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Movoneprofile 3

  1. 1. making it easy every step of the way
  2. 2. Company For over a decade Move One Profile Relocations has specialized in providing fully integrated household goods transportation and relocation services for a variety of companies and their international assignees. Move One simplifies the relocation of both inbound and outbound employees - providing all services through the ease of a single point of contact. What sets Move One Relocations apart is our extensive network of global offices; each managed by professional expatriates and staffed with knowledgeable locals who understand the challenges involved in an international relocation, and the significant details specific to their country or community. Move One's relocation specialists rely on years of experience along with knowledge of the latest industry trends and technology to insure that our clients achieve their HR goals. Household As part of Move One Relocations’ commitment to delivering fully integrated relocation solutions we specialize in providing top quality Goods Moving door-to-door moving services worldwide. Whether handling corporate, military, or diplomatic relocations, the company prides itself on providing efficient and reliable service in even the world's most difficult-to-reach corners. A longstanding holder of the moving industry's elite FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) certification, Move One Relocations is also represented worldwide through its global office network and partnerships in FIDI (translated: International Federation of International Movers), AMSA (American Movers and Storage Association), and HHGFAA (Household Goods Forwarders Association of America). This global network ensures that Move One Relocations can provide its clients with premium door- to-door relocation services to any destination worldwide.
  3. 3. As more and more people relocate, so to do their precious antiques, Fine Art fine art, and other cultural assets. At Move One Relocations, we take Shipping pride in offering our clients a wide range of safe and secure fine art packing options. Our professional packing techniques and high quality packing materials ensure that your precious antiques are shipped in the safest method possible. As a longstanding member of the Independent Pet and Animal Pet Transportation Association (IPATA), Move One Relocations is an Transportation experienced and dedicated provider of quality pet transportation services. We ensure that your pet is transported in approved airline kennels, selected with your pet's size and special requirements in mind. Furthermore, we arrange for the preparation of all necessary paperwork required by both the origin and destination countries.
  4. 4. Home Search Selecting a new home and neighborhood is perhaps one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of an international relocation. At Move One Relocations, our relocation specialists understand both the local real estate market and the specific needs of the assignee, thus helping to ensure a smooth transition for the assignee and their family members. At Move One Relocations we represent you, not the landlord or real estate broker. Settling-in For an assignee, attending to their family's personal needs can be difficult in an unfamiliar environment. Everything from finding a family Services doctor to shopping for groceries can become a challenge. This can complicate the relocation process and impact negatively on an assignee's work performance. Every transferring employee has different needs, and Move One Relocations tailor-made services reflect that. We provide personalized settling-in service packages that address the specific needs and interests of the assignee.
  5. 5. Education Consultancy A key component of a successful relocation is finding the right school for the assignee's children. When conducting a school search it's important to have the input of professionals who are familiar with the schooling options available in the destination country. That's why Move One Relocations offers its clients the advice of in-house destination consultants to help assignees keep their child's education on the right track. Acquiring the necessary Visa & permits to live and work in Immigration a foreign country can be a difficult and time-consuming Services process. This is especially true of the regions in which Move One Relocations offers services, where immigration laws change regularly and often without prior notice. At Move One Relocations we take all of these challenges into account when providing Visa & Immigration services to our clients. We assist in the application completion and, more importantly, we organize all of the document collections for you, as well as the deliveries to the relevant authorities and tracking of all relevant expiration dates.
  6. 6. Departure Programs When an employee's assignment comes to an end there is much to be done to ensure that all loose ends are attended to before departure. The relocation isn't complete until the assignee departs for their next destination. While requirements vary depending on the country from which the assignee is departing, Move One Relocations offers departure program packages that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. HR Tracking In an effort to simplify the tracking and management of the relocation process, Move One Relocations designed and developed InTrack, a fully functional CRM (customer relationship management) system which allows our staff to track and update each step of a relocation with ease and efficiency. This easy to use system was designed not only for our internal use - it is also available to our clients, via the internet in a secure password protected setting moving you to stay informed every step of the way.
  7. 7. Move One Relocations proudly offers comprehensive customer Multilingual support in dozens of languages. Our customer service representatives staff come from nations all over the world but they all share one common goal: to provide you with world class service and support in whatever language you speak. Here is a list of just some of the languages in which we offer customer support: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Romanian, Albanian, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Swedish as well as most other languages spoken in Asia and Europe. Contact us
  8. 8.