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Donna Elkow-Nash Promotion


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A 56 page self promotion portfolio/booklet.

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Donna Elkow-Nash Promotion

  1. 1. Donna Elkow-Nash 1 Designer with 2 Ta l e n t s Technical Skill Creative Flair The Cr eative Cat Inc. Fr eelance Design & Illustration 403.946.9927 donna@thecr
  2. 2. Donna Elkow-Nash is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design. She is the founder and principal designer and illustrator of The Creative Cat Inc. which Many energy industry and software clients have has been providing graphic design and print production worked with Donna and The Creative Cat for more services since 1991. The than a decade. Calgary, Alberta-area company serves a range of corporate, community and retail clients in Her experience designing for these highly-technical Canada and the United States. and specialized organizations is uniquely complemented by 20+ years of multi-faceted graphic design, print production, and illustration expertise. The first section of this portfolio highlights examples of graphic design, illustration and branding for the oil and gas industry.
  3. 3. GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF ENERGY STRONG TECHNICAL DESIGN SKILLS INDUSTRY TECHNICAL TERMS & & STANDARDS REQUIREMENTS Expert in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator Comfortable with basic energy industry File preparation mastery for printers and web terminology (e.g. in situ, upstream, oilsands, designers including colour gamuts (web, print), fracing, wellbore, etc.) bleed preparation, file flattening, correct file Ability to work with technical images such formats, etc. as energy industry software screengrabs, Expertise in vector illustration design with choosing images that follow client safety criteria, minimum points for easy print production and developing oilpatch equipment illustrations, etc. no open paths (rip-friendly files) Recommending industry appropriate colouring, Prepare designs for global corporate use and fonts, image styles, layout styles, etc. production (languages, templates, formats, Familiarity with oil & gas industry employee international sizes, etc.) roles and responsibilities, as well as various Thorough understanding of document industry associations management processes, pagination, binding A decade of providing design services to types, paper requirements, etc. dmg world media inc. (event organizers for many energy industry tradeshows) Illustrations meet rigorous iStockphoto file standards Work comfortably with rigorous energy industry brand standards (including Schlumberger, Manage pdf parameters for various outputs, Halliburton, and Veritas) or maintain consistent as well as preflighting of pdf files visual standards if no brand system exists Quality control checklist applied to each job Top-10 best-selling iStockphoto illustrator for oil & gas related images
  4. 4. CLIENT: PROJECT: Request For Proposal response to become a preferred supplier for the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada (PHRCC) brand development and graphic design needs. DELIVERED: A complete mock branding book for the PHRCC which included a comprehensive illustration (right) representing the upstream petroleum industry’s technical processes, as well as an overview of the sector’s potential jobs and careers. IMPACT: The Creative Cat selected as a preferred PHRCC supplier.
  5. 5. CLIENT: PROJECT: Design and layout of the bi-annual “Year in Review” newsletter for the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada (PHRCC). DELIVERED: Grid system, layout, photo selection, style guide, print file preparation, pdf for web presentation. IMPACT: Detailed information communicated to stakeholders in a clear and concise format. Design standards and guides established for more rapid production of subsequent issues.
