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Mentoring Session with Innovesia: Advance Robotics


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This is my mentoring session presentation for Innovesia. I'm covering several sub-topics such as:
- Mechatronics Programming (robotics)
- Autonomous Programming
- Hard-real-time systems
- Safety compliance and standard issues

Published in: Engineering
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Mentoring Session with Innovesia: Advance Robotics

  1. 1. “The implementation case study of 3D Printing, Wearable Devices, and Advanced Robotics in Indonesia” Mentoring Session #3 Prepared by Dony Riyanto 21 Maret 2019
  2. 2. Who am I? • CTO of • Section lead & Initiator of Asosiasi Sistem dan Teknologi Tanpa Awak (ASTTA) • Sub-section official of World UAV Federation (WUAVF) chapter Indonesia, • Information Security Sub-section official of Komunitas TIK TNI AD (TIKAD) • Member of Asosiasi IoT Indonesia (AIOTI) Research Interest/Training Topics: • Software related technology (DevOps, CI/CD automation, Software-defined (SDx) deploying and scaling, Data Analytic, Financial Data Security Standard, Artificial Intelligence) • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Unmanned Automous Systems • Internet of things and Embedded System
  3. 3. Mentoring Outlines My mentoring session will cover: • General IoT Implementation in Indonesia • Mechatronics Programming (robotics) • Autonomous Programming • Hard-real-time systems • Safety compliance and standard issues
  4. 4. General IoT Implementation in Indonesia • Indonesia is the biggest IoT market in SE, but also has some huge problems: • Human Capital (SDM) • Supporting Industries • Regulation • What we have now? • A few electronic design/devboard/product startups • Almost 0 supporting (heavy) industries • Lack of regulation and insentives • Brain and strategies
  5. 5. Mechatronics Programming • Hi coder fellows, meet Physical! This will not happen in the real world!
  6. 6. Mechatronics Programming • What might be thinking by coder is: • What happen in an Open-Loop-Control systems is: • What actually happen in an Closed-Loop-Control systems is: One of a good written tutorial avaiable:
  7. 7. Mechatronics Programming • How a simple servo motor works Sometime, you just need to write like this: But remember that, the actual servo do a differential closed-loop system using motor driver, and potentiometer 15 microseconds is only an assumtion
  8. 8. Mechatronics Programming • Similar code in dronekit programmer (oh btw, I'm a drone coder) Arming motors and take off Going towards some point and then go home
  9. 9. Mechatronics Programming Video: Join Dronecoder ID Telegram: RnD Drone we've build for Land to Air Defence simulation training in TNI AD
  10. 10. Mechatronics Programming • The famous 'PID' • A simple PID code example for autopilot system
  11. 11. Autonomous Programming
  12. 12. Autonomous Programming
  13. 13. Autonomous Programming Mobile and Static Ground Control LIDAR Ultra Sonic Sensor & Camera In-Vehicle Computing Box Smart Vehicle Display Autopilot Stepper Driver and Servo GPS Antenna Satcom Telemetry Kendaraan Logistik Tanpa Awak
  14. 14. Autopilot Drive Management Unit Aluminium Rigid case (polyurethan dumper). Memastikan komponen tetap tidak bergerak dan tahan benturan dan perlundungan terhadap panas dr luar. Tahan debu dan air* Connector standard spec. mil. Untuk ke servo, ESC, RX, LED indicator, secondary telemetry Build-in push button Electronic cut-off (jika terjadi korslet ataupun terendam air) Dual Build-in GPS connector Build-in pre-programmed Drive Management Software. Melakukan beberapa proses secara realtime. Pitot tube Build-in telemetry antenna
  15. 15. Ground Operation Support (GOS) Pre-Installed Secured OS Pre-Installed GCS Software Build-in web server Build-in map server Reasy reset DC12 Power Supply Industrial PC Case with heatsink (no fan needed) Build-in wifi router Build-in telemetry Dual Ethernet with DHCP server Easy mounting
  16. 16. Mobile Ground Control (Rigid-Case)
  17. 17. Hard-real-time systems
  18. 18. Hard-real-time systems • “Hi coder fellows, meet interrupt!” • When I was learning Pascal and Assembly language (90-91s), a one of must-have knowledge is “interrupt” • Even to make a simple basic graphics drawing, need interrupt
  19. 19. Hard-real-time systems • Meet interrupts in Arduino
  20. 20. Hard-real-time systems Compare to this basic Arduino digital input example With hardware interrupt..
  21. 21. Hard-real-time systems Common RTC Data Logger
  22. 22. Hard-real-time systems interrupt loop
  23. 23. Hard-real-time systems • In a wider use (advance), please use Real Time OS, like VXworks • Learn real-time programming and why it is different from common programming • Deterministric vs Functional/Secure Code Execution • Low level programming language vs High (may abstraction layers) programming language
  24. 24. Hard-real-time systems Common rules of thumb of electronic system level • DIY projects > Labs/Academic projects > Commercial (retail/mass) Product > Military Products/Systems > Aerospace Systems • Which one is yours? • Join our Aerospace and Military talk group: • •
  25. 25. Safety compliance and standard issues • Be ware of Electronic Magnetic Interference! Some EMI/EMC standard test, including: CISPR, IEC, ISO, SAE, EU EMC directives, etc • Vehicle Safety (electronics/software context) related standard: FMEA / FMECA / SFMEA (Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis), ISO 26262 (Road vehicles – Functional safety), MIL-STD-1629A (Procedures for Performing a Failure Mode, Effects and Critically Analysis) • Other electronics standard IEC, NEMA, IEEE, etc
  26. 26. Safety compliance and standard issues Stay safe, think triple-redundant-redundant, follow procedures/standards, be responsible!