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My Yum! Brands X: The Inspiration are 10 brands that have inspired me in the past twelve months - people, products, and places - and the reasons why they are at the top of my fave list in 2010, when it comes to trend setters, innovation, and cultural influence.

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My Yum! Brands X The Inspiration I franklinozekhome

  1. 1. Copyright Info The copyright of this work belongs to franklinozekhome™, who is solely responsible for the content. Please direct content feedback or permissions to The work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA. What you can do Disseminate it. Print it, email it, post it on your website [with credit to franklinozekhome]. Discuss it, dissect it, ruminate on it. Use pieces of it or the whole thing. Please do not alter it, claim it as your own, or charge for its use. Above all, enjoy it! franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X / 2
  2. 2. DEDICATION In loving memory of Kenneth Chinda my beloved friend and brother **** The world feels a little empty without you You shall remain evergreen in our memories Love franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X / 3
  3. 3. In 2005, I published an article titled “My Yum! Brands” in Brandfaces magazine. The feedback I received following that publication was overwhelming; so a few months later I penned its sequel, “My Yum Brands II”. It’s been five years since the 2 nd Yum! Brands article. I thought it was time to follow-up with a third paper in the series; one that provided an overview on how I think, what I look out for, and the kind of things that inspire me. My Yum! Brands X: The Inspiration are 10 brands that have inspired me in the past twelve months - people, products, and places - and the reasons why they are at the top of my fave list in 2010, when it comes to trend setters, innovation, and cultural influence. They also happen to be brands that I use often, constantly interact with, and refer to for insights, ideas, and inspiration. franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X / 5
  4. 4. in·spi·ra·tion [in-spuh-rey-shuh n] franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X / 6
  5. 5. in·spi·ra·tion : experiences which influence, move, or guide one’s choices + beliefs “A well-know artist was sitting in a café in Paris. Sipping away at his coffee and reading the daily paper, when he was tapped on the shoulder by a stranger. “Are you who I think you are?” asked an inquisitive older woman. “That depends on who you think I am,” joked the artist. She gushed about how his work had inspired her, how it has literally moved her to tears, and how she believes his paintings have made the world a better place. Bashful, he thanked her and went back to reading his paper. “Excuse me, I hate to be a pest,” she said hesitantly. “But would you mind if I asked for a quick doodle on that napkin? I’d be forever grateful and would reward you with whatever payment you see fit.” The artist thought for a second, pulled out a pen and proceeded to draw for the next two minutes. Finished, he handed her the drawing. “That’ll be $20,000 he said. Stupefied she replied, “You can’t be serious. $20,000 for a drawing that only took you two minutes?” And very seriously, looking her in the eye he said, “Ma’am, that drawing didn’t just take me two minuets to draw, ” it took me an entire lifetime to create. franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X / 7
  6. 6. Inspiration comes from many places…watching pigeons in the park, checking out museums, art galleries, fashion + style studios, amassing favorite objects and designs, or simply reading books and magazines. I get inspired by stories…stories that influence people’s personalities and their actions, a brand’s point of view, product conceptualization, and design thinking. Viewing a fashion show on Oxygen could spark an idea + inspire my next concept for a new automobile prototype. Cool ideas come to mind when I see how Warren the Ape’s character can influence packaging designs for men's toiletries. Be. This year’s theme “The Inspiration” are about brands that continue to awe me with their drive, passion and creativity, always striving to be the “best of the best.” In this paper, my definition of a brand is anything with a distinctive label. Every image, photo, and illustration have been carefully chosen to make you think! and visualize the brand’s story. Inspired.
