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The complete list of 2011 Nerdy Book Club nominees. http://nerdybookclub.wordpress.com/

**List update: Zita the Spacegirl confirmed as a 2011 title and added back to the list.

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2011 nerdies awards

  1. 1. 2011 Nerdies Awards This list includes the 2011 Nerdy Book Club Awards Nominees. (Annotations and interest/ reading levels from Titlewave.)Addie on the inside Amelia lost: the life and disappearance ofBy Howe, James Amelia EarhartOutspoken thirteen-year-old Addie Carle By Fleming, Candacelearns about love, loss, and staying true to Traces the life of female aviator Ameliaherself as she navigates seventh grade, enjoys Earhart from her childhood to her final flight,a visit from her grandmother, fights with her discusses the extensive search for her and herboyfriend, and endures gossip and meanness missing plane, and includes photographs,from her former best friend. IL:5-8 RL:5 maps, handwritten notes by Amelia, and sidebars. IL:5-8 RL:6.3America is under attack: September 11, Amulet. Book four, The last council2001 : the day the towers fell By Kibuishi, KazuBy Brown, Don Upon arriving in Cielis, Emily and her friendsProvides a chronological account of September find the once busy streets deserted and the11, 2001, and the terrorist attacks on the World remaining townspeople living in fear, and afterTrade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Emily is escorted to the Academy to competeWashington, D.C., and the hijacking of a plane for a spot on the Guardian Council, the mostthat crashed in Pennsylvania. IL:3-6 RL:5.6 powerful Stonekeepers, an awful secret is gradually uncovered. IL:3-6 RL:4Anyas ghost Around the world: three remarkableBy Brosgol, Vera journeysAnya, embarrassed by her family and lacking By Phelan, Mattconfidence in her body and her social skills, Fictionalized accounts of the true stories offinally finds a friend after falling down a well, three people who made separate attempts tobut quickly learns there are drawbacks to travel around the world in the late nineteenthhaving a ghost for a friend. IL:YA century, including Thomas Stevens, who made the journey on a bicycle, reporter Nellie Bly, who used conventional methods of travel, and sea captain Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail around the world alone. IL:3-6 RL:6Ashes Babymouse. No. 14, Mad scientistBy Bick, Ilsa By Holm, JenniferAlex, a resourceful seventeen-year-old running While working on a school science fair project,from her incurable brain tumor, Tom, who has Babymouse discovers Squish, a new species ofleft the war in Afghanistan, and Ellie, an angry amoeba that talks and eats cupcakes.eight-year-old, join forces after an IL:3-6 RL:4.3electromagnetic pulse sweeps through the skyand kills most of the worlds population,turning some of those who remain intozombies and giving the others superhumansenses. IL:YABabymouse. No. 15, A very Babymouse Bake sale
  2. 2. Christmas By Varon, SaraBy Holm, Jennifer Cupcake runs a successful bakery with helpBabymouse approaches the holidays with a from his best friend, Eggplant, but dreams ofsingle-minded determination to get the going abroad to meet his idol, Turkish Delight,presents she wants. IL:3-6 RL:3.3 who is the most famous pastry chef in the world. IL:3-6 RL:2.9Balloons over Broadway: the true story of Beauty queensthe puppeteer of Macys Parade By Bray, LibbaBy Sweet, Melissa When a plane crash strands thirteen teenTells the story of puppeteer Tony Sarg, the beauty contestants on a mysterious island, theyman who first invented the helium balloons struggle to survive, to get along with onethat have become the trademark of the annual another, to combat the islands other diabolicalMacys Thanksgiving Day Parade. occupants, and to learn their dance numbers inIL:K-3 RL:5.2 case they are rescued in time for the competition. IL:YABetween shades of gray Big wig: a little history of hairBy Sepetys, Ruta By Krull, KathleenIn 1941, fifteen-year-old Lina, her mother, and