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Not every business is cut out for seo


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Are you thinking about tackling SEO on your own? Are you considering hiring a service? Don't waste time, money and dollars until you're ready. Learn the prerequisites for SEO success and the questions you need to ask yourself before starting.

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Not every business is cut out for seo

  1. 1. Not Every Business Is Cut Out For SEO Donna Duncan |
  2. 2. You Reap What You Sow • There is a common misconception that every business can benefit from SEO • That is just not true • There are outcomes which seem unfair at times, but usually, the amount of the success you achieve is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of effort you put in Donna Duncan |
  3. 3. SEO is a Process • SEO an ongoing process and commitment to ensuring your business can establish and maintain online visibility, influence, and profit • In my experience, many people who are new to SEO don’t put in enough effort or give up prematurely because they don’t know what’s required don’t have the necessary skill set or can’t pay for them can’t make the time to contribute in a meaningful way lose patience Donna Duncan |
  4. 4. Before You Start • Businesses that do achieve success have reputable and differentiated brands • They work hand-in-hand with SEO experts to apply creativity, empathy, outreach, and technical and analytic expertise to earn their way to the top • They know their audience, get found on the Internet and provide exceptional value Donna Duncan |
  5. 5. Plan For Success • Everyone has limited resources • Focus on Google • Google maintains its own index of the web • Architect your website for Google • Google expects websites to load fast and display well on any type of screen or device • It expects your site to be responsive – one set of code that adapts and displays on any device Donna Duncan |
  6. 6. Plan For Success • Security is a top priority for Google • It expects your site to be secure and use encrypted communications (HTTPS) • Convert your site to HTTPS • It expects your site to be up all the time accessible from anywhere able to scale and grow with the evolving needs of your business and audience Donna Duncan |
  7. 7. Your Content Must Be Exceptional • Competition is fierce • Google’s index is organized around words and phrases • If you want to get found, you need to know the words and phrases (keywords) your audience is searching for … • and optimize unique, high- quality content for every sought-after topic Donna Duncan |
  8. 8. Your Content Must Be Exceptional • Searchers value their time • They don’t need to waste time on content that does not satisfy their information wants and needs • They have literally thousands, millions, or even trillions of options Donna Duncan |
  9. 9. Your Content Must Be Exceptional • If it isn’t, it won’t grab the attention of your audience, and it won’t earn the signals Google uses to decide who ranks on top • Visitors will go to your competition Donna Duncan |
  10. 10. Your Content Must Earn Links • Buying and exchanging links won’t cut it • Links are earned with exceptional content and lots and lots of promotion • Write content your audience cares about • Find out where they like to hang-out online • Become an active, contributing member of those communities and share your content when it’s appropriate to do so Donna Duncan |
  11. 11. Accept You Are Chasing a Moving Target • Google changes it’s ranking algorithm 500-600 times a year • More than 150 million new pieces of content are added to the Web daily • Search terms and phrases and well as search volumes change daily • Content gets plagiarized and accidentally duplicated • Links naturally break and get dropped • You should always be trying to earn more Donna Duncan |
  12. 12. Prerequisites For Success • Focus on Google • Architect your website for search engines • Write exceptional content for your intended audience • Promote the heck out of it • Defend, preserve and protect your investment by checking for broken links and unattributed references to your unique content • Set up and configure analytics Donna Duncan |
  13. 13. Do You Have What It Takes? • Are you doing all these things now? Are you willing to do them yourself or hire someone to do them for you? • Will you share your opinions, expertise, and knowledge in the form of exceptional content? • Does that content exist today or will you have to create it? • Are you a good writer? Are you willing to hire or contract one if you are not? • Are you patient? SEO takes a long time. • How will you know if you’re making progress? Will you learn how to setup, configure and maintain Google Analytics? Donna Duncan |
  14. 14. Finally • SEO is a long, slow process. Be sure to find the “right” partner. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together. • Funding, commitment, patience, and support come from you. The other things can be taught or bought - but not omitted. This slideshow is a synopsis of the blog post first published at Donna Duncan |