  7. 7. The Dragon
  8. 8. Bruce Lee Actor, martial artist, philosopher, icon INSPIRATION: At age 5, in the 80s, I remember watching my first Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon, the movie that changed how Asians were seen in the West. Bruce was a revelation to Asian-Americans as the first Asian hero seen on TV screen. He brought Asian face to American cinema, and became an instant role model. Bruce has influenced + inspired music icons, Hollywood directors, movie stars, and legends, including Carlos Santana, Brett Ratner, RZA, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Quentin Tarantino. “He influenced pop culture more than anyone; before or since” []. Bruce Lee ruthlessly combined strategy with his own philosophy of martial arts – “the style of no style”; and “the act of fighting without fighting”. HIGHLIGHTS: Early Life: Born as Jun-fan on November 27, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco to Lee Hoi- chuen and Grace Ho. The largest influence on Lee’s martial art development was his study of Wing Chun at the age of 13 under Wing Chu master Yip Man. In 1961, he enrolled at the University of Washington, where he majored in drama, and studied philosophy and psychology. While at the University, he met his future wife, Linda Emery, whom he married in August 1964. Acting Career: Besides playing the role of Kato in the 60s TV series The Green Hornet, Lee starred in four films: The Big Boss [1971], Fist of Fury [1972], Way of the Dragon [1972], and Enter the Dragon [1973]. Death: On 10 May 1973, Lee collapsed in Golden Harvest Studios while doing post- production work for the movie Enter the Dragon, and was rushed to the hospital where he was later revived. However, on 20 July 1973, Lee complained of a headache, and went to lie down for a nap from which he never woke up. He died of a brain edema at the age of 32.
  9. 9. Fela Kuti Musician + human rights activist FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI [October 15, 1938 to August 2, 1997] was a Nigerian multi- instrumentalist musician, composer, and pioneer of Afrobeat music. In his songs, Fela depicted everyday social situations with which a large part of the African population was able to identify. He mixed incendiary lyrics with his new music creation – Afrobeat [pounding eclectic rhythms fused with jazz, psychedelic rock and traditional West African chants] – to openly attach the repressive military dictatorships that ruled Nigeria and much of Africa. Fela Kuti went by many names - Chief Priest Kalakuta Republic, Abami Eda and Black President. “Young people from all over Nigeria flocked to hear his songs, which developed themes relating to Blackism and Africanism, encouraging a return to traditional African religions. Later he was to become satirical and sarcastic toward those in power, condemning both military and civilian regimes for their crimes of mismanagement, incompetence, theft, corruption and marginalization of the underprivileged.” [] In recent years, there has been a revitalization of the icon’s influence on music and popular culture. Fela’s original music art form has been reborn in the magnetic Broadway musical Fela!, produced by Jay-Z, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and performed by the band Antibalas. Antibalas is directed by Tony award winner and choreographer Bill T. Jones, and together, they have carried the Afrobeat banner to a new generation of listeners, inspiring the millennial generation and long-time followers of Afrobeat with their evocative display and rendering of the music form. Case in point: I have personally attended Fela! on Broadway twice.
  10. 10. tasty for your tongue. vitamins for your body. …and zero calories to go crazy about.
  11. 11. INSPIRATION: I first got wind of Vitamin Water in 2007 when Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, the award- winner rapper, pocketed $100 million from Coca-Cola after the soft drinks giant bought his Vitaminwater drink, Formula 50 from Glaceau as part of a $4.1 billion deal. 50 Cent had bought a ten percent stake in Glacéau in 2004. In exchange for his share in the company’s profits, Glacéau named a Vitaminwater drink, Formula 50, after the artist, which “Fiddy” personally endorsed. Ever since, Vitaminwater has been my constant companion – cruising down Bay Street, trend-spotting trips, and at home while blogging. It refreshes me completely, and has helped me reduce my intake of alcohol drinks and sugar-laced beverages. HIGHLIGHTS: Vitaminwater was launched in 2000 by J. Darius Bikoff after he conceived of the idea of having Vitamin C and mineral water in one package instead of having them separately. The product carried the Glacéau name, same as Bikoff’s first product – Glacéau Smartwater which was launched in 1996. By 2002, the Glacéau line of waters were the top selling enhanced water brand in the United States, with the company’s Vitaminwater being its best selling product. On April 2, 2009, Glacéau Vitaminwater introduced a new line for the weight-conscious market called Vitaminwater10 that has 10 calories per eight-ounce serving, and later Vitaminwater Zero, a calorie free drink. Vitaminwater has a fully interactive Facebook page [that replaced its website while under construction], and a very strong fan base – 1, 411,881 people like the brand.