Chronicles the history of hair, looking at hairbrother are pulled from their Lithuanian home facts and lore from ancient to modern times.by Soviet guards and sent to Siberia, where her IL:3-6 RL:4.8father is sentenced to death in a prison campwhile she fights for her life, vowing to honorher family and the thousands like hers byburying her story in a jar on Lithuanian soil.Based on the authors family, includes ahistorical note. IL:YABigger than a bread box BlackoutBy Snyder, Laurel By Rocco, John Devastated when her parents separate, twelve- Neighbors gather on the roof after the poweryear-old Rebecca must move with her mother goes out on a hot night in the city and startfrom Baltimore to Grans house in Atlanta, having so much fun not everyone is happywhere Rebecca discovers an old breadbox with when the lights go back on. IL:K-3 RL:1.4the power to grant any wish--so long as thewished-for thing fits in the breadbox.IL:3-6 RL:5.7Blue chicken Bookspeak!: poems about booksBy Freedman, Deborah By Salas, Laura PurdieAn enterprising chicken attempts to help an Books are given the opportunity to speak in anartist paint the barnyard and accidentally turns illustrated collection of humorous poems.the whole picture blue. IL:K-3 RL:1.9 IL:K-3 RL:2Breadcrumbs A butterfly is patient
  3. 3. By Ursu, Anne By Aston, Dianna HuttsHazel and Jack are best friends until an Introduces young readers to the life cycle,accident with a magical mirror and a run-in characteristics, and behaviors of butterflies.with a villainous queen find Hazel on her own, IL:K-3 RL:5entering an enchanted wood in the hopes ofsaving Jacks life. IL:3-6 RL:5.5Can we save the tiger? The case of the vanishing golden frogs: aBy Jenkins, Martin scientific mysteryContains illustrations of rare animals, By Markle, Sandraincluding tigers, ground iguanas, white- Follows a team of scientists as they try to saverumped vultures, and others, discusses the Panamanian golden frogs, which began toimpact of human activities on the animals, and disappear fifteen years ago, and looks at thelooks at how they can be saved. reasons behind their decline.IL:K-3 RL:3.5 IL:5-8 RL:5.7Chime CloudetteBy Billingsley, Franny By Lichtenheld, TomIn the early twentieth century in Swampsea, Cloudette, the littlest cloud, finds a way to doseventeen-year-old Briony, who can see the something big and important like the otherspirits that haunt the marshes around their clouds. IL:K-3 RL:3.5town, feels responsible for her twin sistershorrible injury until a young man enters theirlives and exposes secrets that even Brionydoes not know about. IL:YADarth Paper strikes back: an Origami Yoda Daughter of smoke & bonebook By Taylor, LainiBy Angleberger, Tom Seventeen-year-old Karou, a lovely, enigmaticAfter several Origami Yoda-related art student in a Prague boarding school, carriesincidences, Dwight is suspended for being a a sketchbook of hideous, frightening monsters-troublemaker and Yoda asks Tommy and -the chimaerae who form the only family sheKellen to save Dwight by creating a case file has ever known. IL:YAthat proves Dwight is an asset to RalphMcQuarrie Middle School. IL:3-6 RL:4.7A dazzling display of dogs: concrete poems DeliriumBy Franco, Betsy By Oliver, LaurenA collection of visual poems by American Lena looks forward to receiving thewriter Betsy Franco, centered on the strange government-mandated cure that prevents thebehaviors of dogs, including descriptions of delirium of love and leads to a safe,obedience school, backyard escapes, and predictable, and happy life, until ninety-fiveindiscriminate appetites. IL:3-6 RL:3.9 days before her eighteenth birthday and her treatment, when she falls in love. IL:YADivergent A dog is a dog