  6. 6. Workshop on Hiring and Integrating Immigrants into the Petroleum Industry Workforce Petroleum Human Resources Council Staff Members The oil and gas industry is Cheryl M. Knight Kim Jacques Priya Singh now in the midst of the Executive Director & CEO Career Information Officer Project Coordinator Report From the Board of Directors labour crunch experts have (403) 735-9121 (403) 735-9133 (403) 735-9126 been predicting for years. In today’s tight labour market, Year in Review tapping into the immigrant labour pool is key to addressing the skills shortage Jennifer Ward Director, Project Office (403) 735-9129 Rowena Sampang Communications Specialist – Leandra Zarowny Project Coordinator (403) 735-9135 and minimizing the negative (403) 735-9132 September 2007 - June 2008 impacts associated with current and future labour Paula Anger Katelynn Foster concerns. Alberta receives Manager, Financial Connie Covey Project Coordinator about 20,000 immigrants & Office Services Program Manager (403) 735-9131 each year. Most of these (403) 735-9127 (403) 735-9122 immigrants are highly Attraction, Retention & educated foreign trained professionals who gain entry Jaimè Croft Larsen Alec Stephen Colette Smithers Conference Coordinator on the basis of their skills and education, but have higher unemployment rates than the Canadian born. Immigrants are clearly Manager, Marketing Project Manager (403) 735-9136 Workforce Development an under-utilized labour pool and their skills and talent are untapped. & Communications (403) 735-9128 (403) 735-9124 Though immigrant recruitment is not the only solution to the labour shortage, it is a necessary component of a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Employers who are ready to recruit and integrate immigrants currently living in Canada - also referred to Tess De Luna as internationally trained workers - into their workforce will have a clear advantage in the competition for skilled employees. Tanya Belanger Administrative Assistant Breanne McDougall Project Coordinator (403) 537-1230 The Petroleum HR Council (the Council) recently completed its Alberta Immigrant Integration into the Petroleum Industry Communications Coordinator (403) 735-9123 (Phase I study) project. Funded by Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry (AEII), the project was aimed at determining (403) 735-9134 the tools, resources and support processes needed by the oil and gas industry to increase the employment and retention of internationally trained workers living in Alberta. Claudine C. Vidallo Following the completion of the Phase I study and through additional funding from AEII, the Council piloted an Employer Project Manager Workshop on Hiring and Integrating Immigrants into the Petroleum Industry. The objectives of the workshop were: (403) 735-9130 1. Raising employers’ awareness of current immigrant recruitment and integration barriers and challenges. 2. Equipping employers to assess and/or change current HR processes and practices. 3. Providing employer tools and resources to help recruit and integrate immigrants into the petroleum workforce. Contact Us The workshop was held on April 17 at Spectra Energy’s Training Room in Calgary. The full-day training was free and a total of Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada thirty industry people, mostly human resources personnel, attended. The industry was well represented from small to large 1538 - 25th Avenue NE companies within the E&P, oil sands, service, geophysical and service sectors. Calgary, AB T2E 8Y3 The workshop provided information to support the hiring and integration of immigrants already in Canada. Tel: (403) 537-1230 Toll free: 1-866-537-1230 The workshop offered the following: Fax: (403) 537-1232 • Labour market information that supports the business case for hiring immigrants; • Some foreign trained workers with relevant petroleum industry experience shared their approaches and challenges to finding employment in Canada; • Case studies on managing diversity; and • A handout of employer tools and resources that support the hiring, integration and/or retention of immigrants into the petroleum industry. The workshop shared some tools and resources. These included a few items developed by the Council and many from other organizations. One resource that participants found incredibly useful was the Inventory of Calgary and Edmonton Immigrant Supply Partners. This included information about who offered internship programs, work experience programs, job placement programs, access to the immigrant candidate pool and mentoring programs. This chart is available online through the Council’s website at The feedback that the Council received from the workshop was positive. One participant shared, “If I can relay this information to Senior Management and get buy-in, my job will be easier and the stress of retention will be drastically reduced. We will be able to make our immigrant workers integrate more easily.” Funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program. Financé par le gouvernement du Canada par le truchement du Programme des conseils sectoriels. The 3 × 13 grid pattern is for 8.5 × 11 in and The grid supports various widths for text boxes. Footer use standard in all newsletters. A4 portrait layouts. • Text boxes follow the grid but may be 1, 2, 3 • 0.375 in [95 mm] margin is around all edges of the columns wide. page except for ads. • Photos also follow the grid rules. • Ads have a 0.75 in [19 mm] gutter around all edges, with the 3 × 13 grid pattern adjusted to fit. Dimensions for 8.5 × 11 in • Grid fields are 2.3 in [58.4 mm] wide and 0.75 in [19 mm] high. • Vertical gutters between fields are 0.1875 in [4.76 mm] wide.