  12. 12. INSPIRATION: Anyone who knows yours truly is aware of my penchant for Heineken. It featured on my Yum! Brands in 2005, and I remain a strong advocate of the brand. I love everything about it – the shape + design, color, experience, and, of course, the taste. That, oh so, bitter- sweet taste and tangling feeling you get after swigging from the green bottle is yi-p-shy! HIGHLIGHTS: The Heineken Company was founded in 1864 by 22-year old Gerald Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. Heineken ranks as the third largest brewer in the world after Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, based on revenue. The original brewery in Amsterdam, closed in 1988, is preserved as a museum called Heineken Experience. The museum features “rides”, interactive exhibits, and two bars.
  13. 13. INSPIRATION: Nike has got consumers eating out of its palm, like Apple, due its design thinking approach, innovative product conceptualization, and the cool experiences it continually presents at every touchpoint. Case in point: NIKEiD, NikeStore, Nike + iPod,, and NikeRed. As a follow-up to their viral “Write the Future” video, Nike Football installed an interactive LED light show “Write the Headline” on Johannesburg’s towering Southern Life Center building. The installation, almost the size of half a football pitch, displays submissions from Facebook, Twitter, QQ, and Mxit that read from as far as 2.5 kilometers away. HIGHLIGHTS: Nike was founded on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. in 1978. The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike markets its products under its own brand as well as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding and subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Hurley International, Umbro and Converse. Nike sponsors many high profile athletes and sports teams around the world, with the highly recognized trademarks of "Just do it" and the Swoosh logo.
  14. 14. INSPIRATION: Inside every Camper box there is a story. Because a Camper box is not like any other box. Inside a Camper box lives everything you can imagine outside. A Camper box is a window, a door, it’s the beginning of a journey. A journey to a place called Imagination. Yes, a Camper box also comes with a pair of Camper shoes. They will join in your journey. It’s them and you, together. And then, it happens: IMAGINATION WALKS. TRANSFORM WITH MYSTERY [The Lovemarks Effect]
  15. 15. Hip Hop CEO + Entrepreneur INSPIRATION: We all know Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter’s rag-to-riches story – from selling drugs in Marcy projects, New York, to becoming a financially successful hip hop artist and entrepreneur with a networth of over $150 million and selling 40 million albums worldwide. Jay-Z became my No. 1 Hip Hop artist circa 2000, when I listened to his freestyle verse on DJ Clue’s The Professional, Pt. 2 mixtape, which totally blew my mind and turned me into an overnight fan + advocate. Before then, I had paid little attention to Jay’s hot singles like “Hard Knock Life” and “Big Pimpin’” as I was totally stoked on Puff Daddy, Mase, and the Bad Boy Family. After listening to Jay-Z’s track on the mixtape, I went to the nearest music store to get all of his albums – The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol. 1, and Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life. Ever since, his music dominates 90% of space on my iPod, iTouch, iPhone and iPad. Jay-Z’s lyrics are a constant motivator for my day-to-day activities, and have fueled my passion for soul music, stimulated my taste in style and fashion, and influenced my lifestyle. FastCompany lists Jay-Z as one of this year’s 100 Most Creative People.
  16. 16. I’m not a businessman…I’m a Business, man. HIGHLIGHTS: Jay-Z co-owns The 40/40 Club, is part-owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets and creator of the urban clothing line Rocawear. He is the former CEO of Def Jam Recordings, one of the three founders of Roc-A-Fella Records, and founder of Roc Nation. In addition, he owns stock in Carol’s Daughter, a line of beauty products, and J Hotels, and serves as co-brand director for Budweiser Select. As an artist, he holds the record for most number one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200. Say hello!
