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Press releases


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Course notes from Certificate in Online Marketing 2010 programme run by Donegal County Enterprise Board

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Press releases

  1. 1. Press Release Sites: Press Release sites can be viewed on This provides a mix of sites that charge for distributing press releases and those that are free. Sites include:  – can create an account for free. (Actual press releases not free)  – here there are free accounts or paid accounts. This company has a partnership with PRNewswire and press releases can be accessed by nearly 80,000 journalists and 4000+ websites such as google news, CBC Marketwatch,, ABC News.  – have a number of different paid plans.  –paid services.  – this allows free submission of press releases online.  – this is a paid service which has 3 main options for distribution, local area distribution for $199, nationwide distribution for $299 and worldwide distribution for $399. Press releases are sent to print, broadcast and online media.  – free press releases online.  - $30 up, but state they also have a free version.  – free press release posting.  – sends press releases to more than 16,000 journalist and business professional subscribers. This is a paid service- $275 for a primary press release distribution (for first media list and all additional media lists are $80 each.  – paid service.  – this is a paid service with prices ranging from $200 - $3000 depending on the package. Press releases are broadcast to editors, broadcasters, press journalists, freelancers and webmasters.  - free submission of press releases for viewing by journalists and editors and distribute it to partners.  – free submission of press releases – can submit press release in up to two categories.
  2. 2.  - this service is free and syndicates press releases across their PR network of sites (12 listed) and appears on them all for greater visibility. – American mkt. Paid verson is $29 per press release.  –free press release distribution.  - free of charge, filtered by catalogue, country, etc.  – free service that distributes to sites such as google news and  – distributes releases and offers a web page with one keyword link to your site. Pro upgrade will give you 3 links, permanent archiving and more.  – free service.  – distribute press release and also set up a full company profile.  – Free Ad supported press distribution site.  – European-based free press release distribution site.  – $ 99 distribution to search engines, news sites  – free press release distribution.  – pay per press release distribution to search engines, news wires and RSS feeds. Fee based bumps get you better placement.  – free distribution for plain formatted releases, fees for HTML- coded releases.  – Free press release service.  – Free and paid press release service. More services based on contributions made.  – Paid service of $127. Distributes to 60000 – 100000 news contacts, googlenews, yahoo news, etc.  – free press release service for news about e-Commerce – related business.  – Free press release service for Irish companies.
  3. 3. 