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Cecp presentation


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Cecp presentation

  1. 1. CECP Global Giving Analysis Carmen PerezSenior Research Analyst, Global Valuation
  2. 2. Agenda1. About CECP2. Corporate Giving Standard – Giving in Numbers (GIN)3. Global Guide4. Next Steps5. Question and Answer
  3. 3. Thank you Russia Donors Forum!
  4. 4. CECP CECP draws together and empowers senior executives of the world’s leading companies to achieve unprecedented progress on societal challenges while driving business performance.
  5. 5. CECPBenchmarking Partner
  6. 6. CECP Excellence Awards2013 Board of Boards:Ginni Rometty, CEO, of IBM 2012 Summit: Courageous Conversations Thought Leadership
  7. 7. CECP Four Criteria: 1) CEO Leadership 2) Innovation 3) Dedication to Measurement 4) Partnership12th Annual Excellence Awards 11th Annual Excellence Awards 10th Annual Excellence Awards• Kraft Foods • The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. • Intel Corporation• Xylem Inc. • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company • General Mills, Inc.• GOOD360 • • The Boston Beer Company (nominated by The Home Depot) (nominated by Crate and Barrel) • Partners In Health (nominated by Eli Lilly and Company)
  8. 8. CECPCorporate Giving Standard• Active since 2002• The leading survey in the United States• More than US$100 billion in the dataset• Last year 214 companies participated, 62 from Fortune 500• Produces Giving in Numbers• At least 75 companies leveraged data for customized benchmarking in 2012
  9. 9. Giving in Numbers (GIN)• Topics include: – Year over year total giving trend analysis – Employee Engagement • Volunteering • Matching Gifts – Management and Administration• Standard for inclusion: 501(c)3 organizations or the international equivalent
  10. 10. GIN: Trends in Total Giving
  11. 11. GIN: Trends in Types of Giving
  12. 12. GIN: Trends in Grant Size
  13. 13. Global Reporting Requires a CommonStandardGIN currently uses a Companies report usingUS-based standard: different standards.501(c)3 organizationsor the internationalequivalent.
  14. 14. Global Guide Publication that covers just Report showing background and the three criteria. research to create the criteria.
  15. 15. Global Guide: Defining What Counts Three Criteria of Qualified NGOs
  16. 16. Global Guide ResultsPilot study conducted Fall 2012 (2011 data)
  17. 17. Global Guide Pilot Participants
  18. 18. Data collection open now!Two deadlines: 15 May 2013 & 15 July 2013 Contact for details and login information
  19. 19. Data collection open now!Two deadlines: 15 May 2013 & 15 July 2013Submitted data will be:• Confidential (only CECP staff will have access).• Used for aggregate analysis and trends.• Never used publicly or externally sharedconnected to the company that submitted it. Contact for details and login information
  20. 20. Benefits• Benchmarking Data• Collaboration• Leadership• Elite group of companies• Recognition
  21. 21. спасибо! Contact