  7. 7. CLIENTS: PROJECTS: A range of ongoing freelance design and illustration work for the Petroleum HR Council and Careers in Oil & Gas. DELIVERED: Bi-annual full-colour 12-page newsletter, career icons for web and print use, web banner, media kit advertising opportunities brochure. IMPACT: Despite the absence of a complete brand standards system, the client’s existing corporate identity system was used as the basis for elaborating a cohesive look and feel to important industry alliance communications.
  8. 8. Year in Review Newsletter Occupation Profiles Icons Web Banner Advertising Opportunities Brochure
  9. 9. CLIENT: PROJECT: Art direction, graphic design and print production for all marketing collateral related to landmark PHRCC energy industry HR forecasting conference. DELIVERED: Overall visual concept for the conference, logo design, magazine advertising, brochure design and print production, and Microsoft template background design. IMPACT: Excellent feedback from the client and a fully-subscribed conference.
  10. 10. The Decade Ahead Logo Power Point Background Templates, 8.5 x 11 Horizontal and Vertical The Decade Ahead H u m a n R e s o u r c e s Tr e n d s t o 2 0 2 0 Magazine Ads, 1/3 Page Square and 1/4 Page Vertical Copyright © 2008 Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program Copyright © 2008 Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program The Decade Ahead First Circular
  11. 11. CLIENT: PROJECT: Direct mailers to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Halliburton in Canada and present a modern image to prospective consulting clients. DELIVERED: A series of five commemorative postcards, promoting Halliburton’s new Digital and Consulting Services group, incorporating a fresh graphic twist on the iconic red and black Halliburton identity. IMPACT: Due (in part) to the success of the direct marketing program, the manager who commissioned the design work was promoted to a senior corporate marketing position.
  12. 12. CLIENT: PROJECT: Art direction, graphic design and print production for all marketing collateral related to the annual CSPG oil & gas conventions. DELIVERED: Overall visual concept for the conventions, logo design, convention brochure design and print production, signage, registration forms, web graphics, delegate booklet, and Microsoft template background design. IMPACT: Fresh annual look and marketing graphics for long-standing Calgary oil & gas conference.
  13. 13. YEAR 2 - CSPG Convention Brochure, 17" x 8", 3-Fold YEAR 1 - CSPG Convention Brochure, 10" x 16" May 4-8, 2009 CSPG CSEG CWLS CONVENTION CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA
  14. 14. CLIENTS: PROJECT: Design and print production for various marketing collateral programs for Schlumberger and a number of its wholly-owned subsidiaries (including and Merak). DELIVERED: A series of direct mailer postcards to launch IndigoPool, the world’s first online oil & gas data room. Design of Merak’s most successful one-stop overview software product sheet, used internationally in four languages. Creation of 25+ software product sheets for the new Schlumberger Information Solutions division. IMPACT: Support the successful launch of high- tech products in three Schlumberger divisions.
  15. 15. Postcards Merak Projects Ltd. Corporate Product Sheet Schlumberger Information Solutions Product Sheets
  16. 16. CLIENT: PROJECTS: Support Schlumberger for various industry events with a variety of office posters, Canadian 60th Anniversary logo, event collateral, booth graphics and information kits. DELIVERED: Interpreting Schlumberger’s Brand ID System to create a highly-visual series of booth graphics and event collateral. IMPACT: While respecting the company’s rigorous graphic standards, helping Schlumberger present a modern and attractive face to its 60th Anniversary celebration activities in Canada.
  17. 17. Heavy Oil, Now Poster Heavy Oil Now Ad Large Display Poster 147.75" x 89.75" PC Skin / Laptop Cover Schlumberger Canada 60th Anniversary Logo Supply Information Kit Product Poster
  18. 18. CLIENT: PROJECTS: Ongoing support of Schlumberger’s marketing communications graphic design needs. DELIVERED: A wide variety of design projects including case studies, white papers, product posters, and outdoor advertising. IMPACT: Schlumberger’s Calgary and Houston marketing teams were able to meet deadlines and budgets with quick turnaround on design projects.
  19. 19. Case Study White Paper Product Posters Outdoor Advertising Posters
  20. 20. CLIENT: PROJECT: Invitations for Schlumberger Canada employee Christmas events. DELIVERED: Original invitations that allowed full creative flexibility in terms of design concept and unique themes. Included photo selection, illustrations, design and print production. IMPACT: The Creative Cat has been retained as the design firm of record each year for this special project.
