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Design with purpose

Presentation at Backbase for BA and UX

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Design with purpose

  1. 1. DESIGN WITH PURPOSE Celeste North | UX Designer
  2. 2. Filmmaking Entrepreneurship UX Design 10 bite-size lessons learned
  3. 3. Information is power Research and A/B Testing Analytics and Statistics Work hand in hand with the stakeholder
  4. 4. Focus on the user The film fan, not the filmmaker The customer, not the stakeholder It’s not about you either♀
  5. 5. Get there faster Getting one step ahead with predictive design Build an MVP to validate before your runway runs out Less cognitive load makes decision making easy
  6. 6. We all need constraints Technological feasibility is always on the table Whether is yours or others, time is money Is this Launchpad out of the box? Finding balance between user’s needs and stakeholder’s dreams
  7. 7. It’s about solving problems EntrepreneurshipDesign
  8. 8. It’s a journey Films are about stories that connect with us Leverage your marketing by sharing your story Walking through a task with your userɒ
  9. 9. Less is more The paradox of choice Focus on one feature at a time Less choices and less steps create more space
  10. 10. Nothing is free Design with intention, what has no purpose is noise Give value back as you ask commitment from users
  11. 11. Failing is part of the process An iterative cycle of learning, building and testing Everybody makes mistakes, make it easy to recover
  12. 12. Everybody wants to be happy Delivering value is always priority May it be an experience, content or a great story Remember to have fun in the process
  13. 13. THANK YOU Celeste North | UX Designer