  4. 4. By Roth, Veronica By Shaskan, StephenIn a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Using various animals as examples, thisPrior must choose among five predetermined rhyming picture book explores what makesfactions to define her identity for the rest of them the same and what makes them different.her life, a decision made more difficult when IL:K-3 RL:2.3she discovers that she is an anomaly who doesnot fit into any one group, and that the societyshe lives in is not perfect after all. IL:YAThe elephant scientist The emerald atlasBy OConnell, Caitlin By Stephens, JohnPhotographs and text recount Caitlin Kate, Michael, and Emma have passed fromOConnells experiences observing African one orphanage to another in the ten years sinceelephants in their natural habitat, describing their parents disappeared to protect them, butthe discoveries she made about elephant now they learn that they have special powers--communication. IL:5-8 RL:7.2 and a fearsome enemy--and embark on a prophesied quest to find a magical book. IL:5-8 RL:5.1Every thing on it: poems and drawings Everybody sees the ants: a novelBy Silverstein, Shel By King, A. S.A collection of more than 130 original, never- Overburdened by his parents bickering and abefore published poems and drawings by Shel bullys attacks, fifteen-year-old LuckySilverstein. IL:3-6 RL:3.4 Linderman begins dreaming of being with his grandfather, who went missing during the Vietnam War, but during a visit to Arizona, his aunt and uncle and their beautiful neighbor, Ginny, help him find a new perspective. IL:YAFeynman ForeverBy Ottaviani, Jim By Stiefvater, MaggieA graphic novel overview of the life and As the werewolves are hunted by those intentaccomplishments of Nobel-winning quantum on destroying them, Sam and Grace riskphysicist, adventurer, and musician Richard everything to be together. IL:YAFeynman. IL:YA/ADThe fourth stall The friendship dollBy Rylander, Chris By Larson, KirbySixth-graders Mac and Vince operate a Follows the adventures of Miss Kanagawa, abusiness charging schoolmates for protection doll made to serve as an ambassadors fromfrom bullies and for help to negotiate conflicts Japan to the United States, as she makespeacefully, with amazing challenges and friends and learns about love during theresults. IL:3-6 RL:4.9 twentieth century. IL:3-6 RL:5.2Grandpa Green Happy Pig Day!By Smith, Lane By Willems, MoA child explores the ordinary life of his Piggie celebrates her favorite day of the year,extraordinary great-grandfather, as expressed but Gerald the elephant is sad, thinking that hein his topiary garden. IL:K-3 RL:3.4 cannot join the fun. IL:K-3 RL:1.2
  5. 5. Heart and soul: the story of America and Horton Halfpott, or, The fiendish mysteryAfrican Americans of Smugwick Manor, or, The loosening ofBy Nelson, Kadir MLady Luggertucks corsetExamines the history of the United States, By Angleberger, Tomfocusing on events that influenced African- Horton, an upstanding kitchen boy in a castleAmericans and how they advanced liberty and in nineteenth-century England, becomesjustice in America. IL:3-6 RL:5.8 embroiled in a mystery surrounding a series of thefts, which is also connected to the pursuit of a very eligible and wealthy young ladys affections. IL:5-8 RL:6.4Hound dog true How they croaked: the awful ends of theBy Urban, Linda awfully famousMattie, a shy fifth grader, wants to hide out at By Bragg, Georgiaher new school by acting as apprentice to her Shares the sometimes gruesome details of theUncle Potluck, the custodian, but her plan falls deaths of nineteen famous historical figures,apart when she summons the courage to speak including King Tut, Pocahontas, Georgeabout what matters most and finds a true Washington, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mariefriend. IL:3-6 RL:4.3 Curie. IL:5-8 RL:5.2How to save a life I am the book: poemsBy Zarr, Sara Edited by Hopkins, Lee BennettTold from their own viewpoints, seventeen- An illustrated collection of poems thatyear-old Jill, in grief over the loss of her celebrates reading, featuring selections byfather, and Mandy, nearly nineteen, are thrown Karla Kuskin, Jill Corcoran, Jane Yolen, andtogether when Jills mother agrees to adopt others. IL:K-3 RL:3.4Mandys unborn child but nothing turns out asthey had anticipated. IL:YAIm here I want my hat backBy Reynolds, Peter By Klassen, JonIn a crowded park, a boy makes an airplane out When Bear loses