  21. 21. Invitations ADMIT ONE Admit one to the to the Schlumberger SCHLUMBERGER CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday, December 15, 2007 Christmas Party 7:00 pm – 1:00 am Saturday, December 12, 2009 DEVONIAN GARDENS 7:00 pm - 1:00 am 4th Floor, 317 – 7 Avenue SW (TD Square Mall) Flames Central Please present this invitation at the door 219 - 8th Avenue SW Cocktails: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Dinner: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Please present this invitation at the door. Christmas Greetings: 8:30 pm Dancing from: 9:30 pm – 1:00 am Late-night Snack: 10:30 pm Doors Open Door prizes will be drawn throughout the evening 7:00 pm Professional photos available for $10 each Dinner DINNER: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm The Canadian Christmas Celebration will feature three food Cash Bar stations from sea to sea to sea. You’ll be able to try: Alberta Beef Tenderloin • Cedar Plank Salmon Skewers Christmas Greeting Crystal Malt Pork Tenderloin • Jumbo Shrimp Flambé • Lamb 8:30 pm Lollipops • Lemon Pepper Chicken Skewers • Plus Salads, Vegetables and Desserts from across Canada Dancing DEVONIAN GARDENS: 9:00 pm - 1:00 am The only access to the Devonian Gardens is via the escalators in TD Square. Parking Christmas Party PARKING: Parking available at: Parking is available at the Bankers Hall Parkade for $2. Bankers Hall Parkade for $2, access via 9 Avenue SW Access via 9 Avenue SW. City Centre Parkade (Gulf Canada Square) for $2, TAXI: access via 9 or 10 Avenues SW Drop off & pick up at 318 – 8 Avenue SW. Professional photos available for $12 each • Dress Code is Semi Formal Please don’t drink & drive. If you use a taxi, please expense your ride. Please don’t drink & drive. If you use a taxi, please expense your ride. 09 invite mockup.indd 1 11/25/09 8:53:01 AM 50’s 0s ’ 60’s 0s ’ 70’s 0s 80’s 0s 90’s 0s ’ 00’s 0s ’ Admit one to the Cocktails Dinner 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm The Nostalgic Christmas will feature three food stations: Schlumberger Christmas P arty Dinner 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm You will be able to sample: Mini Tenderloin Burger Smoked Coho Salmon Christmas Greeting Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese 8:30 pm Saturday, December 13, 2008 Herb Crusted Alberta Beef Tenderloin Dancing Shrimp Skewers 7:00 pm - 1:00 am 9:00 pm - 1:00 am Parking Flames Central Door prizes will be drawn throughout the evening Parking is available at the Bankers Hall Parkade for $2. Access via 9 Avenue SW 219 - 8th Avenue SW Professional photos available for $10 each Please don’t drink & drive. Please present this invitation at the door Dress Code is Semi Formal If you use a taxi, please expense your ride.
  22. 22. CLIENTS: Various PROJECTS: Logo design for various energy industry companies and products. DELIVERED: Typically supply client with 5-6 initial concepts to choose from. Design selection is then finessed and adapted to meet feedback criteria. A comprehensive logo bundle is then provided to the client which includes a full range of colours, file formats and sizes. Usage guidelines are also provided as requested. IMPACT: Clients are fully equipped to use their new logos in any format and software environment.
