. Award Winning Nightlife. Planning a night out? Budapest's vibrant clubbing scene is making the headlines. Be sure to visit A38, voted #1 on Lonely Planet's '100 great bars of the world' in 2012, or Boutiq Bar, listed among the 'World's 50 Best Bars' by Drinks International. Historic Buildings. With over a 1000 years of history, Budapest's architecture ranges from Roman ruins to Art Nouveau palaces, and is noted for its beautiful late 19th and early 20th century Eclectic-style buildings. Markets in Budapest are bustling with fresh, homegrown produce from local farmers. The famous Central Market Hall and the Farmer's Market at Szimpla Kert should be on every foodie’s itinerary. Sweet Budapest. If you have a sweet tooth you'll love Budapest. Home to savory cakes, delicious pastries, great confectioner dynasties and legendary grand cafés, Budapest is a sweet lover's paradise. Dobos cake, krémes, chestnut purée, Szamos marzipan, kürtőskalács, pancakes and strudels are just some of the local delicacies to try. What do Budapest have to offer? almost everything :-) ICFEMEAELM11-12October2013,Budapest “I was born and trained to communicate music, just as the sons were born and trained to hunt, and I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music- that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life.”  Georg Solti