Designing and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile


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This presentation was delivered to the Public Relations Council of Alabama. The focus of this 60 minute presentation was to teach how to build out a highly visible and correct LinkedIn Profile, grow your network, make connections, engage in groups and garner information through various LinkedIn tools.

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  • Microsoft commissioned Cross-Tab to perform a Online Reputation research study on Positive online reputations matter. Among U.S. recruiters and HR professionals surveyed, 85% say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions at least to some extent. Nearly half say that a strong online reputation influences their decisions to a great extent.
  • place to get business intelligence, to research problems, to establish an online presence where other people in the network can find
  • Hand out an Action list for writing goalsSocial marketing campaignPosition a new product or service
  • LinkedIn is a place to…get business intelligenceresearch problems and competitorsestablish an online presence where other people in the network can locate you external or internal to LinkedIn
  • TIP: the headliner what people see first when they perform a Google search. Thinking keywords when writing your headline. NOTE: LinkedIn will not show your Profile as 100% complete unless you have at least 3 recommendations.
  • Use the Web sites section to link to your Company web site, blog and/or social channels. Use the Other category classification in order to create a customized label for the website. I use it as a CTA (call to action).Customize your LinkedIn URL from the numeric link that LinkedIn defaults to. Include your LinkedIn URL in your email signatures.
  • Skills & Expertise is a great way to find the exact keyword terms related to your field. You can include of to 50 skills. It’s an opportunity for endorsements.Skills that have been endorsed cannot be rearranged.TIP: when people endorse you, reach out and thank them.
  • Groups appear on you profile. It provides people with a pulse for what you are interested in and how serious you are about keeping up within your own area of expertise.
  • Tips:Connect with business and personal friendsConnect with those who have larger networks
  • Default for search results are for1st degree connections. One of many reasons to build your network.
  • Giving endorsements gains visibility.Thank people for endorsing you.
  • 150 of the most influential thought leaders on LinkedIn.Bonus Tip: you can gain visibility by commenting on their post.
  • Stay on top of what your competitors are doing. Great source of information for a possible interview. See your degrees of separation.
  • Designing and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

    1. 1. Designing and Leveraging Your LinkedIn ProfileDonna Gilliland, Founder of MOSTrainingSocial Business Speaker and Educator
    2. 2. Profile: optimize for exposureConnections: strategies and tipsSocial Proof: Recommendations & EndorsementsLinked inAGENDATools: LinkedIn Today, Follow Leaders, LinkedIn SignalLinkedIn Company Pages: overview & tips
    3. 3. 78%U.S. Recruiters surveyed use a search engineOnline Reputation research study commissioned by MicrosoftPerform a Google search on your name
    4. 4. 85%U.S. HR professionals say online reputation influences theirhiring decisions.Online Reputation research study commissioned by MicrosoftOnline Reputation Research Study
    5. 5. Do you know whyyou want to be onLinkedIn?
    6. 6. My LinkedIn Goals Linked
    7. 7. Optimizing Your Profile for Exposure1
    8. 8. First Steps: gather you data LinkedJob HistoryCertificationsSpecialized skillsMembershipsVideosPresentations
    9. 9. Professional Headline 120 charactersWho are you? What do you offer?HeadlinerTIP: your headline travels with you when you comment and post.
    10. 10. 3 Web sitesCall to Action headingsCustom URLAdding website links to your profile
    11. 11. SUMMARY – 2000 characters of spaceWrite your Summary section in a Worddocument so you can spell check.Where applicable include a link to a video,document or presentation.Think keyword strategic as you craft yourSummary section.
    12. 12. More Profile Options
    13. 13. Skills & Expertise
    14. 14. Status UpdatesTip: Plan status updates to coincide with your LinkedIn goals.Goal Examples• Gain visibility• Subject matter expert• Share information• Attract new clients
    15. 15. Groups – strategic choicesChoose based upon your industryand/or interest.Contribute to your Groups.Groups appear on your Profile.You can message people in yourGroups.
    16. 16. Connection Strategies2
    17. 17. Grow Your NetworkBusiness colleaguesPeople your meet at eventsConnect with customersUse LinkedIn’s Advanced searchPower Tip: LinkedIn Advanced search defaults to first degree connections and uses a relevance category algorithm.
    18. 18. Social ProofRecommendations & Endorsements3
    19. 19. Recommendations – reach out and recommendBe genuine and ethical.• Recommend people who youtruly know their work.• Don’t ask anyone torecommend your work if theydon’t know your work.
    20. 20. Endorsements - the mini recommendationUp to 50 skills can be placed on yourProfile.Reach out and thank those whoendorse you.Don’t endorse the skills of people youdon’t know.Don’t ask people to endorse you ifthey have not witnessed your work.
    21. 21. Tools4
    22. 22. LinkedIn Today• Stay current onindustry news.• Customize your newsby industry.• You will receive theday’s top newsstories based uponyour custom choices.
    23. 23. Follow LinkedIn’s Thought LeadersTip: you can comment on their post. Potentially gain visibility.
    24. 24. LinkedIn Signal Benefits• Real-time updates• Filter updates by what matters toyou.• Search for keywords, topics andstreams.• Save your search and check forreal-time updates later.• Trending Links.• Industry headlines.
    25. 25. LinkedIn Company Pages5
    26. 26. LinkedIn Company Page Benefits• Visibility• Home Page Banner• 3 Service PageBanners• Link to external pages• 25 Services/Products• Video• Target marketing• Special offers• Recommendations
    27. 27. Company Pages – a suggested designerOne of my favorite social channel designcompanies is Custom Page Designs.You can find out more about them at:
    28. 28. Follow LinkedIn Company Pages• Stay on top of what yourcompetitors are doing.• Great source ofinformation for a possibleinterview.• See your degrees ofseparation.• Follow your customer’spages.• Follow your vendor’spages.
    29. 29. Let’s stay connected…LinkedIn: on Twitter: to my YouTube Gilliland, Founder of MOSTrainingSocial Business Speaker and Educator