  23. 23. n n n n Minimum area of isolation. SIZE GUIDELINES COLOR Brochures and ads in the trade press use Wherever possible, the Caltex logo a logo width of 1.8 in [46 mm]. Separate should appear in its primary colors: PMS guidance on the position and size of 541 (Blue) and 100% Black (PANTONE logos on stationery, oilfield vehicles, and MATCHING SYSTEM® 541). Care hardware is available. should be taken to match and apply the color specifications accurately and MINIMUM AREA OF ISOLATION consistently. The Caltex logo is always surrounded by a predetermined area of clear space, The logo may also appear white, reversed known as the area of isolation or the “n” out of solid black or out of a photograph rule. This ensures that the logo is not or illustration. For those instances where overpowered by other visual elements. printing with a Pantone ink is not possible or practical, logo can be printed in CMYK. The area of isolation is calculated by placing a margin of clear space around Where the logo cannot be reproduced in the logo that is equivalent to the height color—for example, on forms or business of the lowercase letter n in the word directories—it should be reproduced in energy in the Caltex logo. 100% solid black. No other format changes to the logo are allowed. Schlumberger Information Solutions Aduro Resources Ltd. Montane Resources Ltd. CSPG Annual Convention
  24. 24. CLIENT: IMAGES ALSO SOLD ON: PROJECTS: Oil & gas industry icon design -- on spec for iStockphoto illustration site, and customized for the PHRCC website and print. DELIVERED: Sets of oil & gas industry icons that meet a cohesive set of design, aspect ratio, colour palette, and themed topic standards. Custom designs and stock icons can be mixed and matched easily. IMPACT: Many of these oil & gas icons are very popular and are available for purchase and download at
  25. 25. Portfolio Samples of Oil and Gas Industry Icons Color Icon Series Accent Colors Color Pantone HTML RGB CMYK Black Black C 2A2623 42/38/35 56/56/53/92 Green 363C 3C8A2E 60/138/46 68/0/100/24 Red 1805C AA272F 170/39/47 0/91/100/23 Blue 294C 003478 0/52/120 100/58/0/21 Pantone® Colour Bridge® Coated Reference Numbers For best results use Adobe® Creative Suite (CS3 or higher) Colour Bridge® Swatch Library. Viewing colours online provides a good approximation of print tones but, for best possible matches, refer printers and other suppliers to current editions of printed Pantone® colour guides. Button Icon Series
  26. 26. Donna Elkow-Nash is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design. She is the founder and principal designer and illustrator of The Creative Cat Inc. which Veterinarians, financial advisors, theatre has been providing graphic design and print production companies, ranchers, schools, and government services since 1991. The organizations are among the wide variety of Calgary, Alberta-area company clients that have long appreciated Donna’s serves a range of corporate, community and retail clients in creative flair and attention to graphic design Canada and the United States. detail. Whether developing and illustrating dog & cat cartoon characters for vet clinic marketing or designing and producing a lengthy national parks guide, Donna’s creative skills are complemented by 20+ years of multi-faceted graphic design, print production, and illustration expertise. The next section of this portfolio highlights examples of graphic design, illustration and branding for a variety of non-energy industry companies and organizations.
  27. 27. ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT STRONG TECHNICAL DESIGN SKILLS EXTREMELY DIVERSE CLIENT NEEDS & STANDARDS Creating friendly and likable cartoon characters Expert in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator that convey a technical veterinary message File preparation mastery for printers and web Visually interpreting a complex message for a designers including colour gamuts (web, print), theatre group’s play series and special events bleed preparation, file flattening, correct file formats, etc. Helping the Alberta Beef industry present a friendly and competent image during the Expertise in vector illustration design with challenging mad cow scare minimum points for easy print production and no open paths (rip-friendly files) Communicating playfulness and innovation for a science foundation’s annual report Prepare designs for use in any format — web, print, Microsoft, outdoor, etc. Mastering the organization and layout of massive amounts of logistical and mapping Thorough understanding of document information for Canada’s national parks management processes, pagination, binding Mountain Guide types, paper requirements, etc. Helping high-tech companies maintain corporate Illustrations meet rigorous iStockphoto colour consistency in any print and digital format file standards Helping a parking company present a Manage pdf parameters for various outputs, sophisticated image that celebrates excellence as well as preflighting of pdf files Designing a CD cover for a youth minister who Quality control checklist applied to each job wants to save the world — one song at a time Create best-selling iStockphoto illustrations and icons that include farms, families and food
  28. 28. CLIENT: PROJECT: Custom illustrations and character development for veterinary clinic marketing communications. DELIVERED: Custom cat and dog characters showing the animals in a variety of daily situations. Delivered in vector and raster formats for print and digital use. IMPACT: Following this successful illustration project, the Creative Cat was engaged to develop the vet clinic’s corporate logo.