  17. 17. Champion of Hip Hop + Entertainer INSPIRATION: The Man many love to hate…Jay-Z cured me of my binge on Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy. But, I never could get rid of my fascination for Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs – his ghetto-fabulousness, swagger, crazy dance moves, go-getter attitude, entrepreneurial drive and indomitable spirit. Hip Hop mogul, Diddy, is the ultimate businessman – an inspiration for other businessmen + aspiring entrepreneurs. He showed hip-hopers how they should run their businesses: a suitcase full of attitude, an overhyped brand name, some shiny suits, and a cool track to dance to….”Sean Combs is the most successful entrepreneur to emerge from hip hop. He surpassed Russell Simmons back in the ‘90s…even his contemporaries travel down a road path Diddy paved.” [] Diddy is the inspiration pill for hip hop. Whenever the industry is in dire need of creativity or stimulation, and thirsting for “what’s next”, everyone looks up to Diddy to show the way. And, he has never disappointed. Whether its producing MTV family sitcoms like Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls, hosting Making The Band and I Want To Work For Diddy reality TV shows, running the successful Sean John Clothing empire, signing an equal-share venture with Diageo to spearhead Cîroc vodka’s brand management, or setting up Blue Flame Marketing [with HP and Pepsi as clients], Diddy has proven that his non-musical business deals are as huge as his musical accomplishments – Bad Boy Entertainment and Justin Combs Publishing – effectively earning him the title “the Undisputed heavyweight champion of hip hop.”
  18. 18. INSPIRATION: In the summer of 2009, I was spending the weekend with Jonas [Yo’nas], a German friend working at the Consulate, and a couple of buddies at a beach hut, when I first saw Monocle. “Cool”, was my first thought. Jonas strongly recommended it to me, as the all-in-one business + lifestyle magazine. In the past eleven months, I have never missed an issue. Monocle is a “global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design. Developed for an international audience hungry for information across a variety of sectors, Monocle is more of a book than a magazine; its highly portable and collectable.” HIGHLIGHTS: Monocle is a magazine and website founded by Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian journalist and entrepreneur. Described by CBN News reporter Harry Forestell as a "meeting between Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair”, the magazine provides a globalist perspective on international affairs, culture and design to wealthy, cosmopolitan readers.
  19. 19. INSPIRATION: Advertising Age is the holy grail + bible for marketing, advertising and media professionals around the world. It is the “leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities.” Widely renowned as the numero uno in thought leadership, Ad Age organizes industry events, conferences, publishes white papers and branded content, and hosts popular columnists and blogs on its website. HIGHLIGHTS: The magazine was started as a broadsheet newspaper in Chicago in 1930. Today, its content appears in a print weekly distributed around the world and on many electronic platforms, including:, daily e-mail newsletters called Ad Age Daily, Ad Age's Mediaworks and Ad Age Digital; weekly newsletters such as Madison & Vine (about branded entertainment) and Ad Age China; podcasts called Why It Matters and various videos. Ad Age's parent company, Crain Communications Inc., also publishes and
  20. 20. Samuel l jackson is
  21. 21. INSPIRATION: I love comic books, and have been a collector for over 20 years. I’m especially crazy about graphic novels, manga and anime. Afro Samurai [アフロサムライ Afuro Samurai] is a Japanese seinen dōjinshi manga series written + illustrated by manga artist Takashi Okazaki. Inspired by Takashi Okazaki's love of soul and hip hop music and American media, Afro Samurai follows the life of Afro Samurai who witnessed his father being killed by the hands of a gunslinger named Justice. As an adult, Afro sets off to avenge his father's death and kill Justice. The Afro Samurai dōjinshi was adapted into a 5-episode anime TV series by studio Gonzo in 2007. The same studio also went on to produce a made-for-TV movie sequel entitled Afro Samurai: Resurrection in 2009, which gained two Emmy nominations, for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, which it won, and Outstanding Animated Program, which it did not win. In addition to the success of the anime series, Afro Samurai has also been adapted into a video game and an upcoming live-action feature film. For the TV series and the film, two soundtracks by the RZA of Wu-Tang Clan have been released as well as a profile book in Japan.
  22. 22. Lord Toranaga is INSPIRATION: Shōgun is a 1975 novel by James Clavell. Over the past eleven years, I have probably read Shōgun about 50 times. And we’re talking about one thousand page-plus of riveting Japanese culture, history, love, and conflicts. I am constantly fascinated by Clavell’s epic Asian Saga series of novels [King Rat, Taipan, Shōgun, Noble House, Whirlwind, Gai-jin], and have gained so much insight from reading these novels, and having an in-depth understanding of the Asian mind. HIGHLIGHTS: Shōgun, set in 17th century feudal Japan, gives an account of the rise of the daimyo "Toranaga“, based upon the actual Tokugawa Ieyasu of the Shogunate. Ieyasu was the founder + first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan which ruled from the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Ieyasu seized power in 1600, received appointment as shogun in 1603, abdicated from office in 1605, but remained in power until his death in 1616. Shōgun has been adapted as a groundbreaking television miniseries, a Broadway musical, and several computer games.
