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IoT: The Mini World


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Internet of Things brief explanation

Published in: Education
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IoT: The Mini World

  1. 1. IoT: A Mini World A. Dony Riyanto Jan, 2016
  2. 2. IoT: What the... ● Should: Internet of Things
  3. 3. IoT: What society thinks I do
  4. 4. IoT: What my parent think I do
  5. 5. What my teacher taught me... ● IoT: the things that get famous by Internet
  6. 6. Its super easy (they said)
  7. 7. What actually I learned
  8. 8. But don't be scared ● Technology does help ● Cheaper...easier things every day ● Just go...Lets make something. Learning by doing
  9. 9. Arduino is a good start
  10. 10. Arduino is One Thing ● Arduino is micro controller ● Controller: controlling things ● “If This Then That” (IFTTT) things ● Computer or CPU is microprocessor ● Computer can upload the 'IFTTT' rules into the microcontroller ● But there are other things ● Many kind of microcontrollers out there
  11. 11. Intel Galileo ● Its a mix microprocessor and microcontroller ● Even more, its Arduino compatible, ● Full support from Intel, ● But cost much higher than regular Arduino (and closed source = hard to replicate) ● Galilelo can do all that Arduino can many things ● Its good for 'the next step' after Arduino
  12. 12. Processing ● Coding with 'Arduino' style is easy ● Just a few lines of code to do great things ● ...for hardware ● Processing is the “Arduino” for modelling things ● Have a great function to make visual: 2D, 3D, etc ● Processing can be mixed with Arduino ● Arduino do the hardware things, while Processing visualize it.