  29. 29. Poster
  30. 30. CLIENT: PROJECT: Art direction, design, and print production for various Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP) marketing campaigns. DELIVERED: Creative development and technical files for show guides, seasonal brochures, marquee posters, newsletters, postcards, transit advertising, billboards, theatre banners, etc. to reflect a diverse array of creative themes. IMPACT: The creation of a distinctive visual identity for each play and/or series over a number of years.
  31. 31. At Play Newsletter Art Poster TheatreBlitz Poster, Ian D. Clark, Christopher Hunt and ART Robert Seale in Presents Great opportunities to develop your playwriting and acting skills and to work with Calgary’s top theatre professionals! TRANSLATED BY CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON A NEW PLAY BY YASMINA REZA Student Writers’ Group October 19, 2002 - April 13, 2003 Cost $100 Meet 2 hours every Saturday for creative playwriting with ATPs Playwright-in- Residence, Eugene Stickland. Cost includes THEATREBLITZ! TheatreBlitz! April 11-13, 2003 Cost $50 High school ACTING students work with theatre professionals on scripts developed through the Student Writers' Group in this three day intensive playwriting workshop. Cost covers snacks, a special souvenir, guidance from theatre professionals and a ticket to ATP' s production of Zadie's Shoes by Adam Pettle. For more information contact Eugene Stickland at 294-7475, ext 1114 or April 30 - May 18 Download applications from Directed by D. Michael Dobbin under Community Outreach. A brilliant, razor-sharp comedy about the follies of friendship. Perfor mances on the ENMAX Stage in the Martha Cohen Theatre, EPCOR CENTRE for the Perfor ming Arts. Theatreblitz made possible 294-7402 • 299-8888 • through the generous support of Calgary Region Arts Foundation Season Brochure MessagefromBob “A moving look at the hopes and heartbreaks of the world.” – NOW Magazine Experience “...a superbly mounted Panych attack.” – The National Post AlbertaTheatreProjects Earshot Come celebrate ATP's 30th Anniversary season with us! You told us that you wanted Randy Hughson in variety: enjoy an eclectic array of plays from September to May. You loved the playRites 2002-2003Season Festival: be the first to see refreshing new works from some hot up-and-coming Canadian playwrights. You wanted a play to celebrate the holidays and take your family to: immerse Proof yourself in the warmth and joy of W.O. Mitchell's WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND. Sample a few or savour them all. Buy passes as gifts or a treat for yourself. Come with a friend or bring Earshot your buddies from work. Get ready to experience an unparalleled wave of emotion that by Morris Panych A joint presentation with the Vancouver Playhouse October 15 – November 2, 2002 Who Has Seen the Wind only the power of live theatre can provide. Experience ATP. playRites’03 Festival of ATP is proud to present comic virtuoso Randy Hughson in this hilarious and hair-raising masterpiece of unrequited love and infrasonic sensitivity, in an award-winning production New Canadian Plays Alberta Theatre Projects that gripped Toronto by the ears. Artistic Director 220 - 9 Ave SE Menopositive! The Musical Calgary, Alberta T2G 5C4 Doyle is a man who hears too much. Hunkered in his grotty apartment he rails against cacophonous Zadie's Shoes Phone: 294-7402 humanity. The scrunch as the writer upstairs crumples his latest rejection letter. The clatter of Fax: 294-7493 someone’s false teeth as they vibrate on a fridge down the hall. He’d shoot himself immediately, if Flying Blind Email: it weren’t for the beloved gurgle of his next-door neighbour climbing into her bath. All Doyle asks of life is to eavesdrop as she unfolds his love-letter – but sometimes life just isn’t listening.
  32. 32. CLIENT: PROJECT: Design newsletter and pop-up booth graphics for Olds College in Alberta. DELIVERED: Masthead design, newsletter grid, layout and design of quarterly tabloid newsletter for students and alumni. Design, print production and file preparation for booth posters which were printed in China. IMPACT: Newsletter masthead and visually- appealing booth graphics in use years after initial design.