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Job search strategies 2


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Finding a job doesn't have to be such an upsetting and frustrating exercise. However, without some good strategies in place, it may delay you in securing that awesome job you have always wanted. Here are some handy tips which hopefully will help you on your next journey.

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Job search strategies 2

  1. 1. Job search strategies How to find a job in Australia
  2. 2. Video - Workplace Culture in Australia /watch?v=2isa9x8pdvE
  3. 3. Why moved to Australia How much do you enjoy living in Australia? Would you like to continue living here? What would you do to secure a better future? • Find your motive • Be authentic • Follow your passion
  4. 4. RESUME? What should you include to maximise your chance in getting an interview?
  5. 5. Keep Resume simple & readable Your resume is your sales brochure Use bullet points – no lengthy paragraph with too many long sentences Keep it simple-stick to two pages Pour on the sizzle- show that you can deliver results
  6. 6. • Start with your Position, the Company Name, and the time period of your employment. • Use bullet points. • Chronological order is great, so insert the most recent experience first, then go to the older experience.
  7. 7. Video – How to Ace your Interviews and land the job of your dreams ?v=2isa9x8pdvE
  8. 8. Better your communication skills Three out of four people are unable to describe their skills in an interview. 1 Many will struggle to list their strengths 2 Many will say that they have no areas for improvement (they’re not looking for a perfect person, they want to hear your willingness to learn) 3
  9. 9. Get it out there Job advertisements and job postings Networking Employment agencies Direct mail Phone call – Cold Calling
  10. 10. Job search skills Where do we start?
  11. 11. Online job search National job sites 01 Industry- specific sites 02 Company- specific sites 03 Association sites 04 International sites 05 Government sites 06
  12. 12. How to Market yourself Learn how to make your skills really attractive for hiring managers
  13. 13. Video – Tell me about yourself, how do you answer this? h?v=kayOhGRcNt4&t=131s
  14. 14. Common challenges Limited work experience Limited availability (20 hours / week on student visa) No feedback from recruiters No work eligibility
  15. 15. Video – How to get a job with no experience? h?v=OF8nx8Pt0tI
  16. 16. Accept that it is a process Thank Say thank you as a follow-up after the interview Sell Sell yourself, ace the interview Create Create a good impression Market Market yourself Create Create your sales brochure (resume) Show Show how you can handle the work Choose Choose an occupation
  17. 17. What employers want from candidates Willingness to learn 01 Basic academic skills in reading, writing, computer literate 02 Listening, Writing & Verbal communication 03 Creative thinking and problem solving 04 Positive can-do attitude 05
  18. 18. What employers want from candidates Self esteem & goal setting 06 Personal & Career Development 07 Interpersonal skills 08 Organisational Effectiveness & Time management 09 Leadership Quality 10
  19. 19. Customise your application Know Know the stakes (job expectation, duties & responsibilities, hours / roster) Develop Develop a system, apply as many jobs as possible Write Write a cover letter that matches your qualifications to the employer’s needs Identify Identify what the employer needs Check Check the newspaper and the web daily
  20. 20. Networking Most employers fill positions with friends and relatives of people who work for them Ask people you know about the job openings where they work. They may help you get a job interview
  21. 21. JOB APPLICATION FORMS How to maximise your chance of getting that job
  22. 22. AGENCIES Employment agencies are match makers Most agencies specialize Some agencies recruit people for full-time, permanent jobs, others recruit people for temporary jobs Agencies are listed online, check Google or Yellow Pages online
  23. 23. Benefit of job application form Why bother with applications? • Important in larger organizations and government • Force you to organize your experience • Requested by many employers • You need to be truthful if you do have any physical issues that may be impacting your job performance • Use positive languages, i.e.: don’t say “I was fired”, just say “job requirements were completed”
  24. 24. ROAD BLOCKS • Friends and relatives • Criminal record • Education • Layoff • Fired • Job hopping • Unemployment gaps • No work history • References • Poor reference • Money
  25. 25. VIDEO – Body Language is very important /watch?v=P_SNAODLTxM
  26. 26. FINAL THOUGHTS Be organized, self- motivated, and assertive Job searching requires time and energy Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few months to secure a desirable position Persevere Continue to develop and use new resources to diversify your search
  27. 27. Do you have any questions?