his hat, he patiently asks theof a piece of paper carried to him by a gentle animals he comes across if they have seen it,breeze, sends it on its way, and watches a new and just as he is about to give up his search, afriend bring it back to him. deer helps him remember exactly where he leftIL:K-3 RL:1.5 his beloved hat. IL:K-3 RL:1.4Inside out & back again The last dragonBy Lai, Thanhha By Yolen, JaneThrough a series of poems, a young girl A dragon, the last of its species since humanschronicles the life-changing year of 1975, vanquished them off the islands of May twowhen she, her mother, and her brothers leave hundred years earlier, rises to seek revenge,Vietnam and resettle in Alabama. but a healers daughter and an aspiring hero tryIL:3-6 RL:4.9 to stand in its way. IL:YA
  6. 6. Lemonade: and other poems squeezed from Level upa single word By Yang, Gene LuenBy Raczka, Bob Dennis Ouyang is visited by four angels whoA collection of poems based on a childs day- prompt him to give up his dream of playingto-day experiences that includes a puzzle at the video games professionally and pursue aend of each poem. IL:3-6 RL:6.1 medical degree as his late father wanted, but a crisis reveals the true nature of the angels and brings Dennis to a crossroads in his path to the future. IL:YALiesl & Po Little Chickens big dayBy Oliver, Lauren By Davis, KatieAfter her fathers death, Liesl is locked away in Little Chicken is tired of being told what to doa tiny attic room by her stepmother, where she by Big Chicken, but when they becomemeets Po, a lonely ghost, and Will, an separated he misses all of the clucking.alchemists apprentice who bungles an IL:K-3 RL:.7important delivery and enlists Liesl and Poshelp in setting things right. IL:3-6 RL:6.5Little white rabbit Lunch Lady and the field trip fiascoBy Henkes, Kevin By Krosoczka, JarrettAs he hops along a little rabbit wonders what it While the Lunch Lady and the Breakfastwould be like to be green as grass, tall as fir Bunch are on a field trip to a local art museum,trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterflies. the Breakfast Bunch realizes that some of theIL:K-3 RL:3.3 artwork has been replaced with fakes and set out to find the thief responsible. IL:3-6 RL:3.7Marty McGuire Me-- JaneBy Messner, Kate By McDonnell, PatrickWhen tomboy Marty is cast as the princess in Holding her stuffed toy chimpanzee, youngthe third-grade play, she learns about Jane Goodall observes nature, reads Tarzanimprovisation, which helps her become more books, and dreams of living in Africa andadaptable. IL:K-3 RL:2.8 helping animals. Includes biographical information on the prominent zoologist. IL:K-3 RL:3.5Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar A monster calls: a novelChildren By Ness, PatrickBy Riggs, Ransom Thirteen-year-old Conor awakens one night toSixteen-year-old Jacob, having traveled to a find a monster outside his bedroom window,remote island after a family tragedy, discovers but not the one from the recurring nightmarean abandoned orphanage, and, after some that began when his mother became ill--aninvestigating, he learns the children who lived ancient, wild creature that wants him to facethere may have been dangerous and truth and loss. IL:YAquarantined and may also still be alive.IL:YA
  7. 7. Okay for now Olympians. 3, Hera, the goddess and herBy Schmidt, Gary gloryFourteen-year-old Doug Swieteck faces many By OConnor, Georgechallenges, including an abusive father, a Recounts the stories of the many heroes whobrother traumatized by Vietnam, suspicious sought and won the approval and patronage ofteachers and police officers, and isolation, but Hera, the Queen of the Gods, including thewhen he meets a girl known as Lil Spicer, he story of Heracles. IL:5-8 RL:5.1develops a close relationship with her andfinds a safe place at the local library.IL:5-8 RL:4.6Over and under the snow Page by PaigeBy Messner, Kate By Gulledge, Laura LeeDuring a cross country ski trip through the Paige Turner, who has just moved to Newwinter woods, adventurers can discover all York