  23. 23. INSPIRATION: Netflix, launched 13 years ago, changed the game in the video rental industry when it began offering “online flat rate DVD, Blu-ray disc rental-by-mail and online video streaming” that enabled subscribers watch movies on their computers with minimum broadband internet connection. This was a differentiated service strategy from that of Blockbuster, widely recognized for its worldwide chain of video rental stores. With the advent of Netflix, the rental map was completely redrawn with Netflix miles ahead of its nearest competition. It had maxed out the game, the same way Apple had drawn the rug from underneath IBM. Now, from the comfort of one’s home, office, or on the road, after paying a monthly flat-fee, a subscriber has access to a wide range of movie choices. Movies can be played instantly online and DVDs received by mail based on an individual’s rental queue of favourite movies. There is also a free iPad app allowing subscribers to watch movies on the go…anywhere, anytime. HIGHLIGHTS: Netflix has a collection of over 100,000 movie titles and approximately 10 million subscribers, and ships an average of 1.9 million DVDs to customers daily. On February 25, 2007, Netflix announced the billionth DVD delivery. Netflix allows subscribers to stream movies + watch TV shows on their video game consoles – Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.
  24. 24. INSPIRATION: DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service based in El Segundo, California, which transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States. DirecTV has its own network called The 101 Network, an in-house channel, available only to DirecTV subscribers in the United States. The 101 Network has exclusively broadcast some of my favorite, commercial- free television shows – Sleeper Cell, OZ, Deadwood, Smith, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Australian miniseries, Underbelly: ATale of Two Cities. HIGHLIGHTS: DirecTV provides television + audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions. Services include the equivalent of many local television stations, broadcast television networks, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and private video services. Subscribers have access to dozens or hundreds of channels, so its competitors are cable television service and other satellite-based services. Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable providers. DirecTV currently has 18 million subscribers.
  25. 25. INSPIRATION: For my fix of seafood, salads, and desserts, I regularly patronize Red Lobster, a U.S. chain of seafood restaurants, appetizers, salads, and desserts. It is aimed at the mid-level “casual dining” segment of the market. The menu includes a variety of specialty seafood and non- seafood entrees. HIGHLIGHTS: Red Lobster was founded in 1968 by entrepreneurs Bill Darden & Charley Woodsby. Originally billed as a "Harbor for Seafood Lovers", the original restaurant in Lakeland, Florida was followed by several others throughout the Southeast. The chain expanded rapidly in the 1980s. Today, there are nearly 700 Red Lobster locations throughout the United States and Canada, as well as a small number of locations in Japan.
  26. 26. Life is Burritoful
  27. 27. Ever been to Chipotle? If no, I urge you to check out one – fast. Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the fastest growing restaurant- chains in the U.S. Its goal is to “change the way the world thinks about and eats fast food by serving high-quality and sustainably- raised food quickly and affordably.” Chipotle [pronounced chih-POAT-lay] specializes in burritos and tacos. It was founded by Steve Ells in 1993 and based in Denver, Colorado. The name Chipotle derives from the Mexican Spanish name for a smoked, dried jalapeño chili pepper, and ultimately derives from the Nahuatl language. The restaurant is known for its large burritos, assembly line production, and use of natural ingredients. The company released a mission statement called Food with Integrity, which highlights its efforts in using organic ingredients, and serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant. The company currently has over 1000 locations, with restaurants in 36 states. Its net income in 2009 was US$126 million, with the company employing over 22,000 staff.
