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Handout: Nerdy book club for teachers session


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Handout for Nerdy Book Club for Teachers session at Chippewa River Writing Project Conference

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Handout: Nerdy book club for teachers session

  1. 1. Nerdy Book Club for Teachers Session Chippewa River Writing Project Conference Donalyn Miller Effective reading communities encourage readers’ reactions, spark discussions, and provide real purposes and audiences for writing (Baker & Moss, 1993). READING LIVES “Solace and Joy” by Kathy Burnette: “Guilt Trip: Accepting My Reading Slump” by Donalyn Miller reading-slump-by-donalyn-miller/ AUTHOR POSTS “Strange Birds” by Kelly Barnhill: barnhill/ “Beach Combing for Books” by Kirby Larson: kirby-larson/ “Books Build” by Alexander London: NEW BOOK REVIEWS and RETRO REVIEWS “This Book Makes My Heart Sing!” By Teri Lesesne: sing-by-teri-lesesne/ “The Iridescence of Birds” by Michelle Webb Fandrich: non-fiction-picture-books-by-michelle-webb-fandrich/ PAY IT FORWARD “Underpants are Optional, Diversity Isn’t” by Arika Dickens: optional-diversity-isnt-by-arika-dickens/
  2. 2. “The Power of a Teacher” by Tammy Mulligan: tammy-mulligan/ TOP TEN “Top Ten Fat Books” by Karin Perry: perry/ “Raising Sharp Readers” by Alaina and Colby Sharp: colby-and-alaina-sharp/ “Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Nerdy Book Club Member” by Brian and Lisa Wyzlic: nerdy-book-club-member-by-lisa-frazer-and-brian-wyzlic/ “Titles That Have Legs” by Donalyn Miller and Katherine Sokolowski: katherine-sokolowski-and-donalyn-miller/ SURPRISE SUNDAY Sunday posts are random and include the other types of Nerdy posts, cover reveals, interviews, and polls.