with her family, uses her sketchbook tosorts of animals living under the snow. try to make sense of her new life, and she findsIL:K-3 RL:3 the process of sharing her artwork and identity with others both scary and rewarding. IL:YAPeaceful pieces: poems and quilts about Perfect squarepeace By Hall, MichaelBy Hines, Anna Grossnickle A perfect square that is perfectly happy is tornA collection of poems that explores different into pieces, punched with holes, crumpled, andforms of peace, illustrated with handmade otherwise changed but finds in eachquilts. IL:K-3 RL:3.3 transformation that it can be something new, and just as happy. IL:K-3 RL:3.1A pet for Petunia Pete the cat: rocking in my school shoesBy Schmid, Paul By Litwin, EricPetunia so desperately wants a pet skunk that Pete the cat moves, grooves, and sings whileshe refuses to believe her parents when they exploring the different parts of school.say skunks stink. IL:K-3 RL:1.6 IL:K-3 RL:2.2Peter Nimble and his fantastic eyes: a story Press hereBy Auxier, Jonathan By Tullet, HerveRaised to be a thief, blind orphan Peter Instructs the reader on how to interact with theNimble, age ten, steals from a mysterious illustrations to manipulate yellow, blue, andstranger three pairs of magical eyes that lead red dots. IL:K-3 RL:1.5him to a hidden island where he must decide tobecome a hero or resume his life of crime.IL:5-8 RL:5.9Prudence wants a pet The pull of gravityBy Daly, Cathleen By Polisner, GaePrudence is determined to have a pet in spite When their friend Scooter dies of a rareof her parents objections, but a branch, a twig, disease, teenagers Nick Gardner and Jayceea car tire, and even her baby brother fail to Amato set out on a secret journey to find themake her dreams come true. father who abandoned "The Scoot" when heIL:K-3 RL:1.6 was an infant, and give him a signed first edition of "Of Mice and Men." IL:YA
  8. 8. Queen of the Falls Roots and blues: a celebrationBy Van Allsburg, Chris By Adoff, ArnoldRecounts the stunt performed by sixty-two- Lyrical text explores how Blues have been partyear-old retired charm school instructor Annie of everyday life throughout history, from itsEdson Taylor, who went over Niagara Falls in origins in the sounds of the earth, througha wooden barrel in an effort to gain fame and slaves voices singing of freedom, to todaysfortune. IL:K-3 RL:4 greatest performers--and listeners. IL:5-8 RL:4.4The Scorpio Races ShineBy Stiefvater, Maggie By Myracle, LaurenNineteen-year-old returning champion Sean When her best friend falls victim to a viciousKendrick competes against Puck Connolly, the hate crime, sixteen-year-old Cat sets out tofirst girl ever to ride in the annual Scorpio discover the culprits in her small NorthRaces, both trying to keep hold of their Carolina town. IL:YAdangerous water horses long enough to make itto the finish line. IL:YAShould I share my ice cream? SidekicksBy Willems, Mo By Santat, DanBest friends Gerald and Piggie are complete Captain Amazing tries to hire a new sidekickopposites but still manage to have fun when he feels he is getting too old to be atogether, but when Gerald takes too long to reliable superhero, but his pets have differentmake an important decision, it may be too late ideas. IL:3-6 RL:4.8to share with Piggie. IL:K-3 RL:.9Small as an elephant The son of NeptuneBy Jacobson, Jennifer By Riordan, RickAbandoned by his mother in an Acadia Demigod Percy Jackson, still with no memory,National Park campground, Jack tries to make and his new friends from Camp Jupiter, Hazelhis way back to Boston before anyone figures and Frank, go on a quest to free Death, butout what is going on, with only a small toy their bigger task is to unite the Greek andelephant for company. IL:5-8 RL:6.3 Roman camps so that the Prophecy of Seven can be fulfilled. IL:5-8 RL:4.7Sparrow Road Squish. No. 1, Super AmoebaBy OConnor, Sheila By Holm, JenniferTwelve-year-old Raine spends the summer at a The young amoeba Squish, inspired by hismysterious artists’ colony and discovers a favorite comic book hero, Super Amoeba, triessecret