  28. 28. Meet the Ad Guy In America
  29. 29. INSPIRATION: Alex Bogusky’s book, Baked In, [co-authored with John Winsor], is the singularly most important book that I read in 2010. It re-transformed my way of thinking, and has inspired thousands of marketers and [m]ad men to rethink product design, marketing, and advertising, as is currently being practiced, to a new model of “creating products and businesses that market themselves.” A brief chat with Bogusky after his keynote presentation at the 2010 Mirren New Business Conference, solidified his place atop my pyramid of those “rare individuals that defied convention and broke all rules.” FastCompany cites Bogusky as one of the “Top 10 Most Creative People in Marketing and Advertising.” According to the business magazine, Bogusky has “shattered the rules of 20th century advertising with campaigns that resemble multi- media hijinks, rather than commercials. Brands like Burger King, Old Navy, and Microsoft flock to his Miami-Boulder shop for his brand of irreverence.” HIGHLIGHTS: Alex Bogusky is the Founding Partner of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Chief Creative Insurgent of MDC Partners. Born in Miami, Florida, his father, Bill Bogusky, and uncle, Albert Bogusky, ran one of Miami's hottest design shops, The Brothers Bogusky. Alex is married and has two children.
  30. 30. JEREMY GUTSCHE INSPIRATION: Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation expert, is the Founder & Chief Trend Hunter of [the world's biggest online cool hunting magazine ] and Trend Hunter Gutsche is a keynote speaker in the categories of innovation, strategy and marketing, and has spoken at more than 100 events. Gutsche has been described as "a new breed of trend spotter" by The Guardian, and "on the forefront of cool" by MTV. He is frequently sourced by the media for his opinions on the next big thing. HIGHLIGHTS: In 2005, Gutsche launched Trend Hunter, an online trend community + series of trend publications. The community includes a global network of several thousand contributors that identify emerging micro-trends in pop culture, design, technology, fashion and art. In 2007, Gutsche launched Trend Hunter Research to leverage the viewership data + content insights from the community, and Trend Hunter TV in 2008. Gutsche's book, Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change, released in September, 2009, was named one of Inc Magazine's Best Books for Business Owners and ranked #1 Most Popular at 800 CEO Read from September to December 2009.You guessed right; I got a copy too. ISTHEKINGOF COOL
  31. 31. I love apple…
  32. 32. …a true lovemark
  33. 33. …transforms my experience
  34. 34. …and gives me a sense of happiness!
  35. 35. Top Xv Yum! Brands 2010 1. Bruce Lee 6. Samuel L. Jackson is Afro Samurai 11. Scotch & Soda 2. Vitaminwater 7. Netflix 12. Diesel 3. Nike 8. Red Lobster 13. Tom Peters 4. Jay-Z 9. Alex Bogusky 14. Bang & Olufsen 5. Monocle 10. Apple 15. MTV Top 1x By GENRE Trends + Innovation Lifestyle + Culture Experience + Engagement Apple Apple Apple Google Nike Nike Nike Scotch & Soda Google BMW MTV BMW Bang & Olufsen Heineken Bang & Olufsen IDEO Jay-Z Netflix Jeremy Gutsche Monocle Facebook Vitaminwater Camper IKEA SpringWise Diddy Camper
  36. 36. CREDITS Thanks goes to the following companies + websites for citation of their original materials + use of photos: Identiture Campers IDEO !
  37. 37. Need Inspiration? cool ideas? trend analysis? new business? visual mapping? consumer insights? Email: franklinozekhome e! paper My Yum! Brands X /46
  38. 38. inside the mind of a m/ad man ™ franklinozekhome™ is a strategic planner, trendspotter, and a student of culture and brands. A leading authority + keynote speaker on brand marketing, future trends, and Nigerian marketnomics, he was recently nominated by The Future Awards as “2010 Business Professional of the Year.” Ozekhome previously held senior roles at InsightGrey and McCann Erickson, and has spent over a decade advising leading companies and brands like British Airways, Samsung, Total, PepsiCo, British American Tobacco, MTN, Access Bank, GSK and Emirates Airline. He is the Founder + Chief StoryTelling Officer of Identiture®, a New York based, strategic planning firm, helping brands like Good Burger, CraVe Sandwiches and SignaPay embrace Sensory Branding + FutureDeSignSM ideas. Follow his rants, raves and tantrums on Twitter @Donniefranklin.
  39. 39. franklinozekhome Copyright © franklinozekhome™ 2010