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Intro english. English Class.


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English class of the 1st week of november

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Intro english. English Class.

  1. 1.   Share with us your homework.  Talk about your weekend.  Tell me about what you like on people’s appearances. Warm-up
  2. 2.  PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE. On the next slide, look at the pictures and describe the following people’s appearances.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Describing people’s appearance is an action we daily practice. Grammar: What + verb be + pronoun or name + like + ? Example: What is he like? What is Billy Like? Look at the following video to see examples of how to describe people and how to ask for people’s descriptions and personal appearances:
  5. 5.  VIDEOS FOR VOCABULARY Take notes as you listen and answer to the questions made by your tutor. 2 minutes. 4 minutes. 3 minutes.
  6. 6.  vOcAbUlArY
  7. 7.  PRACTICE. With your peers, create paragraphs in which you talk about the Simpson’s family’s appeareace. Crea un dialogo con tus compañeros donde describas la apariencia de la familia Simpson
  8. 8.  2. Bring a photo of your family, share it, and describe your family members’ physical appearance.  -Trae una foto de tu familia, compartela y describe la apariencia de los miembros de tu familia. PRACTICE
  9. 9.
  10. 10.  Production Answer to the questions made by your tutor about the characters on the following photos::
  11. 11.  Listen to the following video, it will take 10 minutes, take notes and answer to the questions made by your tutor: v=0V6SljKNxFY PRODUCTION
  12. 12.  EXAM. Imagine that you are a teller, a customer will approach to you because he wants to discover : • His/her future wife/husband’s appearance. • His/her current enemy. • His baby’s future’s appearance.
  13. 13.   Record yourself in a situation in which you are a teller who tell your friend how his enemy looks like or record yourself with someone in an interview where you talk about your family member’s look.  Post the video on Youtube. Grábate en una escena donde seas un brujo o adivino que le dice a su amigo como es la apariencia de su enemigo, o grábate en una escena donde seas entrevistado y describes a los miembros de tu familia. Publica en video en Youtube. Homework