about her past. IL:5-8 RL:3.9 to navigate his way through school and save his friends and the world from the evils that lurk in the halls. IL:3-6 RL:2.2Squish. No. 2, Brave new pond StarsBy Holm, Jennifer By Ray, Mary LynStarting a new school year, Squish, a meek Explores the wonder of stars, whether they areamoeba who loves the comic book exploits of in the night sky, on a plant as a promise ofhis favorite hero, Super Amoeba, is fruit to come, or in ones pocket for those daysdetermined to get picked for kickball and hang when one does not feel shiny. IL:K-3 RL:2.1out with the cool kids. IL:3-6 RL:3
  9. 9. Swirl by swirl: spirals in nature The trouble with May AmeliaBy Sidman, Joyce By Holm, JenniferAn illustrated exploration of various examples May Amelia Jackson has grown up a tomboyof spirals appearing in nature, looking at snail thanks to her seven brothers and a father whoshells, flower petals, elephant tusks, crashing claims girls are useless, so when her fatherwaves, and more. IL:K-3 RL:2.5 needs May to translate for a gentleman interested in buying their farm, she jumps at the chance to earn his respect. IL:5-8 RL:4The unbecoming of Mara Dyer The UnwantedsBy Hodkin, Michelle By McMann, LisaSeventeen-year-old Mara cannot remember the In a society that purges thirteen-year-olds whoaccident that took the lives of three of her are creative, identical twins Aaron and Alexfriends but, after moving from Rhode Island to are separated, one to attend University whileFlorida, finding love with Noah, and more the other, supposedly Eliminated, finds himselfdeaths, she realizes uncovering something in a wondrous place where youths hone theirburied in her memory might save her family abilities and learn magic. IL:3-6 RL:3.7and her future. IL:YAThe watch that ends the night: voices from When life gives you O.J.the Titanic By Perl, EricaBy Wolf, Allan Ten-year-old Zelly Fried considers goingRecreates the 1912 sinking of the Titanic as along with her grandfathers crazy plan toobserved by millionaire John Jacob Astor, a convince her parents to buy her a dog whichbeautiful young Lebanese refugee finding first involves a "practice dog" named OJ.love, "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, Captain IL:3-6 RL:6.4Smith, and others including the iceberg itself.IL:YAWheres walrus? Where she wentBy Savage, Stephen By Forman, GayleAn adventurous walrus escapes from the zoo Adam, now a rising rock star, and Mia, aand dons a number of different disguises in successful cellist studying at Juilliard, areorder to avoid being caught by the zookeeper. reunited in New York City and reconnect forIL:K-3 the first time since Mias near-fatal car accident three years earlier drove them apart. IL:YAWither Won Ton: a cat tale told in haikuBy DeStefano, Lauren By Wardlaw, LeeAfter modern science turns every human into a A cat arrives at a shelter, arranges to go homegenetic time bomb with men dying at age with a good family, and settles in with them,twenty-five and women dying at age twenty, all the while letting them know who is bossgirls are kidnapped and married off in order to and, finally, sharing his real name.repopulate the world. IL:YA IL:K-3 RL:3
  10. 10. Wonderstruck: a novel in words and You will be my friend!pictures By Brown, PeterBy Selznick, Brian Lucy, a young bear, starts her day determinedRelates the stories of twelve-year-old Ben, to make a new friend but her enthusiasm leadswho loses his mother and his hearing in a short to all sorts of problems until, just as she istime frame and decides to leave his Minnesota about to give up, an unexpected friend findshome in 1977 to seek the father he has never her. IL:K-3 RL:2known in New York City; and Rose, who liveswith her father but feels compelled to searchfor what is missing in her life. Bens story istold in words; Roses in pictures. IL:5-8 RL:5Zita the spacegirl. Book one, Far from homeBy Hatke, BenZita rushes to the rescue after her best friend isabducted by an alien doomsday cult, and,before long, finds herself hailed as anintergalactic hero. IL:3-6 RL:3