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Viterion Vitacast Quick Guide-Patient Instructions for Use


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Viterion Vitacast Quick Guide-Patient Instructions for Use

  1. 1. IMPORTANT: Read this prior to operating the Vitacast 1000. If you have questions on how to use the Vitacast, connecting your health devices or on your health condition, contact your Care Coordinator. Always use the Vitacast as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Getting Started with the Viterion Vitacast 1000SM • 1 Vitacast 1000SM touch screen tablet • 1 power adapter, 5 volt, 3.0 A for 120V, 60 Hz AC • 1 touch screen stylus. You may use either your fingertip or the stylus to press the screen buttons. Contact your healthcare practitioner if the contents are missing or damaged. Place the Vitacast on a stable surface, such as a table, near an electrical outlet. Attach the power adapter to the round outlet at the back of the tablet (marked 5V) and plug the other end into the electrical outlet. This will also charge the Vitacast’s internal battery. When fully charged after two hours, the Vitacast can be disconnected from its power adapter and used portably for approximately 30 minutes. It is recommended that the Vitacast remain connected to electrical power for everyday use, even when the power is turned off. 1 Check package contents Press the Power On/Off button in the lower right hand corner. The Vitacast will start up and the Welcome Screen will appear. Ensure that the Vitacast is connected to cellular service. You’ll see a green light indicator at the lower left of the tablet indicating that it has automatically connected to service. Press the Tutorial button on the screen. This is a video which explains the features of the Vitacast 1000 in a few minutes. It’s available to you at any time. At the end of the Tutorial, the Welcome Screen will reappear. Press the Start App button on the screen. You may also skip the Tutorial and start your program. IMPORTANT: If no network is available, the light will remain red and you will see an error message, “Fail to connect to the server.” If this occurs, try another location where service may be stronger. If you continue to receive this message, contact your Care Coordinator. 2 Power on and connect Enter your passcode (provided by your doctor or Care Coordinator). This ensures that your unit and your information is secure. If you enter it incorrectly, the screen will prompt you to enter it again. 3 Log in Step 2 Step 3
  2. 2. Touch the Measure icon to take your daily readings. The Measure screen will display only the vital signs selected for you by your practitioner as part of your daily schedule. 5 Take your daily readings a) Connect your health monitoring device via Bluetooth LE or USB cable. The Vitacast will automatically display your screen for the reading. b) If you take your readings manually, you will see the Manual Entry screen. Enter your reading using the number keys on the right and press OK. Use the back button to correct your entry if necessary. c) For both screens, after you complete entering your information, you’ll see your reading on the confirmation screen below. Press OK. This will record and send your information to your healthcare practitioner. TIP: The Vitacast will power down and “sleep” after 15 minutes of no activity. Touch the Power On/Off button to restart and log in. 6 Start your daily checkup Step 6a — Bluetooth LE or USB cable Step 6b — Manual Entry Step 6c — confirming your entry. Press OK to record and send your data. Step 5 4 Review the Main Menu You can go directly to your daily readings by touching the Measure icon on the Main Menu, or review your daily Schedule, Questions or Advice Messages. The Vitacast will prompt you to take your scheduled activities at the time that has been set by your doctor or care manager (see Step 9). Otherwise, the Main Menu will appear. Step 4
  3. 3. Touch the Advice Message icon to receive Advice Messages from your practitioner on maintaining your health. You’ll see them as a list with envelope icons. Touch on the arrow to open. After the last message is completed, touch OK to return to the Advice Message list or if completed, the Main Menu. These messages include helpful pointers on medication, diet and exercise; appointment reminders; and if you should contact your doctor’s office. 8 Take some healthy advice This will save and send your data after you complete your readings and Questions. Your information is now on its way to your Care Coordinator. 10 Press OK to send your data The Schedule screen will appear at the start of and during your daily scheduled activities as set by your healthcare practitioner. (You may also touch the Schedule icon to see your Schedule at any time.) The current day is highlighted in the center of the screen. Scroll up and down the screen to view when you should take your readings and to see your Advice Messages and Questions. To view your past three days and next three days, touch the days to left and right. Vitacast will also chime to remind you to complete Schedule items. When you have completed each item, a green check mark will appear. Your information has been saved and sent. If not completed, one of these icons will appear: Skipped item Timed out item Return to complete them as soon as you are able. 9 Stick to your schedule Step 9 Step 10 Step 8 7 Answer a few questions Touch the Questions icon on the Main Menu to start. These are short health-related questions sent by your healthcare practitioner. Answer by touching one of the choices provided. After answering, you will automatically move on to the next question. After the last Question is completed, touch OK to send your data and return to the Main Menu. Step 7
  4. 4. Viterion Corporation • 565 Taxter Road, Suite 175 • Elmsford, NY 10523 Viterion and Viterion Vitacast are service marks of Viterion Corporation. Bluetooth® and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. ©2016 Viterion Corporation Viterion Part No. 7000-1008 Issued July 2016 | (800) 866-0133 | For your safety Operation and storage • Use between 41°F and 104°F (5°C and 40°C) temperature and 25% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing • Store between 14°F and 104°F (-10°C and 40°C) temperature and 25% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing • Do not use or store near water, chemicals or caustic gases FCC Notice: This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. For software version 1.1.0.en or higher • Not for active patient monitoring • Do not use measurement results for self-diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician. • Features subject to change without notice • Only use with approved accessories • Do not let unsupervised children use this device • Keep out of reach of infants and pets • If power adapter does not work or is damaged, contact your Care Coordinator. Do not use with any other power adapter not supplied by Viterion. Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sale to or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner Intended Use The Viterion Vitacast 1000 assists healthcare practitioners in remotely monitoring vital signs and other physiological parameters that have been selected for their patients. The information is used to customize care for and advise individual patients. It is not intended for: continuous monitoring of patients, monitoring of critical care patients, emergency use or patient diagnosis. Additional Important Information—Vitacast 1000