Body image


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Health education: BMR, RMR what is healthy for one is not necessarily healthy for all.

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Body image

  1. 1. Body Image
  2. 2. Take a look… • For every picture you see, think about the thoughts that come into your head…and BE HONEST!
  3. 3. Compare:
  4. 4. Opinions?
  5. 5. How about these two?
  6. 6. Get the picture yet?
  7. 7. Unique… • Each person is unique in the way they are made. This includes genetic disposition, bone structure, height, weight, etc. • What is right for one person is not necessarily right for every one.
  8. 8. Body Image… • Ask yourself this question…How do I feel about my body? • &feature=related
  9. 9. So, what is healthy? • That is different for every person! • Healthy body weight is different from body image! • Calculate your RMR: Step one… • • php
  10. 10. Thermic Effect of food • Calculate the intake of food X 10% • php • Now, finally, compute your BMI
  11. 11. Gaining, losing or maintaining? • Some teens feel they are too thin. • Some feel too fat. • Others, actually, very few, feel totally comfortable where they are. • This is true for adults as well.
  12. 12. Discussion • We will discuss-actively-what these calculations mean for us as individuals and the effects of advertising on us all. • What is healthy and what is not? • How do we maximize our overall health • What other aspects of health are involved in a positive self image?
  13. 13. Step 2…